Oops… I didn’t even tell you our address!

December 6, 2007
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
December 6, 2007
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Oops… I didn’t even tell you our address!

I received an email from a visitor to our website today asking for the address of our showroom. I can’t believe I haven’t put that out there! Well, here it is:
2232 West 5400 South
Taylorsville, Utah

For the locals that visit our site, this is where you get to come to try out all our wonderful massage chairs. The showroom is in our clinic (Weidner Chiropractic). We have subdivided our clinic into two parts…the manual therapy half and the massage chair therapy bay.

I had another good question asked today by a patient…“Can I pay for the massage chair with my flex-spend account?”

Great question. I think the answer to that is determined by your company policies and whether you can get a prescription for the chair. Massage chair recliners really are a form of musculo-skeletal therapy so they would be considered therapy in the eyes of an insurance company. I am sure that many of the flex spend accounts would consider it, particularly if you had a prescription from your health care provider (M.D. or chiropractor). I, personally, have written prescriptions, as a chiropractor, for hot tubs and massage chairs as a viable form of therapy for chronic low back pain patients. Just check out your company’s plan.

A few little open house updates…

1. our walls have been patched and will be painted tomorrow.
2. our outdoor sign will be put up tomorrow afternoon (before a big winter storm on it’s way to Utah!).
3. our window posters will be up tomorrow too.
4. our Make-A-Wish “thermometer” probably won’t be ready until Monday or Tuesday. I’d love to have it here for the open house. We really can’t decorate the walls until we know exactly how the “thermometer” is going to look and how much room on the wall it is going to use.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on Monday!

Dr. Alan Weidner

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