New High-Tech Procedure for Neck and Back Pain

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For people suffering from injuries and neck and pack pain, a new high-tech procedure could be the answer to the problem. Americans spend more than $500 billion per year on healthcare related to neck and back pain, which is why spending more on a promising treatment may be well worth it. The new treatment is called Accurascope, and it can be done in about an hour with the patient walking out of the clinic the same day, pain free.

In this article, a former firefighter and current EMT was in constant pain, and said that his neck pain made it difficult for him to move. The man was also experiencing constant headaches from the pain, and would even lose feeling in his arm sometimes which made it difficult to do his job.

He didn’t want to take painkillers, and had already tried using steroid shots and many other conventional treatments. Finally he did some research and discovered the Accurascope procedure performed by doctors in Dallas at North American Spine. After the procedure Berry says the relief was immediate, and now he’s back to work without any pain!

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