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The DreamWave massage chair will amaze you once you’ve sat on “regular” massage chairs. The DreamWave will lull you to sleep with its proprietary technology, shoulder massage, and over 1260 sq. in. of body coverage. It is a new experience.

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The Inada DreamWave massage chair (formerly known as the Inada Sogno Dreamwave) is the chair that revolutionized the massage chair industry. This iconic massage chair boasts some innovative features that had never been seen before and, quite frankly, have not been replicated since. In 2008, the DreamWave introduced full arm massage, DreamWave seat airbag technology, true 3-D back massage, iliotibial band airbag massage, trapezia massage, award-winning body design and style, and neck airbag AND roller massage…features that had never been seen before in a massage chair.

In 2014, the DreamWave added double the amount of automated programs, consecutive session capability up to 30 minutes per session, auto-recline and auto-restore, 360 degree airbag coverage of the forearms, real heat in the seat and low back, deep shiatsu sole massage inserts, and so much more!

Today you will see the body design being copied by many of the chinese imitation massage chairs, but you will not find a chair that puts it all together like the DreamWave. Even after all these years, it is still in a class all it’s own.

It has an optical body scanning technology that will make you feel like this chair “speaks to you.” Over 100 airbags will massage you in areas that you had no idea could be massaged by a chair.



76 reviews for Inada DreamWave

  1. Yogen K. (verified owner)

    Dreamwave is the Rolls Royce of massage chairs. If you are looking for the best quality massage, look no further – whether you are ultra-sensitive and want a soft massage, or you are tough and want a deep massage.

    I was in the market for massage chairs for almost two years. I had held back my purchase because I had heard that a new model of Dreamwave was going to be introduced. It turned out that the new model was not produced by Inada but a new entrant who initially tried to use the legendary trademark but was soon stopped from doing so (and as is the case, an imitation is never as good as the original product).

    Dr. Weidner patiently guided me through the hundreds of models of massage chairs based on my preference for several months. I haven’t seen anyone in any field of business as concerned as Dr. Weidner about the customer getting the right product and always willing to give the right advice. If you are looking for massage chairs, Massage-Chair-Relief is hands down the best place to buy it.

    Dr. Weidner ensured that the chair was delivered properly with white glove service. Even after the delivery, he consistently followed up to make sure everything was OK. As luck would have had it, something went wrong with the remote control of my chair. Even with the shelter-in-place in force and limited support available from the manufacturer, Dr. Weidner ensured that I promptly received the part (from Osaki who provides suppport on behalf of Inada in the US).

    If you are looking for a top quality massage chair – look no further than Inada Dreamwave. If you are looking for the best place to buy a massage chair, look no further than Massage Chair Relief.

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    I haven’t even bought a chair yet but I called and the chair doctor answered the phone and proceeded to give me advice on selecting the right chair for a solid 15 minutes with the absolute best customer service. I am considering flying there from Oregon to do some demos and purchase from him as he offers free shipping. Very impressive and a talented businessman as well.

  3. Mimi lee (verified owner)

    I purchased Inada dream wave in red color several years ago at the Teletron in Korea town in La. Like other reviewers the material is not a real leathe which is sooo disappointing because it all comes off and looks soo horrible. I paid close to $9000 and for the price that i paid for i would never imagined Inada would use so cheap fake material… would not buu their product and will never recommend to anyboby.. Soo disappointed. If any of Inada staff see this please do something about it. Call me if you will. 310-981-7163. Also i can send you some pictures of chair .horrible condition..

  4. Ryan A (verified owner)

    I bought this massage chair Spring of this year (2018) I am a painting contractor, this is my 10th year in business. Every year my body/back gets worse and worse.. Specifically my lower back.. I did some research and decided for the Inada Dreamwave in Brown 🙂 because I love the high quality that comes out of Japan.. Like a Toyota or Lexus… 🙂 Anyhow the last few years it seems like my back gets tweaked out several more times every year.. It was already tweaked out twice at the end of winter before I was even working a lot more (Slower season) I spoke with my lovely wife and she was so gracious because I literally had tears in my eyes thinking about all my back pain as I was asking her if I could buy it.. She told me, well now of course you can buy it because your tears dripping down your cheek…. Lol.. So we decided to get this massage chair.. I have worked as hard as I normally do this year and use this chair quite often.. More on rougher back hurting weeks.. So far my back has only had days of being sore but not like tweaked out where I can hardly move a 24′ ladder walking (slightly twisted) So I know this massage chair has helped so much because a minor sore back vs completely tweaked out is a big difference.. I am so thankful I bought this chair.. Sure it was a nice chunk of money but if my back is not doing well I am not making as much money.. If my back is in severe pain I can hardly do my job. Also I figured this chair will help me paint longer, avoid a even more expensive surgery if I didn’t get this.. Hopefully it will never come to that.. Dr. Weidner was very helpful, not pushy and has done a great job making me feel like he cares more about another sale and actually believes in the products he sells.. My only regret is that I didn’t buy one sooner. Bite the bullet, buy it, enjoy it. Work harder and also let your pregnant wife sit in it every time she comes home with sore legs and had a long day at work.. And if you want to be extra nice give her an ice cream bar… I definitely recommend that if you are in the construction industry and can afford this chair, it is the best one to get. Does an amazing job with lower-mid back. Helps flex/stretch in night-mode your hips. Is very relaxing.. I have fallen asleep many times in this. When I wake up, often I hit another program.. One downside to the chair is it doesn’t do the upper back as well (I have not yet tried to remove the pillow, I am sure that would help it be deeper on upper back) Nothing is 100 percent perfect, cure/all. But this sure does help! People spend a lot of money on other things like toys/hobbies, vehicles, trips, etc.. Spend some money on an item that will help your body that is getting older and older everyday 🙂 And please just go to Dr. Weidner when you do it.. I assure you he is one of the best in the business.. I would not buy one from anyone else. Thank you Alan! Am very happy with my purchase!

  5. Curtis Yamane (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with my Inada Dreamwave. It is very helpful in releasing held stress in my body. I am feeling much freer with in myself. I’m looking forward to many years of improved health and well being. Dr Weidner and Massage Chair Relief has been a great been a great resource helping me learn about massage chairs. The website and YouTube channel are very informative empowering me to make a decision I am happy with. Michael at the SoCal store was great to work with. Our discussions were straight forward. I was able to use the low price guarantee and he made the process very simple. After buying the chair I received a very generous thank you gift along with several emails explaining how to be smart about the delivery process. The white glove delivery went smoothly. Overall, my experience buying a massage chair from Dr Weidner was excellent and I would recommend him to anyone.

