Your Guide to Ordering Massage Chairs Online

Your Guide to Ordering Massage Chairs Online

Having a massage chair in your home has countless health benefits, from relieving back pain to improving circulation to increasing flexibility. But when you look at massage chairs online, it can seem like there are endless options. That’s why Massage Chair Relief is here to provide you with a rundown of some of the best massage chair brands in the business.

Infinity Massage Chairs

Infinity makes massage chairs for everyone. Whether you’re looking for something more affordable or you want the best of the best, Infinity massage chairs have options for you. They are designed to assist with overall wellness, alleviating aches and pains while also reducing stress by helping improve your sleep. The most luxurious Infinity models come with 3D roller technology, a remote control, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

Luraco Massage Chairs

Luraco massage chairs are known to be highly durable and effective. With 100 air cells, 12 motors, and ultra-quiet noise canceling technology, these chairs can get the job done. Lurcao’s chairs use high-tech shiatsu techniques so that you feel relaxed from head to toe, and the body of the chair is designed to adjust just for you. The chair even has memory settings so multiple users can easily access personalized massage chair experiences. In addition, Luraco is the first massage chair brand to be FDA approved.

JPMedics Kumo Massage Chair

JPMedics’ Kumo model is one of the most high-tech massage chairs you can find. This Japanese brand is a global leader in massage health products, and for a good reason. JPMedics Kumo chairs are designed to improve the user’s Qi, or life energy, by honing in on acupuncture points and relieving pain. The Kumo massage chair is specially designed to create the feeling of human touch using heated thermo rollers, making your Kumo massage chair sessions nearly indistinguishable from a session with a real massage therapist. The Kumo uses a combination of heat therapy, air compression, and reflexology to provide maximum relief. As an added bonus, the Kumo is more compact than many massage chair models, making it perfect for smaller spaces.

OHCO Massage Chairs

OHCO massage chairs were engineered by a designer who has worked on Ferrari performance cars and Japanese bullet trains, and you can tell when you use one. These highly luxurious chairs employ movements that are based on a shiatsu master’s techniques and use Sens8 technology, so you’ll feel like you’re having a session with your favorite massage therapist. OHCO models also come with built-in Bluetooth and aromatherapy technology, as well as heating features and USB ports.

When you order any of these massage chairs online from Massage Chair Relief, you not only will receive free shipping and free 90-day returns, but you’ll also get a lifetime warranty for your chair. You can also get up to 48 months of financing. If you want to try out these deluxe massage chairs before picking one out, you can visit one of our showrooms.

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  1. How come you have nothing to state about the Medical Breakthrough Massage chairs which were supposedly created by doctors and pain specialists based on scientific medical journal studies? THANKS for your input.

    1. Hi, Martin
      Thank you for your inquiry. Sometimes advertising makes things appear bigger and more impressive than they really are, yet that same advertising can be very misleading. I have lots to say about direct to consumer massage chair companies, like MB, and you can read about my opinions and experiences with that in my booklet, “Buyer Beware”. You can download it free from my website at this link… I don’t mention the companies by name, but much of the fodder for my content in that book comes from companies like the one you mentioned and others. Again, Buyer Beware.
      dr. w.

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