Titan Alpine vs. Titan 8400 – Comparative Review

September 15, 2015
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
September 15, 2015
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Titan Alpine vs. Titan 8400 – Comparative Review

TP-Pro Alpine

Titan Alpine

These two models came onto the market at about the same time in 2014. Both are L-track chairs and since they are from the same company, and since lots of folks are interested in an L-track chair, these chairs have been compared with one other. The fact that the Titan 8400 is $2995 and the Titan Alpine is $5495, people always ask me if the chairs are worth the price difference.

Well, I figured it was time to compare the two on our blog so that everyone can get an idea of the similarities and differences, and be able to come to a conclusion as to whether the price difference is justified. I have both chairs in my Utah showroom, so I can also give some subjective input about each chair and how they are received by our showroom visitors. I have also written separate reviews about both chairs. You can read those reviews here:

Titan Alpine Review

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I’ll go through the feature sets point by point to compare and contrast the two models:

1. Extended Roller Track aka L-Track
Both chairs have the L-track, yet they both feel quite different. From a purely objective standpoint, the the stroke length of the Alpine is about an inch longer down into the buttocks/top of the hamstrings. Either one will give you a vigorous butt massage that you just can’t find in a non-L-track chair.

I would also have to say that the quality of the roller massage is more sophisticated in the Alpine. you can tell when you sit in both that the Alpine has a better, more “complex” roller system. That of the 8400 is a little more basic and simple. Having said that, however, both do the job! If you want a better system with a more sophisticated roller mechanism, the Alpine is the way to go

Advantage: Alpine

2. Stretch Program
A stretch program in an L-track chair is not the same as you would find in the more traditional, non-L-track chairs. You can’t flatten out the chair and have the chair back and ottoman raise and lower to facilitate a typical stretch. L-Track chairs that have a stretch program use the ottoman as the primary stretcher. When the chair is reclined, the ottoman normally pulls the legs or drops to give a tug on the hips and low back.

Now, having said all that, the Alpine does have a stretch program but the 8400 does not.

Advantage: Alpine

TP-Pro 8400

Titan 8400

3. Shoulder Airbags
Both chairs have them, but they serve different purposes in each model. The 8400 has the airbags on the outside of the shoulders. They serve to hold the torso in place while the rollers go up and down the back. The Alpine has airbags behind the shoulders which serve to induce a torso rotation when they sequentially inflate. Neither way is necessarily better…just different effects.

One of the problems with side shoulder airbags is that broad-shouldered individuals (usually men) have trouble fitting their shoulders comfortably between the airbags. The 8400 has been designed with shoulder airbags that flare outward so that pretty much anyone can fit in the chair, regardless of shoulder width.

Advantage: Toss Up

4. Airbags
The Alpine has 30, the 8400 has 24. The most noticeable area of lack is the hips. The Alpine has hip airbags, the 8400 does not.

The arm airbags in the 8400 have multiple cells to create a sequential inflation up and down the arm, simulating blood circulation. The Alpine feels more like one bladder that is inflating on the arms and hands in one compressive motion.

Advantage: Toss Up

5. Recommended User Height
The Alpine is listed to accommodate folks from 4’11” up to 6’4″ tall. The 8400 lists 4’10” to 6’5″ tall. I might add at this juncture that most height recommendations made by massage chair companies are overly generous. Most of the time, the optimal height for a chair is less than the published height. I would say that is true here.

Although the Alpine can fit a person 6’4″ tall, the neck rollers don’t do a great job at that height, particularly in the auto programs. In manual settings, you can get the rollers to go higher than the auto programs, but I would say that in a person 6’4″ tall, you will be left wanting in the neck area. The 8400 actually does a better job for taller folks, as far as the neck massage is concerned, but my experience is that 6’5″ is a little too generous in the height department. Maybe 6’3″ to 6’4″ would be a more conservative and correct recommendation.

Advantage: 8400

6. Mechanical Foot Rollers
Both chairs have dual foot rollers, but the concurrent use of foot airbags can make or break the comfort level in these chairs. The rollers feel better in the Alpine, partly because the foot airbags don’t push your feet so intensely onto the rollers. The 8400 has a very vigorous foot massage precisely because of that. I have had to adjust DOWN the foot airbag pressure to help the customer not feel like their feet are being abused. The Alpine foot rollers, though vigorous, are far more comfortable in the default settings.

Advantage: Alpine

7. Recommended User Weight
Although the Alpine is a bigger chair, it can handle only up to 240 lbs in body weight. The 8400 is built to handle 265 lbs. The 240 lb weight limit is surprisingly low for the Alpine. Most chair weight limits range from 265 to 300 lbs.

Advantage: 8400

8. Space-Saving Feature
Both chairs have a space saving feature and I can’t find any difference in the quality of either. Having a space-saving feature is great, especially in limited space, so you can’t go wrong with either chair.

Advantage: Toss Up

9. Vibration
The Alpine has a seat vibration feature; the 8400 does not.

Advantage: Alpine

10. Assembly
Assembly is so easy on either chair that even I can do it! All you need to do is attach the ottoman to either chair body. That requires two pins and you are done. The ottoman comes in a separate box in the Alpine, whereas the ottoman is in a box within the main box of the chair body.

Advantage: Toss Up

11. Remote Control
I really prefer the remote control of the Alpine, personally. I think it is more sophisticated and versatile. The remote of the 8400 is very basic, but it has only so much functionality. You can adjust more chair features with the Alpine remote, plus it seems a little more intuitive.

Advantage: Alpine

Both chairs also have zero gravity, low back heat, speed control, ottoman length adjustment (although the 8400 is manual and the Alpine is electronic), body scan, among other features you’d expect in any massage chair nowadays.

I can also tell you that the Alpine outsells the 8400  by quite a bit. When folks come into the showroom, they almost always pick the Alpine over the 8400, unless budgetary constraints are too huge. It has an overall better feel and you can tell when you sit in both that the Alpine is a more sophisticated chair with a more sophisticated technology. Both chairs look very nice, but the Alpine is certainly the better chair, IMHO.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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