  6. Dale Crommie (verified owner)

    I guess it is my turn to make my feelings known about my experience with my Inada Dreamwave. I purchased my chair on October 30, 2017, from Dr. Weidner. Everything you have read from others, on the wonderful sales/delivery experience is exactly what I experienced. If you are like me, and you research the heck out of something completely new to yourself– knowing that the purchase is going to be substantial–then you probably fell in love with Dr. Weidner’s very numerous YouTube videos. I was able, over 2 months, to get a reasonably fair idea of what the different chairs strong points are, and where they reside on the ‘reliability’ spectrum. I first came into contact with massage chairs last August, at the Oregon State Fair. I honestly have zero idea how I wasn’t aware of such a device. I am a naturally high strung person, I work out regularly, and I am 59 year old male. I have gotten regular massages by a masseuse for 5 years now. I only had a 15 minute experience with the chair I sat in, but it made such a huge impression on me, that as I walked away from that chair, my mind was set on researching these ‘things’ as soon as I got home that evening. It took me a couple of days until I stumbled upon Dr. Weidner’s YouTube site. Honestly, there isn’t anyone out there providing everything you need to know, to make a basic decision of what make of chair you are interested in. I chose the Inada Dreamwave, or the Inada brand, because I purchased my first Toyota Celica in 1976, when I was 17 years old. I had already heard of the reliability of that brand, and the Japanese ethic has not dissapointed me in automobiles/trucks, in these past 40 years. Also, I was looking for a chair that is ‘nuanced’, and a complete pleasure to use. Of course, while sitting in that chair at the State Fair, the first thing that occurred to me is what is this machine’s reliability? Toyota has certainly led me through life knowing that my car/truck will always function, and I got that message from Dr. Weidner concerning the Inada brand. On to the Dreamwave. After watching, and re-watching Dr. Weidner’s videos, my experience with my Dreamwave has been ‘nuanced’. As far as any other reviews claiming that the Dreamwave is only for the ‘rub lotion on me gently crowd’, that is utter nonsense. Those folks must have only tried the Dreamwave with the headrest/back attachment in place. Well, it is a very, very light massage with these in place. Not my speed at all. I need real, deep massages at times, and with the headrest/back attachment in place, you will get a really deep, nuanced massage. The 8 programmed massage routines are wonderful, and I use the Morning and Night settings each day. I also truly appreciate the Dreamwave setting, and how they have put that settings wonderful affects in the mix of the other programmed settings. I always get an immediate sense of ahhhh, when this chair ‘grabs’ me around my hips, and seems to lift me into the air. The feeling of floating is a sensation that I experience, along with a very cool sense of relaxation. Of course, I really do love all the manual settings. Each day I will set the manual setting on the Rolling setting, sometimes just letting it run up and down my back by itself, it is very nice by itself. I also combine the Rolling setting with the Kneading setting, for a very thorough massage, after a weight lifting session. I appreciate this greatly, as before I would have to wait for my next bi-weekly massage, in order to actually be able to really release the tension that exercise and life create. If I have a stubborn muscle/area, I use the Tapping setting, and place the rollers right on that spot. That constant vibration will release a tight muscle/area with a bit of relaxing. I consider the Dreamwave a medical device, and I will be deducting it on my 2018 taxes, as a medical expense. That brings me to the measurements I have been taking, these past 5 days, on my Blood Pressure, before and after each of my two daily massages. In a 2015 video, Dr. Weidner talks with Dr. Michael Olpin, who is involved in the study of relaxation. He states that his participants at Weber State Univ., have averaged a 7 point drop in Diastolic BP measurement. Over the last 5 days, my Diastolic reading has averaged a 10 point decrease, after each session. This is an astounding accomplishment, and I doubt that there is anything else on this planet that could even come close to such a result. I am so pleased with my purchase, and I am so pleased that I found Dr. Weidner, and Dr. Weidner comes across as a no BS person, and all of my experiences lead me to conclude that he is just that. And for that, I am simply grateful.

  7. Steve Kea (verified owner)

    I wanted to wait at least a month before offering an opinion on the Inada Dreamwave, to be sure I wasn’t just an overexcited customer with his new toy. To begin with, I did a lot of research on massage chairs. I would recommend anyone buying a chair to do the same. My research taught me two things. First, if you have all the money to buy whatever you want, there is no perfect chair, there’s but there is a chair that is perfect for you. Take the time to physically sit in them. A couple of chairs that I read about “seemed” perfect for me, but in the end did not feel as good as a couple of chairs had had already written off. Secondly, if you are on a budget, then you need to prioritize what you want most out of your chair. For instance, you may think you want an L-track roller but the one you can afford may not have foot rollers. Which is most important? Only you can decide. So I encourage you to take the time to figure out your budget and what matters most. So on to the Dreamwave. It’s been covered rather well in these reviews, so I won’t bore you with the little things. Here are my Pros and Cons: Pros: -It sits rather compact for a chair of its size and weight. -The airbags are second to none and the massage with just the airbags alone makes it worth the purchase. In fact I sometimes forget that its airbags and not hands that are pushing and prodding me. -The remote offers plenty of presets but you can manually set it up for any massage you want to tailor to your specific needs -After a long day at work, followed by a workout at the gym the massage rollers do a great job of working out all of my kinks -I’m a light sleeper but this massage chair puts my entire body at ease and I’m sleeping much better. This is a benefit I wasn’t looking for and quite frankly surprised me. Others had mentioned it in previous reviews but I didn’t give it the credit it deserves Cons: -My only annoyance with this chair is with the remote. I put my Dreamwave in a dimly lit corner (on purpose) but the lighting on the remote is only good for the preset buttons. If you try to read the manual buttons (there are about 15 of them, you cannot see them. I highly advise Inada to get this fixed in the next generation of chairs. -Weight. This is a heavy chair. I don’t intend to move it, but if you do plan to move it you better get some help. -Lack of foot rollers. I absolutely love the airbags around the feet, they feel wonderful after a workout, but I have some minor plantar fasciitis issues and rollers would’ve been nice. That said, Inada does provide some inserts for the foot massage that help with that. -Cost. This sucker isn’t cheap. The old adage, you get what you pay for is true in this instance but it did make me feel a little frivolous when friends found out what I paid for it, but I soon forget about then when I’m in the chair. Also, I got a great discount from Massage Chair Relief that beat any vendor I was able to find online. So in summation, I think the Dreamwave is exactly what I needed. I feel better, I sleep better, and it does everything that it advertises. For me, it was the best chair on the market. The Luraco was a close second but the headrest and neck massage design wasn’t quite as polished as the Inada.

  8. Mary Ann Rogal (verified owner)

    I purchased an Inada Sogna Dreamwave chair five years ago for $8,000. Initially I was very satisfied with my purchase, but not long afterwards I began having problems with it. I had purchased the extended warranty for $500, so the service and repair calls did not cost me additional money. However, the inconvenience of not being able to use my chair until it could be repaired was frustrating! Now for the reason I will NEVER PURCHASE this massage chair again…the cheap and poor quality material used on various parts of the chair. The head cushion which houses mechanical parts is covered by a material (not leather) that doesn’t hold up over time. As it deteriorates, it looks horrible and is very uncomfortable. For the high price of this chair, I was expecting all the materials to hold up longer than two years!

  9. Lily (verified owner)

    I did a lot of research before purchasing the Inada DearmWave. So far I’m happy with the choice I made. Product quality is very good. Customer service is great also. I would definitely recommend this product and this seller.

  10. Monica (verified owner)

    I love my INADA Dreamwave chair, and that it has a peace of mind life-time warranty from massage chair relief. I like that it lets you manually choose the roller position from the top of the shoulders down towards the seat and 3D intensity. It doesn’t leave me desiring features of other chairs. Before it arrived I thought I would be wanting the newer options of other chair controller features but the controller is setup so it fits the design to personalize what I like. I love it.

