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The Panasonic MAJ7 includes 3D roller massage, foot rollers, unique regional stretching techniques, heated massage heads, trapezia roller massage, memory settings, advanced lower core massage, junetsu kneading massage, and 3 year parts & labor warranty!

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Panasonic MAJ7 - FFL

The latest offering from Panasonic includes new features such as a 3-D massage mechanism (pressure sensitive intensity control), foot rollers, air massage technology, 3 all-new massage & unique stretching techniques, heated jade massage heads, Japanese design & engineering, a very elaborate scanning and feedback technology, and arguably the best neck and shoulder massage of any chair in the market! The Panasonic MAJ7 massage chair does better than most at serving not only as a therapeutic massage chair, but also a regular recliner when the massage features are not in use.


2 reviews for Panasonic MAJ7

  1. Rick in Orange County, CA (verified owner)

    Our search for a massage chair began when my wife said she wanted one for Christmas. At the first showroom we visited, she found a Cozzia chair that gave her a great foot massage, but my broad shoulders barely fit into the chair. The next showroom had a chair I liked, but it was too big for her. We ended up trying 15 different chairs in 5 different showrooms over the next two weeks. I wanted to try the Luraco because it is “made in the USA”, which led us to the Massage Chair Relief store in Cerritos, CA. We told Domenic that we wanted a chair with a strong foot massage, and he recommended 4 chairs. I liked the Luraco, but my wife like the Health Mate better (but my big size 12 feet were too tight a squeeze in it’s enclosed foot box). Then we tried the Panasonic MAJ7, and we both liked it. My wife loves its strong foot massage, and I like that it can closely simulate the Ceragem treatments that I have been getting for years with its near full recline and heated back rollers. We also like the programmable memories, and the ivory color that matches our home decor. Lastly, two addional comments about the chair: 1) the M7 is one of the quietest chairs that we tested, and 2) our only minor complaint is that the chair shuts off after 18 minutes – we recommend that Panasonic add a time setting or linking for those who desire a longer, uninterrupted session. We decided to purchase from Massage Chair Relief because they had the best selection of chairs in the area, and offered the best return policy, warranty service and customer support. Our chair was on back-order, and due to the covid pandemic and a shortage of truck drivers, the cargo ships were backed up in the Port of Long Beach. Once our chair finally got to the warehouse, Domenic made a heroic effort to have a backup crew provide the white-glove delivery and setup. We both enjoy our chair with its amazing stretches and massages, and a day seldom goes by when we don’t use it. We heartily recommend Massage Chair Relief, and that you try out a chair before you buy it.

  2. Jim

    Great Product. Really happy with our purchase. I took my mom to look at all the chairs available at Massage Chair Relief. They have the best selection in SoCal. She spent hours testing all the chairs to really figure out what she wanted. This was a big purchase. The employee was very helpful and I highly recommend purchasing in the store if you can. They delivered and put together the chair for no extra charge and offered to move the chair in the future when we move, etc. I will only come to Massage Chair Relief to purchase in the future. Where else can you try all the brands to see what is really right for me?

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Infrared Heated Rollers

Realistic massage therapist techniques combined with the healing relaxing of heat. Its like warm hands of a professional masseuse that loosen tense, sore muscles, relieving tension and stimulating increased blood flood. The heating elements are actually located on the massage roller assembly.

Hand & Arm Massage

Gently kneads from above and below relaxing the hand and arm and relieving tension.

Moving Armrest

The arm rests of the Panasonic MAJ7 massage chair adjust automatically to massage both arms and hands – even when lying down.

Mechanical Foot Rollers

The J7 is Panasonic’s first massage chair with mechanical foot rollers. Now you can get the soles of your feet massaged by an actual roller mechanism.

Core Massage

The MAJ7’s seat air cells gently lift and reposition your whole body allowing the mechanism to work the glutes and upper hamstrings. Relief for stiff, tight hips is achieved by targeting acupressure points.

Professional Stretch Techniques

The MAJ7 offers a full range of regional stretching programs, including Neck, Pelvis, Chest, Leg, Lower Back, and the Core.

Memory Function

Up to three users can program and save their favorite settings.

Hip & Thigh Massage

Airbags around the waist and thighs relax the trunk and lower back.

Foot Massage

3D air cushions surrounding the feet gently squeeze for a realistic foot massage experience.

Shoulder Massage

Gently stimulates your lymphatic system to help cleanse the body.

Massage for the Shoulders

Airbags hold the shoulders in place as the massage heads knead the back, from the shoulders to the chest.This is one of the few models that the rollers reach up over the shoulders and massage your trapezia muscles.

Buttocks, Pelvis, & Thigh Stretching

3 airbags under the seat and thighs relax you by gently stretching.

Massage for the Pelvis

Airbags on both sides hold the pelvic area in place as the massage heads knead the lower back.

Calf Massage

Airbags gently knead both sides of the calves, loosening and increasing circulation.

Massage for the Legs

Airbags inflate to hold the sides of the thighs, calves and soles of the feet. The legrest rises to stretch the leg muscles while the back is gently kneaded.