The New Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Massage Chair

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On September 1, 2018 Luraco officially launched their new Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS while simultaneously discontinuing their wildly popular iRobotics 7. If you are an owner of the discontinued model, have no fear. First of all you’re not missing out on a whole lot plus you will be able to upgrade to the new software/hardware down the road, if you so desire. I’ll go into the differences between the two models in this article with some additional information about the upgrades before I close.

The chair’s look and feel has not changed at all. We have the new i7+ in both of our showrooms and I can tell you that the differences are not manifest in the overall look and feel of the chair itself. In other words, you would be hard-pressed to see a difference between the two if we had them side-by-side in our showrooms. Most of the changes have to do with programming and hardware. The color options are the same, the remote control functions much the same way with some definite improvements, and the quiet, deep, smooth, and quality roller massage that you have come to expect from Luraco is still there. The chair is still made in the USA with non-critical components still imported from Taiwan (no Chinese components at all).

Here are the differences:

Pause Button
Pause Button
Play Button
Play Button

1. The remote control looks the same but has a sturdier, more solid feel. As a touch screen (reminiscent of a Smart phone), it processes menu selections much faster now and has a Pause/Play button at the bottom of the screen. The advantage of that feature is you can stop the current program you are enjoying anytime if you have to temporarily leave your chair. Once you return, simply push the Pause/Play button again and the chair continues right where you left off when you needed to run. No need to restart the chair, the body scan, and the positioning. You just push Play and carry on at the same spot you paused.

2. BlueTooth Speakers – Not only does the iRobotics 7 PLUS come with BlueTooth connectivity technology (so you can pair your device with the chair), you also get to listen to your device’s content on far superior speakers. The old i7, with one lonely and cheap speaker, was pretty bad, but now you have two vastly improved speakers at the back of the chair. We could tell a difference at the very moment the Voice Response feature began.

Intensity Settings
Intensity Settings
The New Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Massage Chair - manual selections
Manual Selections

3. The old i7 had the ability to adjust the roller intensity/depth of the neck and shoulders independent of the low back. Now, in the new i7 PLUS, you can also adjust the depth of the rollers in the mid back independent of the neck and shoulders and the low back areas. This contributes to an even more personalized massage. Also, you can now adjust the airbag compression intensity of the calves independent of the feet airbags.

Along the same lines, you can go to the manual section of the remote control and isolate the mid back and the calves for massage. Before you could only isolate the legs and feet together and the mid back as part of the back. Now, with separate intensity adjustments, you can also isolate those areas in the manual settings.

4. The i7 PLUS has unique tapping rhythms now. The previous model had basically one set tapping option in the manual settings. Now, you have tapping and percussion options in the form of “Constant Tapping”, “Variable Tapping”, and “Percussion Tapping”. You can adjust the speed of the Constant Tapping setting, but the Variable Tapping setting ramps up and down in cycles and the Percussion Tapping taps in high speed bursts. In other words, the speeds are set on the latter two. This enhances the manual massage experience substantially. Before it was mostly kneading with a set tapping option. This broadens the options more.

5. The price of the new iRobotics 7 PLUS is $500 more than the discontinued i7. It’s retail price is now $8990.

Luraco is currently working on putting together a conversion kit for all i7 users who want to upgrade to the new i7 PLUS features. It isn’t available yet, nor is the pricing announced. Once we hear about it we will notify our readers through this blog and our Massage Chair Industry Update videos.

I hope you found this comparison worthwhile. Feel free to call 888-259-5380 with any further questions or clarifications or to see what our showroom specials are on this model. You can also email me directly at [email protected]

Dr. Alan Weidner

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