“Here Are My Needs, Doc – Which Chair Is Right For Me?”

August 6, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
August 6, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

“Here Are My Needs, Doc – Which Chair Is Right For Me?”

Here is an email correspondence I had with a customer looking for the right massage chair for her given situation. Most people call or email asking the same sorts of questions. Most folks want to know what chair would give them the best answers to their shopping questions. I liked this email chain because of the specificity of the concerns. The more specific you can be in knowing what you want, the easier it will be to find a chair that works for you and meets those concerns. In this case, Mimi and I carry on a bit of a conversation nailing down the chair that might be best for her…

Inquiring Email #1:

Hi Alan,
I am searching for a massage chair and wondered if you could help me find the one that will best suit my needs. I am an uptight person and my muscles reflect that daily. I am currently going to a massage therapist but I have not been as happy the last few times as I was the first couple of times. My neck hurts daily and so does my back. I am looking for a good firm, deep tissue massage that will cover me from the back of my head to my sciatic area. I have plantar fasciitis so a good foot rub with stretching would be great. I also want something to massage my arms. I love the feel of a good roller ball feeling along both sides of my spine. That seems to loosen up things to assist in my chiropractic visits. Otherwise, things just don’t seem to move well. I need something durable because I would like to use it often. I am starting to feel like I am wasting my money on 1 or 2 massages a month when I could have something at my beck and call daily. I want a good full body massage with the ability to pinpoint problem areas. I can spend around $3500. Can you help me find a good chair please?
Thank you,

My Response #1:


Hi, Mimi

Thanks for your email. As I read your email, the chair that came to my mind was the IT-8500. This chair will do pretty much everything you are looking for, except maybe stretching your feet, which I don’t think any chair can do effectively. But, the foot rollers are fantastic. The spinal rollers go down to the low, low back and just may help with your sciatica (depending on the source of your sciatica, of course). The IT-8500 also has a very nice and deep roller massage down the back…one of the deeper ones of the chairs that we carry.

You will love having a chair around 24/7. You will use it all the time, especially if you go regularly to the chiropractic or massage therapist office. This chair is also pretty close to your budget.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Inquiring Email #2:

Thank you for your reply. I am watching your videos about the IT-8200 now. Is there any place close to Texarkana, Texas that carries Infinity massage chairs (Shreveport?). I have almost made my mind up on the IT-8500 but I would like to try before I buy as I have one small issue with claustrophobia. Can you give any advice on others that may have the same issue?When I do settle on the chair for me I am very interested in the White Glove option. Do you personally recommend this option? I live in rural Southern Arkansas approximately 15 miles from Texarkana, AR/TX. Can you tell me about how long it would take to get the chair and who does the white glove service–is it someone contracted from the Texarkana area or are they from the region?Can the foot massage be ran without the calf air bags engaging?Thanks again for your assistance. I am so excited to get a chair.

My Response #2:

It is very hard to find these chairs to try out. Most are sold through online retailers. The IT-8500 in our showroom is very, very popular but it sure helps when you can sit on the dang thing. The only chair that I have remotely heard of any claustrophobic issues with is the Inada Sogno, but not on any of the other chairs, including the IT-8500. Even with the Sogno, I seldom hear of the claustrophobic concerns.

White Glove is a nice feature if you don’t want to deal with the lifting of the boxes and the assembly of the chair. It can be a little time consuming to assemble it. Having said all that, the company that comes to assemble it may never have seen the chair before either so they would be reading the instructions the same was you would have to. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of set up, get the white glove. If you have someone there who likes to tinker with things and you don’t want to spend the money for the white glove, then I’d suggest not getting the white glove.

If you do not get the white glove service, delivery will probably be 7-10 days. With the white glove service, I’d plan on 10-14 days. The White Glove company will be someone local to you. The chair will be shipped from the warehouse to your town, locally, and then handed off to a local white glove delivery company. That is why it takes a few days longer to have it delivered if you order white glove delivery.

The foot rollers can be turned off from the remote so that only the airbags are working. In the automatic programs the airbags cannot be turned off while the foot rollers stay on, but I believe you can have that feature in the manual settings.

I am happy for you to get a massage chair. You are going to love having one…and you’ll use it all the time!

Dr. W.

I hope this little email exchange helps you in your decision  making process of which massage chair to get. I am always here should you have any concerns or questions or should you need assistance with your order.

Dr. Alan Weidner
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