Massage Chairs or Massage Therapists: Which Is Better?

Massage chair versus massage therapist – pros and cons

Today’s cutting-edge massage chairs offer a host of health benefits. But, then again, so does massage from a human therapist. So, how do the two compare?

With an experienced masseuse, you can get a customized massage that addresses your particular treatment needs. That said, massage chairs have certain advantages over human therapists. Here are four reasons why buying a premium therapeutic chair can be a more practical choice.


With a human therapist, you have to schedule an appointment – and you’ll be limited to getting a massage during office hours.

No appointment is necessary with a therapeutic char. Any time you want, you can simply have a seat. And, you can use it as often as you need. Buying a high-quality massage chair transforms therapy from a luxury into a regular part of your daily routine, which enhances your quality of life.


A well-trained masseuse can react to your feedback and apply the pressure you need, but a therapeutic chair allows you to be in control.

With a premium chair, you can dial in the pressure you prefer and it will be just right, every time. And if you want to increase the pressure, you can easily get a deeper, stronger massage. You also have control over the programming, and the latest high-tech options include features that allow you to optimize your massage experience.


The human touch of a therapist can be beneficial, but some people find the experience uncomfortable or awkward – whether or not the masseuse is of the opposite sex.

Buy a therapeutic chair, and you can relax and get a great massage in the comfort of your home. And as you sit back, you have the freedom to chat with family and friends, watch TV, enjoy a good book or do whatever you like.


Book a weekly appointment with an experienced massage therapist, and you may spend more than $5,000 over the course of the year.

A high-quality therapeutic chair is no small investment, as some models cost upwards of $10,000. However, when you buy a chair, you own it – and you can count on many years of massage. So, you can actually pay much less over time than you would regularly visiting an experienced masseuse.

Clearly, there are upsides to owning a premium therapeutic chair. If you’re ready to shop the world’s highest-quality brands and models, turn to Massage Chair Relief.

We offer a vast selection of the finest therapeutic chairs available, both online and in our northern Utah and southern California showrooms. Shipping and returns are free, and we provide a 90-day satisfaction guarantee in addition to a lifetime labor warranty. We also match any advertised price – we will not be undersold.

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