Massage Chair Brand Names – Who’s Who??

Massage chairs that feel like a human touch

Massage Chair Brand Names Have Changed

I have seen a lot of change in the massage chair industry since I purchased my first massage chair almost two decades ago. I’ve seen arm airbags, foot rollers, L-tracks, calf rollers, BlueTooth, voice activation, apps and tablets, aromatherapy, air ionizers, and even head massage features come to market since cutting my teeth in the massage chair industry.

Massage Chair Brand Names - Who's Who?? - HT 125
Human Touch HT-125 Massage Chair

Human Touch HT-125 – Massage Chair Brand Names

My first massage chair was a Human Touch HT-125. I purchased it for my chiropractic clinic in 2003 and my patients immediately loved it. Back then, Human Touch was the  only game in town in terms of volume US distribution of massage chairs. I saw some Panasonic and Sanyo massage chairs back then, as well as the odd Inada massage chair, but I honestly can’t remember much more than that.

Fast forward to today and not only are there seemingly countless brand names out there, but also endless models at your disposal. And, then there are more and more off-brand (or what I have heretofore called “no-name” brand) chairs in the market. It has become so saturated with chair choices that customers are getting more and more confused. I totally get that!

Off-Brand Massage Chairs

I have spoken ad nauseum about the differences between the brand name massage chairs and off-brand name choices, so I don’t want to talk about that here. The intent of this article is to help you understand who’s who in the brand name massage chair universe here in the USA.

Massage chairs that feel like a human touchThe massage chair market is currently being inundated with cheap, off-brand massage chair choices, but I am not as familiar with them as I am with the reputable brand name lines that I have chosen to only carry. I am just as confused as you all are. Ootori, Beauty Health, Real Relax, Slabway, Zarifa, Relaxon, iRest, Bosscare, Kahuna, Medical Breakthrough, Massage Medik, Fujimi, Fujita, etc., etc., etc. Oh, man, the list goes on and on. Different names slapped on the same types of chairs coming from the same kind of factory. Everyone trying to make a buck off of a relatively vulnerable customer base.

Massage Chair Brand Names

So, let’s talk about the reputable name brands (if you’d like to know what I consider a “reputable name brand”, download my free book, “Buyer Beware” at this link – Let me help you understand a bit about how the major brand names shake down in terms of who’s who in the industry.

    1. Furniture For Life owns and/or distributes the following brands: OHCO, Positive Posture, D.Core, and Panasonic.
    2. OTA owns and/or distributes Osaki, Titan, Apex, Ador, Amamedic, and Inada.
    3. Cozzia owns Cozzia, Ogawa, JPMedics, Brookstone, Ergotec, and Homedics chairs.
    4. Infinity owns the Infinity, Kyota, and Sharper Image brands.
    5. Daiwa owns the Daiwa brand and models.
    6. Human Touch owns Human Touch and the Perfect Chair, but also owns the Relax the Back company, a channel of distribution for the Human Touch chairs.
    7. Orest owns Orest and Health Mate chairs.
    8. Johnson Wellness owns Synca Wellness and Inner Balance brands. They also, as of a couple of years ago, now own the factory that builds the Synca JP1100 models in Japan.
    9. BodyFriend owns BodyFriend chairs.
    10. Luraco Technologies owns the Luraco brand and chairs.

This is the breakdown of the brand name massage chair market at the present time. For the most part, these are very solid companies with some staying power. Things change from year to year, like distributorships, but this is a pretty good layout of the landscape. I can tell you that at least one of the companies listed above is working on a new line of chairs. Who knows what else is coming in the next year or so, in terms of brands and/or models. I’ll keep you posted as I learn more.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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13 Replies to “Massage Chair Brand Names – Who’s Who??”

    1. Great question. I would say that the chairs that have the strongest overall massage would be the Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus, the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid, the Panasonic MAJ7, and the D.Core Cirrus. Every body sits differently in a chair so what may seem like the strongest to one body may not feel the same for another body.
      dr. w.

      1. I don’t think we have those chairs in the USA. I believe that Kosei is a chinese manufacturer of massage chairs but not found in the USA.
        dr. w.

  1. You forgot Daiwa.

    I did not know about Relax The Back stores being owned by Human Touch. Interesting. These stores also sell Cozzia and Ohco massage chairs. Learn something new everyday. Thanks.

    1. Hi, Gandhi
      Thanks for the comments, but especially for pointing out that I missed Daiwa in my list. It has been added. Thank you for catching my oversight.
      dr. w.

  2. Thanks for sharing the breakdown Dr. W. There are some of the off-brands that do a great job in “marketing” their products to get people to think that they are a quality brand (Dennis was asking about the one that comes to mind). I feel badly for consumers who are trying to make good choices in quality chairs and are bombarded with information that might not be 100% true.

    I always tell customers to do their homework and don’t go by selling price versus discounted price (thinking you are getting an amazing deal”. Also, if a deal “sounds too good to be true… be very careful”. Seems to be a lot of intentional confusion by some of the brands to keep their products on par with others.

    Luraco respects the reputable brands that you mentioned. Distributors selling multiple brands have made everything even more confusing for buyers and Luraco appreciates you spelling it out for your everyone.

  3. I purchased the Infinity Overture chair from you about a year and a half ago at a great price because it was supposed to be “discontinued”. I really like the chair but recently noticed Costco has one called the Kyota Kokoro that, except for the color, looks to be identical to the Overture. Do you know if it’s the same massage chair?

    1. Hi, George
      Thanks for your comments. The Overture was discontinued and then Infinity incorporated a very similar chair to their Kyota line in the Kokoro model. I have never sat it in, but according to my sources at Infinity, it lacks some of the features of the Overture, but much of it, including the body silhouette, is the same. I hope this helps.
      dr. w.

  4. But what about the Inada chair known as the Dreamwave? Is it still available and at what cost. I bought it in 2010. How has it changed and is it still available and at what cost?

    1. Hi, Peggy
      Thanks for your comment. The DreamWave is still around, but availability is a little tougher right now. The current US distributor for Inada is Osaki Titan. The DreamWave has made some minor changes over the years, but the look and feel of the chair is still pretty much the same. The current sale pricing of the DreamWave is $6999, but is only available in black.
      dr. w.

    1. Hi, Dennis
      Thanks for reaching out. I mentioned MB in the section of my article where I discuss the off-brand chairs. Their chairs are made in China. That’s about all I know about their chairs. You can download my book “Buyer Beware” from the link below to understand more about my view of the off-brand business models.

      I hope this helps somewhat.
      dr. w.

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