Some Great Inada Questions

January 21, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
January 21, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Some Great Inada Questions

This last week I had two customers email me about two different Inada products, both of which we don’t discuss a whole lot. I thought I’d share these questions and my responses with you today, FYI…

Question #1 – Inada D-5 vs. Inada Sogno

Can you tell me what changed on the Inada from the Robo HCP D5 to the new Sogno? Thanks Rick

Hi, Rick

Thanks for the email. The Inada Sognowas introduced in July 2008 and within just a few months the D-5 and D-6 models were discontinued because of the popularity of the Sogno. Here are the changes as I remember them:

D5 RoboChair

1. the Sogno has a whole new roller system, different than what was on the D-5
2. the D-5 had a voice control that was discontinued on the Sogno.
3. the Sogno introduced the full arm airbag massage, which was a significant upgrade from the small, adjustable forearm massage airbags of the D-5
4. the Sogno introduced Dreamwave technology, which utilizes airbags to move the seat from side to side and up and down. The D-5 had more typical airbag inflation in the seat.
5. the Sogno introduced the Cervical Traction Device, which was innovative in that it was the first headpiece of a chair to have airbags that not only massaged the neck, but also used airbag traction down on the trapezia muscles…the only chair that addressed the traps. The D-5, like most other chairs, then and now, have head pillows that elevate the head and can be removed, but have no therapeutic benefit at all.
6. the Sogno introduced thigh airbags that massaged the IlioTibial Bands on the sides of the thighs. The D-5 did not have anything like that either.
I think that is about all I can remember about the differences. I hope this helps you in some way. Feel free to email or call me at 801-651-2026 if you have any other questions or need assistance with an order. I am always available.
Dr. Alan Weidner

Question #2 – Inada Doctor’s Choice vs. Inada i1

Dr. Weidner,
First, thank you for your great website and blog.  I have been doing research on massage chairs for a few months now, and your site is an invaluable resource.  

A few questions:

1. Is the Inada Doctor’s Choice Massage Chair still in stock?

2. If so, will my shoulder width of 20 inches fit comfortably with the shoulder airbag attachments?  (the other dimensions appear to be an OK fit — e.g. I’m 5’10 — I believe reading somewhere that the chair accommodates people up to about 6’1″).

3. It would be ideal to test the Doctor’s Choice Chair before buying, however, I live in Virginia and this doesn’t appear to be a chair sold through any local outlets.  However, I have some familiarity with the Inada brand.  My brother has owned the Inada i.2A for about 7 years — so I am familiar with the quality of the manufacturer and really enjoy using his chair (I have tried on a handful of occasions to convince him to sell it to me, but my sister-in-law keeps vetoing the idea!).  Using the i.2A as a point of reference, is it accurate to say that the Doctor’s Choice is a more feature rich version of the i.2A — e.g. it adds foot and hand massager, has more pre-set massages, and the back massage rolling mechanism appears to be superior.  Is this a fair characterization?  

4. Finally, are there any additional discounts available on the chair beyond the most recent price reduction?  I appreciate that the price is already significantly discounted (e.g. any savings for using Paypal or wire transfer versus AmEx).

Thanks once again for the excellent resource that you provide.

Kind Regards,


Hi, Jim

Thanks for your email and your kind words.

Doctor’s Choice 3A

Here are the answers to your questions:
1. Yes, the Doctor’s Choice chair is still in stock. There are about 5 brand new ones left and I have one used one that is about 1 month old available as well.
2. You will fit just fine in this chair. I am also 5’10” and I have broad shoulders. I fit very well in this chair. I might add that I love this chair. It fits me well and has a wonderful massage, particularly in the low back….it rolls all the way down to the sacrum, which a lot of chairs don’t do.
3. Your characterization of the Doctor’s Choice chair relative to the i2a is perfect. You nailed it. For the price, compared to the i2a (or the Inada i1 nowadays), it is head and shoulders a better deal. The roller system is almost exactly the same as the roller system in the profoundly popular Inada Sogno.
4. No other discounts available, unfortunately. The used chair I mentioned will be selling for $4199, however. Also, if you pay
by wire, I can offer a 2% discount on the price of a chair.
I hope this helps, Jim. You are considering a great chair, IMHO. I have this chair in my showroom and love it. It is my chair of choice after a game of hockey (yes, I am a 53 year old who still plays hockey!). Easy to use and a great  massage.
Dr. Alan Weidner
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