The Many Health Benefits of Massage

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Despite its proven results as an effective treatment for stress, physical trauma and muscle strain, massage still has a lingering reputation as a decadent indulgence. As the Santa Clara Magazine feature explains, that perception couldn’t be more wrong. Getting regular massage sessions can have a number of positive effects on your mental and physical health. For example, during a massage, the body becomes deeply relaxed and begins producing hormones that will counteract the effects of chronic stress. It’s for that reason that massage therapy patients often report that after receiving a massage, they sleep better, feel more optimistic and are freed from the burden of chronic stress headaches.

Massage is also great for relieving muscles that have become sore and strained during the work week. Regardless of industry, an increasing number of U.S. citizens have been reporting chronic neck and back pain. For office workers, this ailment is the results of hours of sitting in a rigid position while typing at a computer. For teenagers and young adults, it’s due to all of the time they looking down on internet-enabled devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. Because a skilled massage therapist can loosen up tense muscles and unknot of fascia, making massage sessions a regular part of your weekly schedule can prevent you from experiencing needless back and neck pain.

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