Cozzia Qi & Cozzia Qi SE Massage Chairs

June 15, 2017
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
June 15, 2017
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Cozzia Qi & Cozzia Qi SE Massage Chairs

Cozzia Qi massage chair

Cozzia Qi

Within the last year or so, Cozzia introduced a new model, called the Cozzia Qi massage chair, which has garnered quite a bit of attention since it’s foray into the US market. I would get calls or emails about it all the time asking me if we 1.) knew much about it and, 2.) if we carried it. I regretfully had to say that “No” to both inquiries. I knew that the Qi was running at about $10,000, which seemed to me to be outrageous for a Chinese-made chair, but since that time, we have seen the Human Touch Novo XT, which I also thought was quite highly priced for a Chinese-built massage chair, become a very popular selling model. It was priced higher because of the US contribution to design and engineering that comes from Human Touch and seems to be worth the price, according to results. The new Qi has design and engineering input from USA and Japan, which probably has also contributed to the higher pricing of the chair as well.

Well, we recently became retailers for the Cozzia Qi massage chair and have just added the chair to our website. It indeed is priced at $9999, but it is quite a unique chairs in a number of ways, which I will go over with you now.

4D Vario Motion Mechanism

4D Vario Motion

1. 4D Vario Motion Mechanism – Most chairs nowadays boast of having a 4D feature, which is basically a depth adjustment for the roller system which can increase or decrease intensity of the roller massage plus a speed adjustment (the 4th D or dimension). But, this Qi model has a dial on the right arm rest that makes it very easy to adjust the vertical, horizontal, and/or in and out movement of the rollers. All other chairs that we carry have different buttons for depth and roller position. Does this mean that the Qi could be the first chair that can adjust width of the kneading mode? Well, we’ll see once we’ve experienced it.

Body Sensor

Body Sensor

2. Self Diagnostic Program/Chair Doctor Program App – When you sit in the chair, you can grip the body sensor, which is located on the left arm rest by the remote control pedestal. This sensor measures your body biometrics, including variables like perspiration and tension. This is in addition to the more traditional body scanning technology which determines the height of the user’s shoulders and location of the skull. From what I understand, this Self Diagnostic Program will continue to read your biometrics throughout the massage session and alter the massage experience according to those findings. Pretty cool, eh?

3. Heated Rollers – The only other massage chair that I’m aware of that has heated rollers is the Panasonic MA73 and MA70. Rather than a hidden heating pad in the back, the actual rollers are heated which provides heat throughout the entire length of the 32″ roller track.

iPad App

iPad App

4. iPad Integration – Use the iPad to download the app from The App Store and run your super cool Qi from the tablet. This is similar to the Ogawa Smart 3D massage chair, which provides a Samsung Tablet which also acts as the chair’s remote control.

A warning about the Cozzia Qi – The chair comes in one box that is 36″ wide at it’s narrowest point. If you have a doorway or stairwell that is smaller than 36″, you will most likely not be able to get the chair through those passageways. You might want to consider another model if this applies to your home or business.

I mentioned the Cozzia Qi SE in the title of this article. It is Cozzia’s first L-track chair and will be available in August 2017. I will discuss this chair in detail once we learn more about it, but the basic features of this chair include 3D L-track (again, they call it 4D, but it is 3D with a speed adjustment) with a Vario Motion Mechanism like the Qi, space saver, tablet driven with app, and a pretty sleak body styling. I have been told that it will be priced at $6499. More to come!

Dr. Alan Weidner

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