Part 2 – Infinity Iyashi Finally In Our Showroom!! (and here is what I think about it)

July 31, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
July 31, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Part 2 – Infinity Iyashi Finally In Our Showroom!! (and here is what I think about it)

Infinity Iyashi

I have sure had some fun over the last few days playing around with this new Infinity Iyashi. I have also had some customers sit on it whilst visiting the showroom and I asked for their thoughts and feedback. In Part 2 of my review today I’d like to add some more points, both from my own observations and those of my customers:

1. I wanted to see if the neck massage was more intense than I had originally thought. So, I decided to run a few automatic programs and then I tried a manual setting to just the neck area. Guess what? The neck massage in the auto programs is still a little light, but when I went to the manual settings and moved the rollers to the neck and used the kneading massage feature, the massage was great…much more intense than I had initially experienced in the auto programs.

2. Speaking of the manual settings, it was a little confusing figuring out how to get the rollers to move to the area I wanted. When you select “Part” from the manual settings, you have three options: Whole, Partial, and Point. “Whole” works the length of the whole spine; “Partial” moves within a few inches up or down of where you move the rollers to; “Point” focuses the rollers in the very spot to where you move the rollers.

The secret is this…you can’t move the rollers in the whole or partial setting. You have to select “Point” and then you can move the rollers up or down to the area you want massaged. Once there, you can then select “Partial” and the rollers will move up and down a few inches below and above the Point location. Does that make sense? So, if you try to move the rollers in the “Partial” selection, they will not move.

3. This chair has a massage feature called “Rubbing” which moves the rollers side to side across the spinal muscles. Kneading is the most popular form of massage in all massage chairs and that mode  involves circular motion over the spinal muscles. “Rubbing” is more like transfriction massage ,which was a form of soft tissue massage that I used to utilize on a trigger point or scar tissue to break it down. I also used it on sore tendons. It was a fantastic form of treatment. Of course, the “Rubbing” on the Iyashi, like most robotic massage techniques, is not exactly the same as the human touch of a licensed therapist, but at least it is a move in the right direction.

The Iyashi is the only massage chair where I’ve seen the Rubbing massage technique identified and utilized.

arm airbag

4. On a revisit to the arm airbag massage, I noticed that the airbags inflate in three sections, really, and not two as I had mentioned in Part 1 of this review. The airbag sections are forearm, wrist/palm of hand, and then fingers…in sequence from distal to proximal and vice versa. It really is a fabulous arm massage, relative to many other chair arm massages that only have one bladder inflating and compressing down on the whole forearm.

5. The heating elements work from the low back to the upper back, it’s area of application being a more broad than most chairs with a heating feature.

6. One of my customers who sat in the Iyashi was only 5’4″ tall and complained that the bottom part of the hard shoulder components dug into the middle of her upper arm. I then sat in the chair immediately after she made the comment and could easily see how that could happen. One possible way to minimize that discomfort would be to not place your arms all the way to the back of the arm airbag wells. The further into the wells that you place your arms, the closer to the bottom of the shoulder components your upper arm will go.

I am about 5’10” tall and though I felt the shoulder component frame against my upper arm, I did not feel it digging in as it had with my customer.

7. The Stretch Program was great! It is called “Extend” in the auto program menu and really is a unique program. It is quite different from other stretch programs I’ve experienced in the following ways:

  • The ottoman extends and retracts electronically while the chair is in the zero gravity position. It does so with the foot and calf airbags inflated and the foot rollers on. When it extends it really pulls the bottom of your body out, with the tilted seat acting to hold your body in place while the legs are being pulled by the ottoman. Very nice feature!
  • Shoulder airbags pin the shoulders back while the ottoman extends and retracts, as well as when it elevates and drops during the program. This enhances the pulling feeling that the ottoman provides.
  • The massage rollers move up the back at the same time the ottoman extends or lowers. This accentuates the feeling that your spine is being stretched. It feels great!

8. The plugin and power switch are located on the SIDE of the chair, no in the back as it is with pretty every other massage chair. There is no functional advantage to this, as far as I can see…it is just different.

9.  The Droid app can be downloaded now but can only be done through a link that Infinite Therapeutics will provide to you via email. It cannot currently be downloaded from the Google Play store. The Apple app is not up and running yet. It will not be available when the first shipment arrives in August. Tim, the tech guy from Infinite Therapeutics, wrote a comment after Part 1 of this review explaining how your music can be used through the app.

By the way, the arrival of the first shipment has been delayed until the end of August for 2 reasons. One is that the apps are still being worked on and that Infinite Therapeutics doubled their first order of the Iyashi chairs because of the high demand of it already.

Well, that’s about it for Part 2 of the Iyashi review. If I learn more cool stuff, I’ll share it either in videos or in a Part 3.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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