Great Tip for the Osaki OS-7000 Chair

June 22, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
June 22, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Great Tip for the Osaki OS-7000 Chair

A client of mine who bought an Inada Sogno Dreamwave from me last year recently purhcased an Osaki OS-7000.  Earlier this week he wrote a fantastic review about his first impressions of  the OS-7000. It is posted on the Osaki OS-7000 product page on our site:

He discusses the OS-7000 in great detail some of which is in comparison to the Sogno, which he has had for quite some time already. I think you will enjoy his assessment of the chairs.

After he posted his review, he wrote me an email with an additional observation/tip on the OS-7000 that I thought I would share with you here in my blog. Here is his comment:

“Try this one Alan. Open the remote “door” and select “shoulder/waist”. Click on it once and it will do a shoulder and back routine. Here’s the trick…

Do NOT recline the chair very far…hardly at all. When you recline, you slide down into the chair. By remaining mostly upright, the shoulder pods can be adjusted to press directly onto the front of your shoulder. If you’re reclined, the pods hit too high.

The resulting shoulder massage when upright is superior to a massage, because the chair presses down and lifts your shoulder blades at the same time, something a person could not do. I tore my left shoulder muscle 3 months ago. It healed, but had continuing issues tightening with limited range of motion. This shoulder massage improves my immediate ROM. 

This may be the first time a chair does a specific massage better than a human. Surprising.


Great suggestion! I  was not aware of that. However, I might also add that when you use the Thai Stretch program on the chair, those shoulder airbags will inflate to the front of your shoulders, while airbags in the feet simultaneously inflate, thus pinning you in the chair when it reclines and stretches your back out. Most other massage chair stretch programs have the foot inflation going on, but this shoulder airbag pinning the shoulders back during the stretch really adds to the experience. It is pretty intense actually.

The Osaki OS-7000 is becoming increasingly popular amongst massage chair shoppers. It has a nice, unique design and that, along with it’s super intense massage rollers and Thai stretch program (not to mention the very innovative headband airbags), has made this model quite a hit. It is our #2 top selling massage chair behind the Inada Sogno Dreamwave.

You can check out videos we’ve recorded to date on this chair here on our youtube channel:


Dr. Alan Weidner

P.S. I received a call from a fellow who is not a client of ours but wanted me to share a video he made demonstrating an issue he had with 2 consecutive Osaki OS-7000 massage chairs. I figured there must have been a faulty mechanism in the manufacture of these models, but here is the video for your perusal.
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