New Massage Chair Models Update

October 15, 2015
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
October 15, 2015
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

New Massage Chair Models Update

I have learned of a few new models that have hit the market lately. I’m sure more will sneak onto the scene, but here are the 3 that I am aware of:

1. Titan Pro Executive
This is a new under-$3K offering from Osaki/Titan. At $2995, it really does have quite a bit to offer. It is an upgraded version of the RoboPad chair, sold by Elite Massage Chairs. Here is a list of some of it’s features:

  • Mechanical foot rollers
  • Movable shoulder pads
  • Smart phone apps and bluetooth connectivity
  • Heat in the feet and low back
  • 61 airbags
  • Memory function – this is something that we don’t see in a lot of chairs, yet something that a lot of customers ask for.
  • 3D rollers
  • Deep tissue neck massage
  • Fits people up to 6’4″ tall

I have had it described to me, by the powers that be, as a better overall massage experience than the Osaki OS-4000T, with a much richer feature-set…all for a similar price. It can handle a bigger body than the Apex Ultra, another popular offering from Osaki/Titan, and is a better all around chair than the Titan 8400. The Ultra and 8400 are both priced the same as the Pro Executive.

I think we will be carrying this model at the California showroom, so when we get it we’ll have a review written and videos made.

2. Human Touch HT-Navitas Sleep
navitas_earth_hero_1488This is a relabeled Johnson Wellness chair. Johnson Wellness is a player in the massage chair market, with chairs that are manufactured in Taiwan. Osaki has the Apex Regent, which is also a relabeled Johnson chair, and now Human Touch has the Navitas Sleep model. On their website, Human Touch states that this model is part of a new line of chairs called the Ascent Series.

Taiwanese chairs are known for their quality, which some consider to be very close if not equal to the Japanese quality, and definitely superior to the Chinese-made chair quality.

Features of this new model include:

  • Mechanical calf massage – this is something we haven’t seen much of in the past. Other than the Apex Ultra, the Sleep model is the only other one, that I am aware of, that has mechanical calf rollers.
  • 3D roller massage
  • Stretch program that utilizes the 3D rollers in the stretch
  • Memory function
  • Zero Gravity
  • Mechanical foot rollers – Human Touch states that the foot and calf rollers in this model have 3D roller technology. If that is the case, this would be the first time I’ve seen 3D rollers in the feet.
  • AcuPoint Optical  Scan
  • 36 Wellness programs – I’m not sure how this works, because I’ve never seen a chair with this many programs, but I am very curious and excited to see them in action.

It’s a nice looking chair. Nothing fancy about the body styling. With the Taiwanese manufacturing, I suspect the quality of this chair will be very good.

3. Human Touch ZeroG 5.0
zerog_5.0_blk_hero_1313 (1)This is an upgrade of the quite popular ZeroG 4.0. I don’t have this model in my showroom, either, but from what I can tell there are a few differences between this model and the 4.0. Here is what it has:

  • An extendable ottoman – the 4.0 has foot and calf massage, but the length of the ottoman is fixed. The 5.0 has an extendable foot portion so that someone with longer legs can fit in the chair. IT also looks like the ottoman does not park under the seat, as does the ZeroG 4.0 and 2.0. The foot and calf wells are visually exposed. However, it does appear as though the ottoman can be reversed to hide the wells when it use.
  • Warm Air Technology – this appears to be just like the feature in the WholeBody 7.1, which has a warm air circulation technology up and down the back. Warm air, as opposed to a heating pad which is common in pretty much all other massage chairs, is circulated up and down the length of the back to give heat therapy for a much broader coverage area than any other chair, except maybe the Panasonic MA70 and MA73, which actually has heated rollers.

And, just like the ZeroG 4.0, the 5.0 has:

  • 3D rollers
  • Mechanical foot rollers
  • Paddle massage technology in the feet and calves with Figure Eight Technology
  • Zero Gravity
  • Body Map PRO for easy manual massage settings

Well, that is a brief summary of the 3 new models in the market. I will work on having these on the website within the next week.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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