How Often Can You Use a Massage Chair

April 5, 2022
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
April 5, 2022
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

How Often Can You Use a Massage Chair

Key Takeaways: Massage Chair Usage Frequency & Best Practices 

Valuable tips on avoiding excessive use while maximizing the benefits of this therapeutic device.

  • Use a massage chair three to four times per week for sessions lasting about one hour, but avoid overuse to prevent bruising, muscle injury, and circulatory issues.
  • The best time to use a massage chair varies, with some preferring it in the morning for an energy boost, others in the evening for relaxation, and some using it whenever they feel the need.
  • Signs that you should use a massage chair include experiencing physical aches or feeling stressed, but be mindful of session duration and avoid exceeding one hour to prevent overuse injuries.

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After a long, stressful day at work, it’s natural for us to want to relax and unwind. One of the best ways to do so is with a massage chair. This valuable device can give you all of the relief of a massage from the comfort of your home. It can relieve the common body aches that have accumulated from sitting in front of your desk all day and, at the same time, boost your energy levels and improve your sleep.

Getting a massage chair is a worthwhile investment, and there’s a wide variety of options to choose from. If you don’t have one yet, make sure to check our best-selling massage chairs and find the one that offers the features you need.

How Many Times Should You Use Your Chair in a Week?

If you already have a massage chair at home, you may be wondering how often you can use it in a week. As with any other health-related equipment, you need to use them with moderation, but you can still put in plenty of quality time with your chair. You can use your massage chair three to four times per week, with each use lasting about one hour.

Although it’s tempting to lounge on your chair for hours and have it massage all of the day’s stresses away, you should be mindful of the time spent during each session. Overusing your massage chair can lead to bruises, especially if you set it to high-pressure mode. This can also lead to muscle injury, which may cause more pain in your back and neck area rather than relieving it. Circulatory issues may also occur if the chair is overused. Blood clots and vein thrombosis can be exacerbated, so it’s best to consult with your doctor before using a massage chair for an extended period of time.

While having three to four sessions per week is ideal, you should ease your way up to this. If it’s your first time using a massage chair, start with 30-minute sessions and limit them to one or two per week. Once your body has become accustomed to the rollers, you can increase the pressure and frequency.

When is the Best Time for a Massage?

Our customers have varying preferences when it comes to using our massage chairs; some feel that resting on them in the morning helps them start their day right, especially if they woke up sore. They feel that it can energize them and boost their productivity as they go to work.

Others, however, prefer to use it at the end of the day to relax and release the tension that has built up on their necks and shoulders. It can calm them and prepare their body for sleep.

Another section of our customers even say that you should never find yourself feeling rigid and should listen to your body and use our massage chair whenever you feel that you need it.

Signs that You Should Use a Massage Chair

If you have a hard time gauging when you should take some time in a massage chair, here are some physical cues that you need some time to decompress:

You’re Experiencing Physical Aches

It’s only natural to want to relieve yourself using our massage chair if you’re experiencing physical aches. Soreness in your neck or lower back will make you want to jump right into the chair and have it massage your symptoms away.

You’re Feeling Stressed or Anxious

Physical aches can manifest as a symptom of stress or anxiety. If you’re having a particularly taxing day, whether at home or in the office, you can take a 30 minute or hour-long break to just hop into your massage chair and get some relief.

However, you must remember that each session should last for a maximum of one hour. Don’t worry, though; the relaxing effects of our massage chairs can last the entire day.

How to Avoid Overdoing it

There will always be the temptation to go over an hour and just sit on your massage chair for the rest of the day or night, but this will only exacerbate the aches in your body. Here are some tips to help you avoid injuring yourself during your massage sessions:

Set a Timer

Our massage chairs are equipped with pre-configured programs that set time limits for the mode that you choose. You can also customize it and input the time that you want.

Setting a timer is useful to remind yourself when to end the sessions. If ever you fall asleep, the alarm should be able to wake you up. You can also inform your spouse, relative, or roommate that you’ll be using the massage chair and should be done in an hour. This way, they can check up on you and let you know if one hour has passed.

Monitor How You Feel

The effects of your massage chair last after each session. Keep track of how you feel before, during, and after sitting on your massage chair. You can even keep a notebook near the chair to take note of what you’re feeling, the time you started using it, how long you sat there, and anything you noticed after the session.

If you have muscle soreness and cramps hours after you’ve used the chair, it may be a sign of overuse. We recommend giving your body time to recuperate for at least 24 hours before you start another session.

Target Specific Areas

Another way to avoid overusing your massage chair is to target specific areas only. For instance, our D.Core Cirrus massage chair has foot and calf rollers, which you can use to release tension from your legs and feet. With this chair, you can sit and massage only your feet and calves.

If you’re prone to aches on your neck, shoulders, and lower back, our Daiwa Pegasus 2 Smart is a great option; aside from foot and leg rollers, it also has rollers for the neck and lower back. This allows you to target specific body parts without overusing the chair. This model also has ShoulderFit technology, which enables users to adjust the width of the shoulder massage option for ultimate comfort.


As with all good things, you should use your massage chair in moderation. Be mindful of the duration of your sessions and set a limit of one hour per. Regardless of this, a massage chair allows you to relieve stress and body aches from the comfort of your home in that hour, making it a worthwhile investment for your physical and mental health.

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