Top 10 Accupressure Points For Pain Relief

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Individuals suffering from debilitating, disruptive, and stubborn chronic pain are increasingly finding a respite in the Chinese art of acupressure. The theoretical base of the treatment puts forth that all human bodies encompass meridians, through which channels of certain energies flow. Acupressure works to target these meridians and ensure their optimal functioning. When it comes to alleviating pain symptoms, certain acupressure locations are of more importance than others. These include the center of the forehead, the pericardium, and the tops of the ears, among others.

Key Takeaways:

  • For headaches, massage the hand between the thumb and index finger for a few minutes
  • Due to multitasking and stress one may feel pain the middle of the head, simply press your middle finger between your eyebrows for relief
  • Massage of the sacral points above the tailbone can relieve menstrual cramps and back pain

“Acupressure involves use of fingers, palms or elbows to apply pressure on the meridians, and massaging them in order to rejuvenate the energy.”

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