“Why Aren’t Inada Massage Chairs In Your Special Report?”

January 23, 2010
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
January 23, 2010
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

“Why Aren’t Inada Massage Chairs In Your Special Report?”

Lately, I ‘ve been asked the same question a couple of times about my special massage chair report that you can download on my site. I will include one version of the question below, along with my answer. Hope this answers this question for the rest of you who are wondering…



I would like to ask The Dr. for an explanation as to why Dr. Alan Weidner did not include the Inada Brand in his article Titled:

5 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before You Even Consider Investing In A High-Quality, Robotic Massage Chair ?

What’s the reputation of the brand? Beware of strange sounding or “rare” brands. Yes, it’s possible that a little-known brand has a high-quality product, but with an investment like a massage chair you want to be safe, not sorry. In my experience, I’ve found Human Touch, Panasonic, Sanyo and Omega to offer high-quality chairs backed by great warranties.

I am a potential Buyer of an Inada I2A but I am now concerned and confused after reading this article!




Hi, Tim
Thank you for your thoughtful inquiry and comment. Actually, we began carrying the Inada massage chairs after I wrote the report. To be totally  honest, I completely forgot to update the report! It truly needs to be updated and we are currently working on a rewrite for the express purpose of adding Inada massage chairs and adding a few more things to think about when purchasing a chair.

Let me tell you a little about Inada:
1. They are the oldest massage chair company in the world. Mr. Inada made the first massage chair back in 1962!

2. Every feature which we all take for granted in massage chairs, i.e. 4 rollers instead of 2, vibration, automatic programs, air bags, etc. , were all pioneered by Inada.

3. Inada massage chairs have been private labeled for years. In other words, they have been making quality massage chairs for so long for other companies. It has only been recently that they have “come out of their shell”, so to speak, and sold chairs under their own label. But, they have been one of the top massage chair manufacturers in the world for decades…a lot of us just didn’t know it!

4. Most massage chairs are manufactured in China…Inada chairs are all made in Japan.

5. The Inada Sogno massage chair, introduced at CES in Las Vegas in February 2008, is the most technologically rich massage chair in the industry and, by far, our top seller. I, as a chiropractor, absolutely love this chair. The cervical traction unit and dreamwave technology are incredible innovations (and therapies) that have taken the massage chair world by storm.

6. Inada just came out with another trend-setting chair last month. It is called the Doctor’s Choice 3A massage chair.You can check it out here: www.inada-3a-massage-chair.com

7. Inada has the best factory warranty in the biz….3 year comprehensive, on-site warranty. They just introduced that last November. And should you ever need warranty work from them, you reach the head technician for the company in North America, Ken Kojima, directly when you call. Top notch customer service.

I hope this answers your inquiry. I appreciate the great question. It just motivates me to make sure that we get the report updated ASAP.

You need to know, also, that the Inada Sogno and i2A massage chairs are going up in price on February 15. The i2A is going up to, I believe, $3999 and the Sogno up to $6799. So, if you are interested in either of these chairs from Inada, act fast!

If you have any further questions or inquiries, please email me back or call me at 801-651-2026. I am always at your disposal.

Dr. Alan Weidner

11 Things You Absolutely Need


11 Things You Absolutely Need to Know Before You Even Consider Investing in a High Quality, Robotic Massage Chair
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