Infinite Therapeutics – Notes and Changes

June 16, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
June 16, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Infinite Therapeutics – Notes and Changes

We have recently begun carrying the Infinite Therapeutics massage chairs, their flagship chair being the IT-9800 model. A very nice chair which boasts some pretty neat features:


1. Leather upholstery – Very few of the chairs we carry have a leather upholstery or a leather option. Most chairs are covered in faux or synthetic leather. This chair looks great and could almost pass as a regular recliner. The leather upholstery contributes to that look and feel.

2. Inversion therapy – We commonly see zero gravity features nowadays, but inversion is not so common. Zero gravity is a feature highlighted by a 30 degree tilt up of the chair seat. Inversion, on the other hand, is the chair back reclining past horizontal when you put it all the way back.

You may or may not be familiar with inversion therapy where a person can clamp their feet into brackets on a frame that then swings upside down to provide a decompression of the discs and other soft tissue of the spine. The Teeter commercials on TV recently demonstrate this type of inversion therapy. The IT-9800 chair offers a past-horizontal recline which is an attempt to simulate that inversion therapy. The only other chair I’ve sat on that offers that feature is the OSIM uAstro, which is sold through Brookstone stores only.

3. Rollers, not airbags/bladders, provide massage in the calf wells. This is a pretty cool feature. Virtually all massage chair companies use airbags or bladders for compression therapy in the calves.  Infinite Therapeutics uses rollers, 4 in each calf well (2 at the top, 2 at the bottom of each well), to massage the calf muscles. I would say that rollers have a greater therapeutic value than the airbags, as airbags merely compress whereas the rollers actually knead the musculature.

Now, here is some recent news from Infinite Therapeutics about their line of massage chairs:

a.) The name of Infinite Therapeutics has been changed to “Infinity 5-Star Comfort” as it relates to their massage chairs. If you look at their products on our site, you will see a new logo representing this new name. The company name is still Infinite Therapeutics, but the line of massage chairs have been changed to Infinity 5-Star Comfort.

b.) Infinite Therapeutics has changed their chair warranty to something a little more standard in the industry: 1 year parts and labor/in-home warranty; 2nd year parts; 3rd year structure/frame. The extended warranties are still the same, with 1 and 2 year parts-only extended warranties.

c.) New model: IT-8200, which is yet another Inada Sogno look-a-like chair. I am not completely clear on the features yet, but we will be adding that information to the site within the next few days. You can take a look at images, colors, and pricing here:

d.) Pricing has dropped on all Infinite Therapeutics chairs. With promotional coupons, the prices are now as follows:
i.) IT-9800 $3295 after $400 savings
ii.) IT-8200 $3195 after $400 savings
iii.) IT-7800 $1795 after $200 savings

Well, that’s about it for news from Infinite Therapeutics. It’s a great time to buy one of these models.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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