Applying electric current to nerve for chronic low back pain does not … – Medical Xpress

July 10, 2017
 By Alyssa
July 10, 2017
 By Alyssa

Applying electric current to nerve for chronic low back pain does not … – Medical Xpress

Lower back pain plays a large toll on a person. In most cases, this is treated with radiofrequency denervation. A study done in the Netherlands, however; showed results of no improvement or none worth noting of improvement of pain with this course of treatment. Participants of this trial were given a three month exercise program, a one to three time dose of radiofrequency. Then were followed up at three months and at one year. At the three month follow-up there was no clinical improvement of pain.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is no proof in studies that there is a good return on using radio frequency for back pain
  • Pain after three months was no change from those who received treatment and those that did not
  • People should receive no more then three treatments of radio frequency

“Low back pain causes more disability than any other condition and has major social and economic consequences. Even though radiofrequency denervation is a commonly used treatment, high-quality evidence for its effectiveness is lacking.”

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