IT-8200 vs. Osaki OS-7000 (Part II)

August 30, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
August 30, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

IT-8200 vs. Osaki OS-7000 (Part II)

Here is Part 2 of my 2-part article reviewing the IT-8200 massage chair from Infinite Therapeutics and the Osaki OS-7000 chair…

7. Intensity of Massage– If you are looking for the most intense massage that you can get out of a massage chair, the Osaki OS-7000 is your chair! Of all the massage chair models that we carry, and that is over 30 models, the Osaki OS-7000 has the most intense and deep massage roller system. If you are looking for a nice, gentle massage stay away from this one. The IT-8200 has a very firm massage but nothing as intense as the 7000.


I might add that the ability to adjust intensity of massage in both of these models is very, very limited. Although the literature says that both of these models have intensity adjustments, I find them to be very limited. The airbag massage strength is another story…you can readily adjust that, but don’t expect too much in the intensity adjustment department of either of these models.

8. Seat Massage – The Osaki OS-7000 has airbags that inflate on one side and then the other, with thigh/hip airbags on the sides. The IT-8200 is the first chair that actually tries to mimic the Dreamwave technology of the Inada Sogno. It’s airbags move the seat from side to side and up and down. The IT-8200 also has the outer thigh airbags that the OS-7000 has.

9. Music – The IT-8200 has a USB port to plugin a jump drive with music downloaded to it. The music is managed from the remote and played through stereo speakers at ear level. The OS-7000 does not have music.

10. Vibration – The Osaki OS-7000 has a vibration feature whereas the IT-8200 does not. When you turn on the OS-7000, the vibration is the first thing you feel. It is in the seat area.

11. Vertical Massage Stroke Length– The Osaki OS-7000 has a 31″ vertical stroke length; the IT-8200 has a 29″ length. The Osaki will reach higher and lower on the spine. The 31″ stroke length is the longest of any chair we carry, except for the Panasonic MA70 which also has a 31″ stroke length.

Osaki OS-7000

12. Stretch Program – Both models have stretch programs, but the Thai Stretch of the Osaki OS-7000 is phenomenal. It is, like the rest of the chair, them most intense stretch of any chair I’ve sat on. If you like intense, either in the rollers or in the stretch program, this chair is second to none.

13. # of Motors – The Osaki OS-7000 has 13 motors, the IT-8200 has 8. Even after all these years in the industry, I’m not sure what the pros and cons are of having more or less motors.

Well, aside from these 13 points, there are differences in color options, weight, dimensions, and other miscellania. Both nice chairs, both made in China, both the same standard warranty, both in the low $3K range in pricing.

If you like an intense massage, the OS-7000 is the chair of choice. If you love foot massage, the IT-8200 is definitely for you. Try them both out if you can (good luck finding them under the same roof anywhere, except in our showroom in Utah).

Dr. Alan Weidner

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