Mail Bag: Best ITB massage; L-Track suggestion; DreamWave vs. Flex 3S

September 22, 2016
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
September 22, 2016
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Mail Bag: Best ITB massage; L-Track suggestion; DreamWave vs. Flex 3S

Customer Question #1

This site is amazing. I just can’t decide which chair to buy. I have been looking most closely at the Inada Dreamwave, Panasonic MA73, and Osaki 3D Pro Dreamer. I sit at the computer most of the day and get back pain (upper and lower) and lots of tightness around the shoulders, I also get very tight in the illiotibial area. I like tons of pressure when I get massages. Any recommendations on the chairs I am looking at or suggestions as to others to look at? Thank you so much.

My Response #1

The chairs that have the best IlioTibial band airbag massage are the Inada DreamWave and the

Inada DreamWave

Inada DreamWave

Panasonic MA73. Although the Osaki Dreamer has hip airbags they are designed to hold the hips in place to accentuate the low back roller massage. Those airbags don’t really do much to the IT Bands. All of those chairs, however, will give you a great shoulder/upper back massage along with a good lumbar massage.


Two other chairs you might consider would be the Infinity IT-8500, which is our most popular chinese-made chair. This model has a great neck and shoulder massage and is among our most intense and vigorous massage chairs. We also now have this new Titan Alpine chair that has the extended roller that goes down into the butt and top of the hamstrings. It offers an awesome lower back/hip/buttock massage. This extended L-Track has become the next big thing in massage chairs because finally massage chairs can offer roller massage to the buttock area, which has heretofore only been addressed by airbags in the seat. By the way, although both of these chairs have great massages, neither really does much for the IT Bands.


Customer Question #2

Hi Dr. Alan,
I liked your report, there are so many options and features in the chairs out there, it is good to get some condensed information as is in your report.

I recently started looking for a chair and one very important feature, probably number one in my book would be to have the chair work as much of my thigh area (from glutes to behind the knee) as possible. As such, it seems like the L track models would be the best, from what I’ve seen the Titan 8400 seems to have one of the longest travel lengths.

With that said, how would you describe how far below the glutes it would travel?
Any other thoughts in this area?
I know the Titan is a newer brand name for you to carry, what has your experience been with them?
Are there any new features in the thigh area coming out soon from other models/chair manufacturers?

Thanks very much, I appreciate your input.

My Response #2

Hi, Gary
Thanks for your email. The L-Track of the 8400 extends to the top of the hamstrings on me, and I am about 5’9″ tall. For a shorter-legged person, it may extend even further down. The new Titan TP-Pro Alpine has a similar roller track and hits about the same area. These new Titans along with the Infinity Iyashi (the original extended roller track massage chair) have become quite popular because of the L-track. It is a great feature for folks with low back, pelvic,and or gluteal issues.


Although Titan is a new category for us, they have been around for quite some time. These new models

uKnead lavita massage chair

uKnead Lavita

are an upgrade over previous, cheaper models and that is why we have begun carrying them. They are owned and imported by the same company that produces the Osaki chairs. I have had plenty of dealings with them.


You might also take a look at the uKnead Lavita massage chair, which has a longer L-track than most and seems to reach down to the belly of my hamstrings. It isn’t much more money than the 8400 but seems to do quite a bit more and reach a little further.


Customer Question #3


Dear Dr. Weidner,

First of all, I cannot thank you enough for using your contacts to try and negotiate the situation with Panasonic.  I must admit I am finding this imbroglio quite instructive.

So school is about to start again—I’m pursuing post-baccalaureate studies to earn credit toward a Master’s program I’m applying for–and I need a working chair in order to treat rather severe back spasms (and thus spare opioid analgesics).

Now, I am considering the Inada Dreamwave versus the Inada Flex.  I know that the Flex does not have the function that mobilises the lumbar vertebrae: but might you be able to explain to me the advantages of the “Dreamwave Technology”; and, what is your opinion as to the clinical mechanism by which it exerts the analgesic effect?

And might you be able to help me think about how the Dreamwave and the Flex compare in other respects?

As always, I am grateful for your assistance. Your help has been invaluable. Please let me know how I can implement my testimonial to your greatest advantage (facebook?).



My Response #3


Hi, James

Thanks for your email. Before I answer your questions, I will just let you know that Panasonic requested

Inada Flex 3s

Inada Flex 3S

your address and phone number yesterday because they will have someone calling you (this week, I suspect) to arrange pick up of your chair to repair it. I have been rather impressed with Ellison’s response to your issues. I hope you feel the same.


Now, regarding the DreamWave and Flex, I actually wrote a 2-part comparative review of these chairs. You can check out both parts here:


The DreamWave program of the chair actually involves a number of different components:


  1. The DreamWave feature itself, which is the seat moving up and down and side to side, through a sophisticated deployment of airbags, to mobilize the pelvis and lumbar spine. This is very soothing, particularly for someone in acute low back pain,


  1. The thigh airbags inflate to massage the IlioTibial Bands, which are invariably tight in folks with low back, hip, or knee pain. Not many chairs actually dig into the IT Bands, the DreamWave being one of them,


  1. Waist airbags inflate to rotate the lumbar spine, and


  1. The rollers work over the lumbar spine. One of the great features of the DreamWave is how low the rollers go. Not including the new extended L-Track chairs, the DreamWave goes lower into the sacral area than any other chair I know. You will love that about the chair.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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