Sharp jolt of pain in neck may be treated with Botox – Miami Herald

October 18, 2016
 By Alyssa
October 18, 2016
 By Alyssa

Sharp jolt of pain in neck may be treated with Botox – Miami Herald

It can be frustrating when our bodies don’t do what we want them to. Whether it is due to loss of range of motion, or pain, it is important to understand from where the problem stems before attempting to correct it. It may take multiple consultations from different specialists before a full diagnosis is known, but that is the first step in any treatment plan. There are many ways to treat musculoskeletal issues in the body, but these methods will keep evolving. For instance, Dr. Alan Herskowitz has developed a botox treatment for trigger point problems in muscles.

Key Takeaways:

  • I have had pain and spasms in my neck for almost a year. I did not have an injury but did work out regularly before the symptoms started.
  • I also tried physical therapy for a month and then a chiropractor, but the pain did not improve much. I am frustrated, in pain and can’t work out.
  • It appears you have a chronic strain of your neck and trapezius muscles. This can be brought on by injury, overuse, disc problems or arthritis.

“Occasionally, there are areas of the tightened muscle that become hypertensive and when touched can produce a searing pain or electric shock sensation.”

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