  11. William Gray (verified owner)

    The Inada Dreamwave is the second massage chair I’ve had the pleasure of owning. My first chair was purchased in Japan from the Inada Family as well when I was stationed there. It lasted well over 10 years and probably would have lasted another ten years if used properly. The only reason it broke (ottoman section) was from improper use by guests that would put all their weight on the ottoman while getting out of the chair while it was still in the raised position, causing the ottoman section to snap from the chair. I wanted a new chair and tried numerous Chinese knockoffs, but nothing came close to giving as good of a massage as my original Japanese chair, so I started searching for Japanese chairs and came across Massage Chair Relief and boy am I glad I did. Dr. Alan Weidner is not only very knowledgeable about massage chairs, he offered the best price, free delivery, no sales tax, 90 day money back guarantee, plus an extended lifetime labor free warranty. He answered all my questions and put my mind at ease, and I felt comfortable forking out 8K on-line without even trying the chair. As far as the chair is concerned. It gives a great massage that covers just about every part of your body. If you want a chair that beats you, get a 3-5K Chinese made chair. If you want a chair that truly massages you, spend the extra money and get the Dreamwave. It not only gives you a very relaxing massage, but if you want a more aggressive deep tissue massage, just remove the backpad and with the 3-D rollers, it will give you more than plenty. Was it a good investment? I didn’t really want to fork out 8K for a new chair, but like others have stated, you get what you pay for. i look at it like this, If someone said they could add one year to your life for eight thousand dollars, would you pay for it? This chair relieves the daily stress and allows me to sleep better at night. Just that alone, I truly believe will add multiple years to my life, so yes, to me it was a good investment. Plus I feel so relaxed each and every time I use the chair, which is 2-3 times a day! I’ve spent $75 to $100 on a single massage session at a spa. At 2-3 times a session, I’ll have gotten my money’s worth in just a few years.

  12. Keith Keck (verified owner)

    I purchased the Dreamwave on Nov.30 for my wife for Christmas. I called and talked with Dr. Weidner about the Dreamwave,I had already decided that I wanted a Japanese massage chair. This chair may be more than other chairs made in China,but,as they say you get what you pay for. At the time of purchase,I was informed by Dr. Weidner that Onida was offering a discount,which was greatly appreciated The whole process from ordering,tracking,and set-up was flawless and quick. Many thanks to Dr. Weidner and everyone involved in this purchase. As for the chair,the wife loves it,gives a great massage with the rollers and airbags.

  13. Charles Chen (verified owner)

    I came cross a Panasonic massage chair when I was in Coscto one day. I was immediately interested in finding out more about massage chairs and it did not take too long until I found Dr. Alan Weidner’s web site and videos on youtube. I learnt so much about massage chairs, its industry and brand names. My primary objective is to invest in a high quality chair that can improve life wellness and last for a long time. I narrowed down the search to two massage chairs for purchase consideration: Panasonic MA73 and Inada DreamWave. The next step was to try them out in the local stores. I tried Inada DreamWave in the local “Relaxing the Back” stores ( and Brookstone ( I could not find a local store that carried Panasonic MA73, but found one that had Panasonic MA70. Personally, I felt much comfortable on the Inada DreamWave but very strong on the Panasonic MA70. So I decided to purchase the Inada DreamWave. Another key factor is that Inada DreamWave is made in Japan. I watched several videos on Inada’s history, products and people, and was very impressed by its US operation and support. Finally, I decided to purchase the Inada DreamWave from Dr. Alan Weidner not only because of his excellent service and dedication to his customers, but also he offered a competitive price for the chair. I feel secure and confident that I purchased the chair from him. I have been feeling so much better everyone when I can have a good massage in my own comfort. This is going to be one of the best investments I have made in the health and wellness.

  14. Tan Nguyen (verified owner)

    I bought this chair three weeks ago. I spent two weeks considering if I should purchase this or not. Dr. Weidner was very prompt to answer all of my questions, and I really appreciate that. So far, my family of 5 like it. We have been having my sister-in-law over at our house. She has her own massage chair, but much preferred the options on the Inada Dreamwave! She was hoping there was an Inada store in Minnesota, where she originally is from. We assured her, yes, she can buy this online and it will ship to her. She’s very excited to share with her family members. As far as my immediate family, my three daughters, wife, and I like it. They love the stretch features and how Dreamwave setting feels. My middle daughter was so surprised by the extra manual options! I have been having back problems. I see that going to get a massage is about $30-50 on a good GroupOn. The massage chair at home is convenient to use daily when I need it. We like how there is an air and no-air option on the full body. We like the extra add-ons for the feet and shoulder. As our family is trying to work-out more, the massage chair has been nice for sore muscles and cramps. One of my daughters really likes the difference between morning and evening settings. It is a nice way to start and end the day. Movers were great, too. They made sure things were put together and worked well to our satisfaction before leaving. I don’t have a point of reference of other massage chairs, but I like the chair so far. I know the only problems that have come up is one of my daughters feeling like she doesn’t fit comfortably in the chair. She’s about the same size as her sisters, so I am not sure what the struggle is. We tried adjusting the head and the legs and making sure her arms were in right, but somehow for stretch, she feels like she doesn’t fit and it hurts. On other settings, she enjoys it. We use this every day. Thank you!

  15. Larry Libauer (verified owner)

    I am not new to massage chairs. In 1981, I bought a Panasonic with 3 sophisticated pre-programs. It was a bit too aggressive, but I liked it. It still works (because it is Japanese quality rather than Chinese). It cost $2,200. (Using BLS-CPI inflation formula, that would equate to $5,700 in 2015 dollars.) But, I decided to upgrade to something more modern (electronic recline, air bags, less aggressive “feel,” stretch, more diversified pre-programs, etc.). I went on-line and quickly found Dr. Alan Weidner’s videos. My extensive and exhaustive research included visits to many local outlets with comparisons of many brands. I called Dr. Weidner on a Sunday night, expecting to access his voice-mail. I was surprised that he answered. We had a conversation. I didn’t get the impression that he was “pushing a product.” Which was good because I had planned to purchase from a local outlet, not on-line. I found Dr. Weidner sincere, conscientious, empathetic, knowledgeable, and wanting to be helpful rather than intent on selling something. He “won me over.” I started looking in the $3,000 range. I didn’t like what I saw. I expanded my interest to chairs in the $5,000 range. I didn’t like what I saw. My back and neck would not care that I saved a couple of thousand dollars. They would react positively or negatively to the relaxation impact. I expressed interest in Inada Flex 3 (which appeared to be a smaller, less-expensive version of the $8,500 Inada Dreamwave. Alan talked me out of it (although he had a sample on his floor). It looked like a miniature Dreamwave, but it was not “the same” in terms of what it could do. We discussed pros and cons of many brands. I experienced many brands in local retail outlets. I finally concluded that this one-time purchase should be what my back and neck wanted. I bought the Dreamwave from Alan. I have fallen asleep in it multiple time. I use it a lot. Every customer is different, with different cost-effective needs. For, me, it satisfied my needs better than any other less-expensive alternatives I almost selected (and I looked at many alternatives). In that context, it is worth the price. It is more costly, but, when you factor-in its quality, diversity of functions, relaxation, etc., I concluded that it is worth the long-lasting “investment” in myself. Thank you, Dr. Weidner, for your good advice and counsel and for pointing me in the direction of the ultimate best choice for me.

