Update on Omega Massage Chairs

October 25, 2010
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
October 25, 2010
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Update on Omega Massage Chairs

I spoke for quite a bit of time with Jimi Hahm, national sales manager for Omega Massage chairs (www.omegamassage.com) and thought I’d share some very interesting info regarding their line-up of massage chairs.

1. The new and popular Serenity and Skyline zero gravity massage chairs are available to compete with the Sanyo RX1, which is a Relax the Back exclusive. The Sanyo RX1 is an airbag-only zero gravity chair that retails for $2799. The Serenity and Skyline models are the same genre of massage chair, but with rollers in the lower back, in addition to the air bags. These chairs also go for $2499 and $2199, respectively. We have a white Serenity model in our showroom and it is very striking, as far as looks go. That is the other thing that these new Omega chairs have over the Sanyo chair…they are very contemporary looking and would fit in the decorum of any room of any home or office. Designed to look like a regular piece of furniture.

2. As you know from previous blog posts on my blog, the Omega 510 was discontinued quite some time ago. It was one of our favorite chairs because of the rich feature set that came for a very reasonable price. Omega is working on another mid-range priced model right now which would replace the 510. This new model will have full-body heat, which I’ve never seen before in any other chair, zero gravity function (which Omega seems to be going to in all their new models), and a 3D roller, which they will call Slimline. Inada is the only other chair that we know of that carries a 3D massage roller function. I’ll be curious to see this one when it comes to market.

3. Omega will eventually come out with another high end chair, in the Montage massage chair range, that will be an improvement on the old faithful Montage model.

That’s about it for today.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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