Mail Bag – Inada Sogno vs. MA70; Chinese vs. Japanese; Iyashi vs. Pro Dreamer

June 20, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
June 20, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Mail Bag – Inada Sogno vs. MA70; Chinese vs. Japanese; Iyashi vs. Pro Dreamer

email Customer Email #1
Hi there! love the site, couldn’t find this here: Could you compare the Inada sogno to the Panasonic Ma70? I have SI joint dysfunction which do you think would be better for me in that regard? (I saw that you mentioned that you liked the sogno for that as you have the same problem but didn’t see a mention on the Panasonic side) Secondly, I have golfer’ sand tennis elbow in both arms – which do you feel is better here and does the airbag actually make that much of a difference in the arms? I tried the Ma70 and it just seemed to compress my forearms and hands is it really beneficial for my issues? Thanks!!! Paul

My Response #1
Hi, Paul
Thanks for your email. The Inada Sogno and the Panasonic MA70 are probably the two best chairs we carry, in terms of quality workmanship and durability. I’ve wrote an article comparing the two, but this was before I had the MA70 in our showroom. Here is the link for perusal:

Now I have both in my showroom and here are my thoughts:

Inada Sogno

Inada Sogno

1. Both do a fabulous job on the SI area. That is my area of complaint for the most part, and these chairs both have rollers that hit the SI joints very well. You will like them both for that. The MA70 has a more vigorous roller system so you might feel it a little stronger in the MA70, but you have to make sure your butt is right up against the back of the chair to really feel the rollers on the SI area. The Sogno, on the other hand, will hit the SI area without any extra effort on your part.

2. Airbags in the arms typically don’t hit the elbow area, but the Sogno, with it’s upper and lower arm airbags, may have a great effect on the elbow joints. I agree that the arm airbags on most chairs is nothing to write home about.

3. Both chairs hit the trapezia muscles at the top of your shoulders, which is an area that other chairs can’t hit. But, each chair does it differently; the Sogno uses airbags that inflate out of the bottom of the head piece onto your traps, whereas the MA70 has a roller system that actually comes up and over the back part of the traps before traveling up the neck. It is the only chair that has rollers that do this. Pretty cool.

4. The heat feature in the Sogno is weak, in that you won’t even feel it. The MA70 uses jade stone rollers that have heating elements next to each roller. Wonderful full body heat.

5. The Sogno does way more with the pelvic region – combined with the rollers hitting the SI joint, it has the Dreamwave technology that moves the seat from side-to-side, combined with the thigh airbags that actually massage the IlioTibial Bands on the outside of either thigh.
If you want a more vigorous roller massage, the MA70 wins. If you want a more nuanced, refined massage, the Sogno wins. I hope this helps in some way. Let me know if you have other questions or need assistance with your order. By the way, we currently have a showroom special of $1000 off the Panasonic MA70 and 5% off the Inada Sogno.

Customer Email #2
Dr. Weidner, you recommended the Infinity IT-8500 to me and it looks great. I’ve read numerous very positive reviews and was about “sold” on it until I heard it was made in China. I’ve read several articles that said to stay away from Chinese made massage chairs. What is your opinion? Thank you! Alyce

My Response #2
Hi, Alyce
Thanks for your email. 95% of all massage chairs are made in China. Though the quality is not as good as the Japanese-made chairs, they are getting better and better. The failure rate of the Japanese chairs is about 1% or less; that of the Chinese chairs is around 2-5%. I don’t think you need to stay away from Chinese-made chairs. I sell an awful lot of them and have been pretty happy with their performance. If you do buy Chinese, I strongly recommend getting the extended warranty, though.

I hope this helps. Email or call at 801-651-2026 if you have any more questions. I am always at your disposal.

Customer Email #3
Hello there, i’m trying to get your opinion on the infinity iyashi or the osaki pro dreamer 3d. I’m on the fence and would like a recommendation on which one I should choose, I am 5’4 and 185 lbs, male and have lower back problems. Since the price range on either is about the same, which one would be better? Thank you for your time.

My Response #3
You are looking at two good chairs. I have both in my showroom and am very familiar with what they can offer you. Here are the differences that you should take into consideration:

Infinity Iyashi

Infinity Iyashi

1. The Iyashi has a phenomenal low back and buttocks massage on account of it’s 49″ roller track. No other chair reaches down into the butt that far and you will love what it can do for your low, low back. The Dreamer has a good low back massage as well, especially with the 3D roller technology which gives you the ability to move the rollers forward to increase the roller massage intensity. The roller track length of the Dreamer is 31″ and does not go down into the buttocks like the Iyashi does.

2. The neck massage is superior in the Dreamer, again because of the ability to move the rollers forward to make the massage as intense as you can handle. The Iyashi has quite a weak neck massage and, if you are looking for a good thorough roller neck massage, you will be left wanting.

3. For your size, both chairs will fit you fine.

4. The foot rollers on the Iyashi are far more intense than those of the Dreamer. The Dreamer has foot rollers but they are quite light and are easy on your feet. The Iyashi uses it’s foot airbags to move your feet over the rollers why they are working. It makes for a much more intense foot roller experience.

5. The arm airbags are better on the Iyashi, as it uses cells to sequentially inflate on your forearm, wrist, and hand. The Dreamer airbags inflate upon the whole area as one cell.

6. The warranty on the Dreamer is 2 years parts & labor with 2 more years of parts only; Iyashi offers 1 year parts & labor with a second year of parts only.

I hope this helps in some way. Let me know if you have other questions. You can either email me back or call me at 801-651-2026.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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