A Guide to Reducing Work Stress

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While they are a necessary part of our day-to-day existence, our jobs can be incredibly stressful in a variety of different ways. Sometimes our workloads are unexpectedly increased, but our deadlines aren’t expanded to compensate for the change. Sometimes we end up working with people we simply can’t stand. On occasion, abrupt changes in management can lead to a derailed career track. And there’s the ever present feeling that we are being under compensated and overworked. Add to that the relatively new stress that comes with being in constant contact with our employers, and the most stressful part of your day could simply be clocking in.

Anyone who feels that they are being dragged down by work stress should give this article a read. It outlines a number of effective strategies you can use to reduce the stress you feel from your job. One tip is to keep a journal of all the things that cause you to feel stressed out during the course of your workday. By identifying your stress triggers, you can begin the process of reducing your emotional reaction to them. Another useful strategy is to create a schedule for all your daily tasks and ongoing projects. Doing this will help you feel more in control, which in turn reduces the stress you feel when your workload seems unmanageable.

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