  16. Dennis Wagner (verified owner)

    Great follow-up and, yes, it is a good pdf on buying high end massage chairs. This free pdf is good for general info but your specific vids on various chairs (mine is the Dreamwave) are even better. I have rarely been as impressed with on-line marketing like you offer. Your presentations are bite-sized, honest and relevant. I have watched everything single one of them on the Dreamwave and most 2-3 times. If I wasn’t buying a Dreamwave locally because of local dealer support and local service, then I would definitely buy from you. Most other on-line chair companies/marketers are a joke compared to what you offer. For the vast majority of folks who need massage chairs but don’t have a local dealer, you are the answer. Your instructional vids on the Dreamwave are fab and I told the local dealer that all their sales people should be required to see them (and send you a royalty check – ha ha). In fact, I would not have purchased this chair without you, because the sales people didn’t know enough about the chair to demonstrate a truly good experience for me. After I saw your vids I GOT IT and now know how to use the remote control properly and all your other “tricks” and inside knowledge so I went back to the store armed with your knowledge and in 10 minutes of doing it right I told them they had a sale and to write it up. It was the 4th time I had tried the chair and the first 3 had not convinced me and the truth is I was just not using the remote and the chair correctly, nor could the sales people go in deep enough to really help me. I am also long wasted so getting rollers high enough up on my neck wasn’t working (a huge loss) and I FINALLY got the solution from you on the “body scan over-ride” video. What a relief. Not ONE salesperson I have encountered knew about this. I was also underwhelmed on the Dreamwave’s apparent lack-of-depth of massage until I saw your “Increase the Intensity” vid. Wow, was I wrong. There is every bit the intensity for the most ardent (and stout-hearted) but, hey, you need to know how to do it. Your vid provided that. Really, Doc, super presentation and knowledge. I feel guilty about not buying from you but I so appreciate what you have done. I am a country property real estate broker and I’ve shown my staff your marketing vids and website and I am going to upgrade my website and pattern it after yours (that is, if I don’t retire to my Dreamwave). Many thanks, Dennis Wagner – Broker United Country – Central Texas

  17. Han Vu (verified owner)

    If you are reading this review, there is a good chance that you are considering purchasing a robotic massage chair. I am writing this review in two parts, first is the review of the chair and second is for the purchase. After several weeks of deliberation and research of the models available, I decided to purchase the Inada Dreamwave. I did not set out to spend a small fortune on a chair, but after due diligence in research, all the materials gathered eventually lead me to the Dreamwave. You can verify for yourself and will perhaps come to a different conclusion, but this was my finding. Please go to the nearest place that sells the chair you are looking for so that you can sit in one. I live in NJ and work in NYC so there was a store near work with a floor model. Once there, take your time and test out the features and don’t be shy in pushing all the buttons. You are about to spend a lot of money so do yourself a favor and test drive one. Don’t just kick the tires, get in it and stretch out. The chair may look good on paper, but if it doesn’t do anything for you, then look for something that does. Once I decided on the Dreamwave, the hardest choice left to make was the color. Against the advice of others who expressed the perils of owning a light-colored material, I picked the cream color. To me, the cream color chair just looked better and didn’t darken the room like a darker color would. This is an aesthetic choice. They all have the same mechanism inside. After the chair was delivered, I was able to experience it in-depth. Please keep in mind that I have only had the chair for a week and this is my first chair. I am not an expert and have not sat in too many other massage chair to give you a thorough comparative review. Placement, unless you have decorated your house in a particular modern style, this chair will stick out. It is large and requires some room around it to function properly. I put this chair in a room that is isolated from the rest of the family as to not be disturbed when I use it, nor have it disturb others. Based on my experience, I do not recommend placing this chair in a bedroom if you treasure complete silence. The chair does make various sounds while operating, hisses from the airbags inflating and deflating, and electrical hums can be heard when the rollers are in motion. Don’t expect this to be a chair that is respectful of silence but it is a machine with moving parts. I use a noise-cancelling headphone piped with music so I don’t even notice it, so please keep this in mind when you get yours. The chair is amazing and I am glad that I have it. The pre-programmed settings are very nice and feels choreographed with a purpose. My favorites are the manual settings as I can dial in what I need. I use this chair in a very dark room, so a better back-lit remote would be beneficial until I can memorize the button arrangements. I think the arms should be better articulated to adjust for arm-length like it is adjustable for the legs. Nothing is perfect so I will not say much more. Overall, the chair is an excellent piece of precision machine. The fit and finish is very nice as can be expected at this price point. In the end, I have “pride of ownership” and do not have buyer’s remorse. Part two. the purchase. I bought the Dreamwave chair form the Massage-chair-relief because of the amount of information this website provided. I thought that the video reviews that Dr Weidner made was very informative and was not a cut-and-paste job like you see out there. The chair sells itself, but these videos helped me decide. I only wished that he had more videos and those included other color options. I liked the customer service Dr Weidner offered over the phone and I gave him my business. In the end, I will eventually buy another chair when a new and improve model comes out. I am not sure what brand or model that will be, but I hope that Dr. Weidner will carry it. Good luck to all and I hope you will find the chair that was made for you.

  18. J. W. (verified owner)

    We have owned our Dream Wave for a year and a half now, so I feel I can give a comprehensive review and the good and the not quite as good. First, I would strongly recommend what ever chair you chose to buy it from Dr. Alan. It is a competitive price with unmatched customer service. He will answer the phone himself and knows all the products in detail. We bought our chair from out of state “sight unseen”. There were no local options to trial chairs here and he made the process easy. Now some disclosures: We still use our chair multiple times a week over a year later. It is not an expensive toy, but a regular tool for health and wellness. Our chair gets heavy use as we have a bed and breakfast and frequent guests. I am a practicing physician and have pretty high expectation about health products. On the Dream Wave: Dr Alan best described it as a very refined massage. The coverage is total and very good. I had some concerns after reading reviews that said the dream wave was not intense enough for some. Dr Alan’s YouTube video showing the chair being used without the back pad totally resolves and concern in this area. With out the pad, and max 3D setting the chair can give more intensity that you can take. (and I like DEEP tissue massage) I also have found that using the rollers without the pad and sitting lower in the chair can even get the rollers on the neck for some intense neck/lower head tightness. The regular use programs are great with neck and shoulder and food and leg pieces giving a massage that is difficult to believe is “just with air bags”. I had concerns about not having rollers in the foot and neck pieces, but I am totally satisfied with the chair. It is well made and designed with amazing attention to detail. The few weaknesses: I wish the electronic control had programmable memory massages. The manual control lets you do about anything with the chair, but you must “drive the control” at all times. For such an expensive product, a few more dollars in memory would have let you save specific customized programs specific to your needs and allowed you to start it and relax rather than adjusting the controls. I would change nothing about the chair itself. Thank-you Dr. Alan. Sorry about the delay in the review.

