A Cool Feature for a Massage Chair

January 5, 2008
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
January 5, 2008
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

A Cool Feature for a Massage Chair

I was playing around with the Omega Montage massage chair today and had a blast with the MP3 feature. You see, this massage chair comes with a flash drive that already has some MP3 formatted songs downloaded. You just plug the drive into the back of the chair and then put on the headphones that come with the chair and you are listening to your music whilst enjoying your soothing massage. These are full sized headphones, too, not those little light weight ear plug-headphones.

The fun part comes when you push a button on the remote that synchronizes your massage with the music you have playing!! Isn’t that crazy? Yes, it is true that this may not have any therapeutic effect, but it was pretty cool in my estimation. You can adjust the volume and track number of your music from the main remote.

By the way, the main massage chair remote has what I like to call a “mini-me” remote attached to it. It runs on it’s own battery and you can take the mini-remote off the main remote and hold it in your hands while you are in the fully reclined position. You see, you can adjust the massage chair function without having to get upright to press the main remote. The small “mini-me” remote can run everything from your reclined position.  Very clever and practical. Oh, and it has a wrist strap on it so you don’t lose it while getting massaged in the reclined position.

We have the brown Montage in our office and it is a very beautiful color. I strongly recommend it. I also like the calf and foot massage on the Montage, second only to the king of calf and foot massagers…that of the HT-1650.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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