Time for Chiropractic

October 31, 2017
 By Alyssa
October 31, 2017
 By Alyssa

Time for Chiropractic

Comparing the usage of Chiropractic care to the more often prescribed medication relief for individuals with chronic back, and neck pain. The design of the article is to show the higher health benefits that come from utilizing Chiropractic care over other more commonly used forms of pain relief. Throughout the article there are references to studies showing the number of individuals who have favored Chiropractic care to both prescribed medications, and over the counter alternatives for pain relief.

Key Takeaways:

  • In a recent survey it is clear that most Americans with pain would rather not use any medications to treat themselves.
  • For those people who are in pain they continue to use medicine even though their is an alternate solution available.
  • A chiropractor can give people a permanent solution to pain without any harmful side effects that come with the use of medicine.

“Gallup survey makes it clear: pain is a major issue for many people, and overwhelmingly, they would rather try nondrug pain-relief therapies such as chiropractic care versus pain-relieving medications.”

Read more: http://www.toyourhealth.com/mpacms/tyh/article.php?id=2441

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