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Furniture For Life has offered an upgrade to the Positive Posture Brio with the new Brio+, which includes new roller massage choreography, heated rollers, diamond stitch upholstery, USB charging port, 4D L-track, zero gravity, foot rollers, space saver!

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Furniture For Life has offered an upgrade to the Positive Posture Brio with the new Brio+. This “remodel” includes new roller massage choreography for a whole new massage experience including a more vigorous massage, new luxurious diamond stitch upholstery, new chromotherapy, and a USB charging port. Those new features are in addition to an already strong feature-set of an L-track roller system that incorporates 3D depth/intensity adjustment capabilities, zero gravity positioning, mechanical foot rollers, acupressure point locator scan, back/calves/feet heat (including heated back rollers!), a space saver design, and 10 auto programs. The Brio+ also comes with FFL’s standard 3 year parts and labor in-home warranty!



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The roller track of the Positive Posture Brio+ massage chair extends from the top of the neck down to the buttocks muscles, providing roller massage to the primary spinal muscles. The proprietary choreography of the Brio+ roller massage has been completely redesigned by the Positive Posture design team.

3D/4D Roller Massage

You can adjust the depth and, thus, the intensity of the L-track roller system as well as the speed/rhythm of those rollers. If you have a sensitive back, just lower the depth of the rollers to give you a more gentle massage. If you want something a little more intense, just increase the depth of the rollers to really dig into your spinal muscles. Did we mention that the rollers are now heated!

Zero Gravity Positioning

Put the Brio into true zero gravity positioning and you will feel less pressure on your low back. This feature more evenly distributes the weight of your body so that the pressure created by your body weight is never too much for your spinal joints.

Space Saver

You can place your chair within a couple of inches of the wall and save the space on the space a regular S-track chair would have taken up (up to 16″)!

Mechanical Foot Rollers

Enjoy the soothing feel of multiple rollers under the soles of your feet! Come home to the foot rollers after a long day on your feet.

10 Auto Programs

The Brio+ has plenty of programming options to pick from to cater to whatever you body is feeling at a given moment. And, if you need something more localized or specific, manual settings are available for a custom massage.

Full Body Air Compression

Air bags can be found in most areas not serviced by the roller system, i.e. arms, calves, hips, and shoulders. You can also adjust the intensity of the airbag compression.

Full Body Heat

Add a little heat to your mechanical foot rollers and you’ve got a terrifically soothing foot massage, not to mention calf heat as well. Plus, you can have your whole back warmed up by the heated rollers after a long day of sitting at your computer which will make for a more soothing full body massage.

Luxurious Diamond Stitch Upholstery

A bespoke touch that adds style and elegance to your Brio+. The back upholstery is removable for those who prefer a deeper massage.

USB Charging Port

A USB port, located on the inside of the right armrest, allows you to conveniently charge your smart phone, tablet, or other device while enjoying your Brio+ massage chair.

Acupressure Point Locator

The Positive Posture Brio+ massage chair makes use of a body scan program that will locate acupressure points and customize each massage to your body.

3 Years Parts & Labor In-Home Warranty

This massage chair differentiates itself from 90% of the other Chinese-made chairs by having a 3 years parts and labor in-home warranty. A fantastic offering for a chair in this price range. A 5-year extended warranty is also available.