  19. Evelyn Beal (verified owner)

    I have had the Inada Sogno DreamWave massage since February of 2014. So, why did it take me this long to write a review? It was and still a time issue – I am an OB/GYN physician in solo practice and I just could not find enough time to do this because I needed to really write a review that this massage chair deserves. This will be a long review, so, sit back and read. First of all, why should you get a massage? At a simplified level, the body’s circulatory system has a pump which is your heart that pumps oxygenated blood to the arteries, then the veins bring back the deoxygenated blood which gets oxygenated through the lungs , then back to the heart and then recirculated. UNLIKE the circulatory system, the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM which is synonymous to the immune system has NO PUMP. So, how do you get the lymphatic System to ‘mop up’ all the toxins that the body gets exposed to, in order to collect it within the venous system to be sent to the Colon where it is excreted? The answer is through MUSCLE CONTRACTION! So, that could be a problem if you are not exercising regularly, because in order for lymphatic fluid to be circulated, muscle contraction is needed OR a therapeutic MASSAGE. A therapeutic massage does encourage lymphatic fluid flow. So, a good massage is really very important to move lymphatic fluid around the body systems, which boost the immune system. The next problem is where you go to get a massage – your massage therapy has to be licensed and current with all the important changes in massage therapy and must really know what he or she doing so that a muscle group or blood vessel is not injured. Next, the establishment has to be extremely clean since literally, you are laying down on a surface that is used quite a bit by other people and their disease burden. So, the area needs to be sterilized very frequently and you really have no way of knowing that and must go on an assumption. Also, is the therapist using oils that do not add to the toxic load of the body systems? Remember that the largest organ in the body is the skin which does absorb quite a bit of toxins and there is need to be careful about what is applied to the skin. So, it is a combination of the unequivocal safety to the massage chair which has undergone rigorous testing and not having to be concerned about being exposed to more toxins that made me decide to stop going to a massage therapist and decided that owning my own massage in the comfort of your home is an absolute must. So, I did a little research and found out that the Japanese people made very good massage chairs and who sells it and that led me to Dr Alan Weidner. I liked the fact that I actually spoke with Dr. Alan Weidner and when he did not have enough time to answer all my questions, he promptly called me back when we could spend more time on the phone addressing my questions and after reading quite a few reviews online, I was convinced that the Inada Sogno chair was worth a try even though it was was the most expensive at the time. I now know, that investment was worth every penny. On one of the reviews that I read, there was a concern about the length of time on the preprogramed sessions which I have not found to be a problem because you can do combinations if you desire a hour of massage therapy and I find the variations to be more beneficial. The massage chair to me is simply incredible. It is amazing how someone could’ve actually put this together. When I think massage, I think getting the lymphatic system flowing, encouraging the body to get rid of toxins, healthier immune system. So, it is clearly therapy to me. Most of the time, I am yawning to the point of tears and feel very relaxed when I get off the massage chair. It is incredible and I am no longer bothered with having to deal with looking for a good therapist and what to expect. All I do is just go upstairs in the comfort of my own home when ever I desire . I have also found getting the preprogramed morning session before I get on my ‘max trainer’ does boost my exercise stamina and it makes sense because any time lymph flow is improved, the body’s circulation does respond. Also, remember to deep breathe as often as you can and especially during a massage session because the body uses oxygen but does not make it, so, you have to provide the body with oxygen. You can really improve the therapeutic benefits of a massage session by providing the body with as much oxygen as you can.

  20. Mark Agerton (verified owner)

    Super buying experience! Alan was excellent to deal with and has redefined the experience of a customer buying a big ticket item online. All of my questions were quickly answered and his willingness to address any issues that may arise simplified my decision. The delivery crew was great. They removed their shoes without hesitation and treated my house and new chair with respect. I really appreciated their attention to detail when they installed the chair. All trash and wrappings were removed without me having to ask them. Their willingness to take the time and answer any questions was useful. The chair……..what is there to say that has not already been captured in previous posts. The chair is phenomenal! My wife and I use the chair daily to start the day and to unwind in the evening. My whole body relaxes and simplifies my path to the bed. Great job on your service. Great job selling a super chair! Mark Agerton age 50 Engineer

  21. Nathan Eckerman (verified owner)

    I purchased the Sogno a year ago for my partner, who has chronic back pain. Since then, it has changed both our lives! We like the built-in programs, but also we delve into the custom settings (which are easy to control) when we have a problem area to focus on. Currently, our favorite setting is actually the Quick Massage, since it is a pleasant program with variety, covers a lot of different muscles, and doesn’t take much time in our busy schedule. After a year’s use (8-10 times a month on average, but a few times per day for the first few months (we were drunk with massage power)), there have been no mechanical or performance issues. Worth every penny! Now let’s talk about Dr. Alan Weidner, and Massage-Chair-Relief as a business in general. Even though I was a bit nervous about pulling the trigger on (for me) an expensive purchase, the entire buying experience was a pleasure. The videos on the Sogno setup from the manufacturer were so-so, but the additional Youtube videos (which can be found here: made by Alan are even more helpful, both in seeing the features for a buying decision, and for extra setup help. A very nice effort! After my purchase, Alan contacted me personally to go over my order details, and it was a very pleasant call; what great customer service! Plus, the prices were as good as anywhere I looked. The only complaints I had were about the white glove delivery service. Even though the workmen were respectful and said they had “setup several of these already this week”, when they were done the control panel cord ended up routed inside the chair, where it wasn’t supposed to be, and I had to finagle it correctly to the outside myself, later, before using the chair. I do have a couple tips: 1) Experiment with the included back pads, and shoulder bulbs, to find what works for you. I found the spine massagers a bit too forceful, and switching to a thicker back pad resolved it easily. The pockets simply velcro open to switch those pieces out. 2) Spruce up the area around your massage chair with relaxing stuff. We cleared out clutter, added a Himalayan salt lamp, an ocean lamp, and even a small mallet chime, to make the environment around the chair even more relaxing. For us, these simple things definitely enhance the benefit we get from this great chair. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks again to Alan and his great staff!

  22. Logan Leatham (verified owner)

    I’ve had my Sogno chair for about a month now, and I’ve put off this review for various reasons, not the least of which is it takes a while to get to know this chair and give it a fair review. Even this one might be a bit premature, but it’s time nonetheless. I’ll do this review in 2 parts, one a review of Dr. Weidner, and the customer service surrounding the purchase, and the other of the actual chair.. – Dr. Weidner and his team are fantastic. I emailed him my initial questions about the chair and we exchanged a good 20-30 emails before I ever made the purchase or purchased the chair. At one point, he even raised a health related point which may have gone against me buying the chair, thus proving he was not telling me what I wanted to hear to make the sale. He was extremely helpful before, during and after the sale via email, phone, etc. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, I can’t really imagine a more positive experience from that standpoint. He is knowledgable and caring about the clients, not just as customers, but as people buying this chair to get relief from it, so that’s good. On to the chair… now unless you’re a multi-millionaire, this chair is probably a pretty big purchase for you. It certainly was for me. It’s hard to review this chair outside the context of its cost, so that’s the type of review this is… Is the chair amazing? obviously.. there are hundreds of people before and after me that can attest to this. Is it worthy of it’s price tag? That is certainly less obvious, though I believe that it is. If you want to know the pros and cons, there are other reviews that list them out, they are pretty much spot on. There are things that are amazing, there are things that could be better. It is not perfect… but it’s pretty close. I took a huge leap of faith buying this chair based solely on it’s reviews and testimonials and I don’t feel disappointed. Is it the best massage chair on the market? I don’t know, i haven’t tried them all, but very likely yes… is it going to be a life changing experience for everyone that uses it? probably not… it is after all, a chair. That being said, it does what it does very well, and I think is worthy of it’s price tag and a 5 star rating. If you have the money for this chair, give it a try… or go down to Dr. Weidners showroom and try it out. While it does take a few weeks to understand the intricacies of the Sogno, a half hour in it will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

  23. Steven Cardott (verified owner)

    Greetings Dr Weidner; After a year, I’m ready to give my review of my chair and my buying experience. You may use my review and post my name. Thank you very much for your great customer service and my wonderful chair!! I love my Inada Sogno massage chair! I’ve had my chair for almost a year now and wanted to wait a bit before I rated the chair & my experience with Last year, I had decided that I wanted a massage chair. I started looking around, reading reviews, and researching what would suit me best. I stumbled across some YouTube videos of Dr. Alan Weidner giving reviews on the different types of chairs that exist. I went to his website and concluded that I wanted to buy my chair from, but could not concretely decide on the chair. I decided to fly to Salt Lake City to visit Dr Weidner’s showroom. I’m so glad that I did! After 4 hours of trying out chairs and discussing pros & cons with Dr. Weidner, I decided on the Sogno. The chair that I originally liked and was going to purchase turned out to be my least favorite. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Weidner’s knowledge, customer service, and with the whole experience. Good, massage chairs are a substantial investment! If you are looking to buy a massage chair, is the place to buy it from!! If you are going to spend the money on a good chair, I’d encourage you to fly to Salt Lake and try them all before you buy.

