uKnead Massage Chairs

The Uknead massage chair’s name says it all—it’s the one you need. Uknead was a pioneer in the at-home massage chair industry and has been offering the latest features and technology for massage chairs at prices that won’t cause more stress. The designs and features on Uknead chairs have evolved as the industry evolved, and today represent the top-of-the-line engineering combined with ultimate comfort.

Uknead’s goal is to set the bar high for the competition, integrating features like a 50-inch L-track roller that perfectly meets your body’s natural lines, multi-stage zero gravity recline positions, airbags for a touch that feels more like human hands, foot and calf rollers for lower body relief, heat therapy, built-in sound, and quick-start buttons to make it easy to get your massage going. Combined with the sleek lines and space-saving features, these chairs are both practical and beautiful to seamlessly fit into your daily life. Plus these chairs come ready to use right out of the box with absolutely no assembly required.