Sanyo HEC 5000 Massage Chair Scanning Function

June 18, 2008
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
June 18, 2008
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Sanyo HEC 5000 Massage Chair Scanning Function

Sanyo massage chairs have an interesting twist on the body scan technology. As with most of the finer massage chair manufacturers, Sanyo has a height, weight, and muscle tone assessment feature in their body scan technology, but they have added something else that is quite interesting and that patients seem to get a kick out of…the heart/pulse rate, perspiration, and temperature scan.

Sanyo has added an additional remote that sits in a caddy of the main remote control of each chair. This remote has a couple of areas on the back of it that are shiny silver in color over which the user places his/her right hand. You would hold it as though you were holding a small walkie-talkie. This is what the sensor uses to determine your heart/pulse rate, perspiration, and body temperature.

While you are being scanned, the massage chair technology will display the results of that scan, along with the typical height, weight, and muscle tension scan, on the main remote control display. There is a figure of a seated body with blue dots all over it’s back side, indicating the places of the body that are being scanned.

The scan results are displayed as red circles around the blue dots on the body drawing on the remote control. So, during the scan, red circles will show up around the blue dots representing the parts of the body just scanned. Once the scan is complete, the user can do one of two things:

  1. Put the scanner back onto the cradle and just enjoy the massage, or
  2. Continue to hold the scanner throughout the massage and see what happens to the red circles on the body figure on the remote. It surprises us to see that as the massage chair focuses on the areas of the body where the red circles are found, the red circles begin to disappear over the course of the massage session. In other words, as the massage chair works on the rough areas of the spine and fixes them, the body sensor can actually tell that it is better and the red circles are then removed. Now, if the rough spots are really bad, it may not get rid of the red circles during just one session. It may take a few sessions. But, the fact that the chair can tell right away where the improvement is being made is quite impressive.

The patients just love this feature. To use the vernacular of my teenage years…it’s pretty “cool”.

What is always interesting to us when we have a new client sit in the Sanyo massage chair, is that when the scanner displays the red circles on the person’s spine on the remote control display, based on the scan findings, the user always says “Yep, that’s where I hurt!”…that happens pretty much every time!

By the way, there is no fixed timer on the Sanyo massage chairs because of this scanner technology. Whereas other chairs have a fixed 10, 15, 20, or even 30 minute massage setting, the Sanyo varies between 20-25 minutes because the massage program is catered to the findings of the body sensors. It just might take a little longer on some of our spines because our spines just might be a little more messed up than others.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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