  24. Wensheng Wang (verified owner)

    This is the first message chair that I bought (if I don’t count the small message pads that I owned under $100). After using it for a couple weeks I have to say that the Sogno is really phenomenal and is my best purchase in 2014 so far. The purchase experience was a very pleasant one. I was searching for some answers on the internet regarding the Inada Sogno warranty since I was considering buying a used one somewhere else, then I found some very helpful answers by Dr Weidner and this website, and then ended up actually buying a new one here. Dr Weidner was very responsive and the price was the best I could find. The shipping was fast and was delivered in less than a week after ordering. I opted out of the white glove service since I liked to assemble it myself, and it turned out the assembly was very easy (had to admit that the chair was very heavy though). Instead of repeating the so many positives that other reviews have covered, I just want to mention a few things that I would like to see improved in future based on my relatively short experience using the chair. I understand that different people have different taste so I want to emphasize that following are just my personal preferences. 1) The full back roller is very powerful and is one of my favorite features. However, when used with the shoulder unit, the intensity of the roller massage is greatly reduced. So I typically use the chair without the shoulder unit. The preset programs cannot tell that the shoulder unit is not being used and still activate the air bags in the shoulder unit not in use. I just wish that I could somehow use the shoulder unit without sacrificing the intensity for my upper back massage. 2) The shoulder unit may be the best on the market, but is still no where close a human hand as it simply presses on your shoulder from top without any other movement. 3) The controller can definitely use some improvement. First is where to put it during message. When I’m settled in the chair comfortably, there is no way I can put the control back to the pocket on the outside of arm set, also I may need to adjust the control in the middle of a session. So I just leave the control on my belly during massage (There should be a better way, but that’s the best way I can find). Secondly, the buttons are not lighted except for the power button (even though the control is not operated by battery). So if I want to adjust the settings during a massage session, I need to either remember the buttons by feel or need to leave the light on during night massage so I can see the buttons. Thirdly, I would concur with the complaint by other reviewers here that there should be a way to memorize and recall one’s personal favorite settings instead of starting from scratch every session. With all the short comings mentioned above I still feel the Sogno is the best chair I could have bought at this day and age and I’m really enjoying it. As the doc has said, I now officially belong to the group of spoiled…

  25. Kim Middleditch (verified owner)

    After doing a over a year research on what chair would be the best for my back pain, I decided to go with the Inada Sogno. I had tried it out a couple times at a store in my area. They couldn’t answer any of my questions about the chair, and even times gave me the wrong information. Thats when I reached out to Dr. Weidner at He knew it all and even more about the Sogno. At first I was a little nervous about finally purchasing my chair over the internet, but so glad I did. Dr. Weidner gave me his personal cell phone number, and never turns it off. I called him late, forgetting about the time change, and he didn’t care. He talked to me about every question I had and did everything in his power to help this chair become a reality for me. He is also the only one that gives you three months trial, in case you need to return the chair. All the others gives you 30 days, and I needed this just in case the chair wasn’t what I had hoped. I have had my chair for 6 weeks now, and it has given me a new lease on life. On days that I get up in the morning and can hardly walk, I sit in my chair and it helps me with the pain and helps me get thru the day. It is everything I was told it would be. I feel so blessed to have this chair. It is expensive, but it is quality and has a great warranty. I know that I will have this chair for years to come and will never get tired of sitting in it. There was a small problem with delivery, but once Dr. Weidner found out about it, he called and took care of it for me right then, an hour later the delivery company called me and I had my chair a couple days later. If your looking to purchase an expensive massage chair, have no fears with going with Dr. Weidner. You won’t regret it, he will make sure your happy.

  26. Dianne Ritchie (verified owner)

    I have had this marvelous chair about 10 days now, and have used it at least 3 times a day. First I must say that I have a lot of neck problems and hardly ever can turn my neck both directions – that is until I got this Dreamwave chair. It has fixed my neck up like it was 30 years ago. I have no neck pain now, and I can turn both ways with no problems. It is worth the price just for that!!! BUT – I am not done! All the different modes, and manual modes are so good. I have a very bad back and when I had a cheaper massage chair I had to quit using it because it was just too strong for me. I can use this one with no problems. It has levels of intensity – it has regular massage and air bag massage (not as strong) – it has youth mode which is a lighter massage. THIS CHAIR HAS IT ALL!!!! This chair is expensive – but what price can you put on your health????? My chair will pay for itself in money I saved going to the chiropractor (no offense Dr. Weidner) and I can use it every day. I could not afford to go to the chiropractor every day!!!! I say if you want the Rolls Royce of massage chairs and you can afford it grab one of these Inada Sogno Dreamwave chairs. You will not be sorry!!! Make sure you buy it from because they have the best price out there. Noone else has free delivery and white glove set up, plus a discount off his sales price like Dr. Weidner has. Plus if you are not in Utah, no sales tax!!! Boy did all that add up! I strongly highly recommend them They are the best for price – and service. I researched them all.

  27. Sonny Luu (verified owner)

    My wife bought the Sogno Dreamwave for me a couple of months ago. I decided I would wait until now so that I would have enough time to try all of the functions and test out the limits and capabilities of the chair before giving it a more comprehensive review. Here’s the bottom line up front: The Sogno Dreamwave is a great chair that delivers on its promise of a “transcendent” therapeutic massage—even if the price seems to be excessive. As in any product, even great ones, there are positive and negative characteristics that need to be considered in a fair assessment. First, I’ll give you the positive points: 1. The chair is aesthetically pleasing and lends to the overall impression of a relaxing ambience when given the appropriate space and arrangement. It can be imposing in a small room, but with the right placement it can certainly compliment a contemporary décor. 2. The manufacturer is spot on when describing the experience as transcendent. I use the chair twice a day and thoroughly enjoy each session. Within minutes, the chair would lure me into a state of complete relaxation in which I would often feel as though I were floating on air—the experience is that good! 3. The foot massager is especially pleasing. It squeezes your feet and calves and provides such a total envelopment that no human hands can replicate. 4. The dreamwave function is another unmatched feature that even a trained masseuse would be hard pressed to replace. The gyrating hip motion and the firm grip of the side airbags on the hip and legs leave me feeling like I am gliding through water. Now, the negative points: 1. The automatic timer shuts down each program—regardless of whether it is a preset program or a manual one—at about 15 minutes. In my opinion, this is way too short. I haven’t been able to find a way to circumvent this feature. I understand the implications behind safety and liability that Inada must consider but I think it is frustratingly constraining when a responsible user cannot control the duration of a massage session. At about the time that the session shuts down automatically is typically the time that I am in the deepest “transcendental” state of my experience in the chair. Instead of maximizing this most beneficial part of the session, I am jolted to reality by the sudden shut down and I am forced to go through the scanning procedure and start another session. This is especially aggravating when I use manual settings that I have found to my liking. This leads me to the next point. 2. I appreciate the full range of manual settings that the chair offers; however, I think it would be much easier to use if there were a programmable memory function in the chair. I have found a few manual combination settings that I truly enjoy and I often wish that I could program these settings into a memory button so that I wouldn’t have to go through a series of buttons that is time consuming. Combined with the first negative point (timer restriction), this lack of a memory function forces me to spend too much time with the controller in my hand instead of enjoying the massage. 3. The controller. While it is easy to concede that the controller tucked away in a side pocket rather than protruding from an armrest—as seen on some other chairs—is less obstructive and more aesthetically pleasing, I find that because I need to access the controller so often that I would rather have it mounted on the armrest than tucked on the side. Unless you are a tall person with long arms, it is very difficult to access the side pocket. I end up placing the controller on my stomach when I use the chair. Overall, I am very happy with the purchase of the Inada Sogno. The only thing that beats the chair is the first –class customer service my wife and I received from Dr. Weidner. We truly appreciate the responsiveness, professionalism, and care that he provided throughout the entire process of making this big investment. Thank you.

