What’s The Good News About Massage Chairs?

November 11, 2009
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
November 11, 2009
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

What’s The Good News About Massage Chairs?

There have been many discussions about the economy over the last year.  We have heard of many people losing their jobs, businesses closing their doors, and Corporations getting bailed out.  But there have been very few stories of anything positive, about businesses thriving, new businesses opening their doors, or companies creating a profit this last year.  Massage Chair Relief is proud to say that we are one of those stores! Our sales have increased each month this year compared to a year ago and in some months almost tripled!  We feel very blessed and are very grateful for all of our wonderful clients!

I attribute this in part to our low overhead but I feel it speaks volumes to our excellence in customer service and in the high standard of quality of our products.  I feel that another key point to this is that although people are cutting expenses in other areas, people are finding that the investment made in a high quality massage chair is a worthwhile one!  Massage chairs truly do bring a higher quality of life and an increased freedom to many that use them regularly.  To some, owning and using their massage chairs can be ranked as high a priority as having food to eat, water to drink, and air to breathe because of the relief that they experience from chronic medical problems.  Some of you may think that I am being a bit dramatic but then there are those of you who know exactly what I am talking about!

To go back to my earlier sentiments, we know that it is an investment  so we are here to ensure that you are well-informed, matched with the right chair that fits you personally, and are here as a reference even long after you have made your purchase!

I just want to take this time to say THANK YOU to all of you who have trusted us with your business!  We look forward to many, many more years of serving you with our massage chair expertise!
On a side note…If any of you DO have positive stories from this last year, please send them to us, or reply to this blog!  We would love to hear them and spread the joy!!

Steffanie Wistos, LMT
Commercial Sales Manager

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