Massage Chair Warranty Coverage in Hawaii

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massage chair warranty support in Hawaii

I have more and more folks contacting me about shipping chairs to Hawaii. One of the topics that inevitably comes up when chatting about massage chair shipments to Hawaii is the warranty coverage. I had always assumed that all the brand name massage chair companies had the same coverage as they did on the mainland. Well, after a recent sale to a Hawaiian customer, I learned that this is just not the case.

I did a little homework with most of the major massage chair brands that we carry, and this is what I learned as far as each companies warranty support:

1. Human Touch – My contact at Human Touch said that they do offer parts and labor support for their massage chairs in Hawaii.

2. Infinity – They offer parts and labor support within a 50 mile radius of Honolulu. Any location beyond that is subject to extra charges.

3. Inada – Parts and labor coverage for Hawaii for Inada products.

4. Osaki Titan Apex – They have a tech on Oahu who can offer parts and labor support for that island.

5. Ogawa – Their coverage in Hawaii is limited to parts only.

6. Luraco – No warranty coverage from Luraco in Hawaii.

I hope this helps those of you who live in Hawaii and are contemplating getting a massage chair. Of course, contact us beforehand for shipping quotes as well as any updates or changes to the existing companies warranty policies.

I did not confirm this, but I suspect warranty coverage may be similar for Alaska, or at least parts of Alaska. Likewise, if you live in Alaska and are interested in a massage chair, contact us first for a shipping quote and to get up-to-date warranty information.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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4 Replies to “Massage Chair Warranty Coverage in Hawaii”

  1. Do you have contact information for Osaki Titan apex repair on Oahu. Much appreciated.

    1. Hi, Curtis
      Thanks for reaching out. We use a company called Jez Enterprises for national tech work. You can reach them at 877-242-0749. They can let you know what techs are available in your area.
      dr. w.

  2. I need someone in Honolulu to replace the motor on my older Human Touch massage chair. I have the part, which I already previously ordered. Please advise.

    1. Hi, Kathryn
      Thanks for your inquiry. I would suggest calling Jez Enterprises at 877-242-0749 to see if they have tech in your area. They have one of the largest network of techs in the USA. I hope that helps.
      dr. w.

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