  28. Victor Zach (verified owner)

    We recently acquired the Inada Sogno Massage Chair with the help of Dr. Alan Weidner. The service was outstanding, the chair is an enormous edition to our household, and it was definitely the best price on the internet. Dr. Weidner gets on the phone with you and is happy to give you his cell phone number. He throws in a few extras, which makes it all worth while. If you are a type of person that seeks the highest quality chair on the market, give him a call. It was fun to speak with Dr. Weidner, because he is super professional and takes the time to walk you through the entire process from the purchase, all the way through to your first massage. He is extremely knowledgeable about all the massage products out there and will try to match you with what it is that you are looking for. The chair itself, leaves you completely at peace. It is fantastic at destressing your day. It puts me into a state that I typically can only attain from doing an hour of yoga. Definitely worth every penny. There are very few things like sitting in a quality chair that gently removes any stress from you. As a bonus, it also works on spouses and guests that visit your home. Working hard has gained a new value with the knowledge that my day will end with a Japanese precision massage. This is an investment into your health and wellbeing. – Victor Zach – Arizona

  29. Bob (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a Songo Dreamwave massage chair from Dr. Weidner and I am very pleased with it. My first encounter with the Dreamwave massage chair was at a chain store that carries products for back relaxation. The sales folks were very pleasant but unable to answer questions that I had about the operation of the chair. I returned a few more times to sample the chair enjoying the experience at each visit. One evening while searching online for the Dreamwave owner’s manual I came upon several YouTube videos hosted by Dr. Weidner. Each video explained various features and functions of the chair as well as a link to the website I placed my order for the Dreamwave over the phone and spoke with the very gracious Dr. Weidner. When my chair arrived it was carefully unloaded and assembled by a fellow named Dominic. Having the white glove delivery and set up was great. I have had the chair for a few weeks now and use it a couple of times a day or more. I especially enjoy having a massage before going to bed at night. I experience a deeper sleep and awake refreshed in the morning. For those of you reading this review who are thinking of purchasing a massage chair, do yourself a favor and choose the Songo Dreamwave. You will be glad you did.

  30. Beth Fox (verified owner)

    I’ve had my Dreamwave chair for nearly a month and can’t describe just how much I love it! I travel for my job and put a great deal of wear on my back and hips due to constantly being on the road. I found my best relief came from a good massage, but when I would get back home at 11:00 at night, it was hard getting a massage therapist to make a house call. Because of this, I was having to take muscle relaxers to calm me down enough to sleep nearly every night. I began researching massage chairs that would give me the relief I needed on my schedule and couldn’t find a better reviewed option than the Dreamwave. However, I was still hesitant to make this significant of a purchase online. What if something went wrong? After calling and talking with Dr. Weidner, I made the leap and bought the chair. The white glove delivery was wonderful (although my delivery guys did not know how to put the chair together, the online assembly videos are great!) and the chair was being used within an hour of the truck pulling up at my front door. My chair is now used by not just me (2-3 times a day when I’m in town), but by my family and friends, as well. My massage therapist chair works around whatever crazy schedule I have – and I couldn’t be more grateful.

  31. David (verified owner)

    I have waited awhile to submit this review. I had already purchased a massage chair (brand name withheld) from a local store in Los Angeles. Though we had spent time trying the chair in the showroom, it quickly became apparent that the rollers were too much for my wife, who suffers from bad…let’s call it bad skeletal system. From neck to knees, she has pretty significant issues that cause her great pain and discomfort. She has been under pain management care for years, but if you have experience with that, well…you know. I decided to try a massage chair to see it would help. I found this site while I was looking at other options, and called Dr. Weidner to get his thoughts on the situation. He recommended we try the Inada Sogna because of the airbags, and degree of control. We tried…we liked…we bought. Unfortunately, I felt compelled to do the exchange at the same location, not only for convenience, but also because the salesperson at the store locally was truly very helpful. It has been six months since we got the Inada, and all the praise you read about it is totally true. It is simply the best massage chair, and the effect on my wife has been amazing. My concern was that after a few months she would stop using it on a regular basis. Happily, I can say she uses it every day, and sometimes 2-3 times. She now has less pain, walks more upright, and feels better overall. Though I bought the chair for her, I love it too, and there is hardly a day when I don’t use it myself. One of the many things I really love about the chair is its flexibility. You can add or remove padding and the headrest, adjust the roller and air intensity, go for preset massages or manually focus on specific areas. My favorite is running two of the presets in a row. Typically the full body followed by the sleep or day massage, depending on the time of day. The ONLY thing I would like to have is a more extreme setting for the stretch. But that’s really not significant. From neck to toes, this chair is stellar. If Dr. Weidner recommends this chair for you, and you can somehow rationalize the cost (and some of the reviews below do a great job of putting that in perspective), this chair should exceed all of your expectations. One of the best investments I have ever made. Listen to the doctor. While I can’t afford a Ferrari or Bentley in the garage, I have one in our living room.

  32. Melissa (verified owner)

    Hello Dr. Weidner! Thank you for your wonderful customer service and prompt shipping! I saw the chair on Tuesday 24 September 2013, Dr. Weidner ordered it for me on Wednesday the 25th and I had the chair in my home on Friday the 27th. Talk about instant gratification! By the way I live in Las Vegas and drove up to kick the tires so to speak, on this chair. Today is October 8th and I have used my chair for 12 days. My neck and shoulders have zero knots in them. My sacrum used to slip out and cause my low back and hip to hurt, it has not slipped since this chair. My significant other has serious back issues. He had to build up to using this chair since it hurt to have massage. As I type this email, he sits in this chair with a look of bliss. I had a membership to massage envy and would go for two hour massages all the time. I love to be massaged! When asked what I would do if I won the lottery or became rich, I always said I would employ a massage therapist full time so I could get massaged every day. I kid you not. I use this chair three times a day. When I am on day shift. I get up at 0350 just to have time for my wake up massage. When I get home from work I use it and before bed I use it. I believe in the last 12 days if I paid a massage therapist to do what only I have done in this chair, it would have cost me half the price of the chair. This is not including my spouse or my mom using it. To all of those people doing research and looking to buy a massage chair, please give Dr. Weidner a chance to change the quality of your life. He did that for me and my family. This is not a fake review designed to lure you in. I am an Air Traffic Controller who stands a lot with previous injuries from the Air Force. I had to make a decision to buy a massage chair and based on my research, I wanted the best. This is an investment for my family’s quality of life and something I do not regret one bit! Thank you so much Dr. Weidner Respectfully, Melissa Las Vegas, Nevada

  33. Brent Payne (verified owner)

    We bought the Songo Dream Wave chair and absolutely love it. The delivery was on time and it was a very professional set up of the chair. It did take a while for us to figure the chair out as there are so many features. I especially love the dream wave setting and also the hand massage feature. I am a small person, so love the way the chair adjusts to my body size. The youth program also works well for me. I cannot say enough about Dr. Weidner and his efforts to always take your calls and explain any questions you have. He was a pleasure to work with.

