The New & Improved!

June 10, 2020
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
June 10, 2020
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

The New & Improved!

Massage Chair Relief logoAfter a 9 month comprehensive redesign project, has a whole new look and feel. Just over a week ago, we launched the long awaited redesign of our 15 year old website.  For those of you who have been on the site before the relaunch, I’m sure that you can see the differences. The home page of the website had changed from time to time over the years, but the whole website became a patchwork of different softwares, add-ons, and temporary fixes. We quite literally changed everything, from the software the site was built with, to the look and feel, to the product pages, to the whole layout, to the shopping cart and checkout page. It is radically different from what we had for so long. But, overriding all these aesthetic and format changes, the focus of the site design has  really changed.

The new site redesign is even more focused on customer education and support than it ever was before


5 steps to the right massage chairAs soon as the website loads onto your computer screen you will see a yellow action button on the home page that says “5 Steps To Finding the Right Chair“. I found that while displaying sales, discounts, and deals is important, assisting customers in finding the right massage chair was the greater need. So, I created this 5-step process that will take you by the hand and lead you down the path to finding the best option(s).

We also changed the name of the “Chair Finder Tools” menu tab at the top of each page to “Education”, since that is really what these tools are about. In addition to the “My Chair Finder” software, our comparison chart, our out-of-stater program, and our blog/article library & video library, we created the 5 steps, added a page that brings together ALL the reviews on our website (whether they are general reviews of our business or specific massage chair model reviews), as well as a list of our top selling chairs.

massage chair free reportAlso, I recently updated my free special report for the new redesign (which can be downloaded from any page of the website). It used to be called “8 Things You Absolutely Need To Know Before You Even Consider Investing In A High Quality, Robotic Massage Chair“. Now it is up to “11 Things…”!! After over 15 years of being in this business, I have certainly learned what the massage chair shopper absolutely needs to consider before buying. Go ahead and download it. Good information. I hope you find the report helpful.

When you do download that report, you also will receive my weekly “Massage Chair Chronicle” newsletter. Each issue contains:

    1. A feature article or video from our blog/article library or YouTube channel, respectively,
    2. Current sales and promotions,
    3. Up-to-date news from the massage chair industry, and
    4. My most recent articles and informational videos.

Lastly, I added a green scrolling news ticker at the bottom of each page of the site to display industry/company news and updates.


I’m really excited about our new support infrastructure. Deciding on the right massage chair is a huge decision and you need the education and information to make that decision. But, once you have purchased your new chair, what happens if something goes wrong with the chair.

It is important to us at Massage Chair Relief to provide the best support for you when that happens, whether you are in or out of warranty. The ball can be dropped when a chair problem arises, by both us as the retailer and the massage chair distributor. We created the page “Problems With Your Chair?” to help with just that. You now have the option to call the massage chair company directly to have them open a problem ticket or you can have us do it for you. We make both options very easy…plus we are with you every step of the way until your issue is resolved.

You can find that page by going to the “Support” tab at the top of any page on the website. It is the first “Support” menu item.

The “Support” menu also has the following items:

    • Massage Chair Owner’s Manuals – You can download the owner’s manual of every chair we carry from this page. Now, you don’t have to go to the product page of each chair model to find the owner’s manual.
    • Massage Chair Financing Programs – We have always used Synchrony Bank as our only financing option. Although they offer up to 48 months 0% financing plans, it is somewhat inefficient in that the customer needs to download the application, print it, email or fax it to us, and we need to submit the application online to Synchrony Bank for approval or denial. It would sure be great if they had an online option for us, which they currently don’t have (I’ve been told that they are working on one for us, but nothing definite just yet). Well, now we have added Affirm Financing.

      Affirm Financing

      Affirm offer financing options that are integrated into a website’s checkout page. You can choose to pay with a credit card, PayPal, or, now, Affirm Financing. When you submit your order, you are redirected to Affirm’s integrated online application. You can be approved almost immediately and the purchase finalized. Very efficient, indeed!

    • FAQ’s – The answers to commonly asked questions are found on this page. This includes questions/answers for both shoppers and owners.
    • Contact Us – This page has the phone numbers to each of our showrooms as well as a contact us form for you to fill out if you’d rather communicate with us that way. We also have our toll free phone number all over the website. Now, when you call, you have two options: press 1 for massage chair information and sales, or press 2 for customer support.

I hope you benefit from the new site redesign. If you find any errors while visiting the site, please let us know so that we can make it right.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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11 Things You Absolutely Need


11 Things You Absolutely Need to Know Before You Even Consider Investing in a High Quality, Robotic Massage Chair
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