  34. Jonathan, upstate NY (verified owner)

    My wife and I did a lot of online and in-store research on massage chairs and have bought seat toppers and neck massagers from time to time to help with her fibromyalgia and other physical difficulties. We use the sogno every day after light exercise and every night before bed with great results. The wife was apprehensive at first how the rollers and airbags would affect her FM “tender points” but was delighted to find that the chair didn’t hurt even at normal settings. She particularly likes the foot massage and the neck message when her head is positioned just right on the pillow, as well as the Dreamwave mode, which is very relaxing. Also, she has put the extra included pads to use, cushioning her lower back while getting a more intense upper back massage by the rollers. A few observations/quibbles: – Some other chairs have some gentle stretching of the arms in addition to leg stretching, but the Sogno’s stretch mode does not include arm stretching. – Neck traction is also very limited, and more due to gravity than anything else. However, the overall neck and shoulder massage is quite excellent (wife says that it has solved the majority of her tension headache problems already). – I personally don’t like or need lumbar heat, but my wife indicates that the chair heat is very mild for her tastes without the ability to adjust it. – I like the presets but can see why people would want to design their own to fit their own needs – My wife is 5 feet tall and gets full coverage, but has to get her body arranged just right to have it work. The arm massage tends to miss her a little bit at the hands. – We opted out of the white glove delivery… we strongly, strongly, strongly recommend that if you purchase this chair, you do the white glove service or make sure you have at least 3 (better 4) decently-sized people present to bring in the curbside boxes and lift the base out of the biggest box. The assembly itself was quite easy but don’t dismiss the box weight like I did! – Shipping took exactly 10 days from CA to NY We’re only in our early thirties but are already seeing our chair investment pay dividends for my wife’s health with the added bonus of keeping my body stress down as well. I have listed our quibbles but really, the pros far outweigh the cons/issues. My wife also wants to mention that the chair fits perfectly on a 36×60 inch area rug (to protect the wood floor) and that the faux leather is much softer and nicer than real car leather, not like the synthetic leather on all the other chairs we’ve tried. The price tag is what it is, unfortunately, but so far we have found it well worth it. I would recommend purchasing from, as Dr. Weidner was very helpful on the phone and in email.

  35. Jin, Dallas Texas (verified owner)

    I received this chair one month ago. I did some research on the net after I decided to get a massage chair. Inada Sogno DreamWave looks like the best of all, specially after I read all the reviews on this site. I also found lots of videos about this chair on youtube. Dr. Weidner’s demonstration on the videos are really helpful. When I called in, it was surprised that Dr. Weidner was on the other end. Now this massage chair becomes my favorite chair. It is very comfortable and beautiful. It can make me relax after one day hard work. I am really enjoying it.

  36. Lapyang Li (verified owner)

    Hands down the best $8000 bucks I’ve spent. I have got the chair for 1 week now. Everyone in the family has been fighting to stay in the chair as long as possible. 3 adults and 2 elderlies. The chair has seen about 5 hours of use everyday and so far it is holding up well. I figure it costs about $100 per hr if you get a massage at the spa. So I have gotten about $3500 worth of massage out of the chair in one week. No bad at all. Economics aside, the chair gives great massages. Every time I used it, I ended up falling asleep in the chair. It is very relaxing. I don’t have any chronic pain but I am on my feet 10 hrs a day. I especially like the foot massage. It squeezes at all the right spots on my feet. It just feels great. I have tried the OSIM massage chair at Brookstone ($3500) and I thought it was quite good. I started researching and learned about the Inada Chair. I took a leap of faith and spent $8000 and hoped that this chair would be even better then the OSIM. I am glad I spent extra. The Inada Songo is much much better. If you could afford it, it is certainly worth the money. The ordering process is easy. I am surprise Dr. Weidner answers the phone himself, not some operator. The white glove service works great. 2 workers came and installed the chair, it took 30 min and the chair was ready to go. All in all, a great experience.

  37. Andrew Ko (verified owner)

    This chair is amazing it measures you before it does any massage. The neck and shoulders massage is better then anything or anyone I have ever tried. All I have to say is WOW what a chair. There isn’t anything like this out there. If you think other massage chairs are great, you are in for a real surprise. Absolutely amazing!!!!

  38. Ken Vaughan (verified owner)

    Our chair arrived in December 2012 and I put it together myself. It was no problem at all. I would have written this review sooner, but I’m just now getting out of the chair (just kidding!!). I do use it at least once per day because it is such a marvelous chair. It beats all the others I looked at…hands down. I had a massage chair that I thought was great until I got this one – no comparison. Not only is it great for your neck, shoulders and back, it is outstanding on your feet and legs. I just can’t say enough about this chair. Dr. Alan Weidner was fantastic to work with. No pressure at all, but he always answered questions and then some. You won’t go wrong with this chair! But if you use it before going to bed, say goodnight…because it will put you to sleep. By the way – I have 2 titanium rods in my back and the bottom 5″ of my spine has a 5″ fusion and the chair doesn’t bother it at all.

  39. Greg (verified owner)

    The Inada Sogno defines Japanese innovation and technology, and is simply worth it. The cost is all relative to what’s important to you, and once you realize the experience of having a professional masseuse and then some in your own home 24/7, cost will be long forgotten. It took me awhile to comprehend I had actually spent this much on a massage chair, but I now can’t imagine a better place to spend that money. Many people spend the same or more on snowmobiles, jet-skis, and dirt bikes that get a fraction of the use and enjoyment as driving the Inada. The pre-set functions are outstanding, and my wife, who has MS, has slept like a rock since using the Night routine prior to falling into bed. The ability to customize by adding specific functions in partial or full modes, alter the intensity and locations, among other simple to master features adds an element to the pre-set functions that provides the perfect experience for anyone at anytime. I was especially impressed by the dual kneading of the neck and shoulders (4 rollers at once) with the head pillow easily flipped out of the way. It can be made to feel like 2 strong hands working those sore, tight shoulders…simply remarkable. I read one negative review about the Inada not being aggressive enough, which means that user doesn’t understand the customization build into the chair. Soft and floating to deep and back-arching, it’s all up to you. Thanks to Alan for excellent communication and availability in the ordering/delivery process, and a series of Youtube videos that also show more detail on specifics about this chair. He provides perfect service and the best price, so there’s no need to look any further. Make the investment in yourself, reach for quality over price, and enjoy the benefits every day.

  40. Pierre (verified owner)

    Dr. Weidner, I waited about 6 weeks to submit my review. My first impression was WOW!!! Now I can honestly say, I’m hooked! The chair is fantastic. It got my knots and stress points out…Some the first day some to about a week. Now I use the morning program before going to work, and depending on the day, I use the night program of the full body when I get home. Also depending on how hard of a massage I want, I simply move the headrest over and I get a very aggressive but WONDERFUL massage. Some comparisons were stating that this chair may not give you a hard enough massage, but I can tell you that if you move the headrest, it is fantastic!!! I got the chair and installed it upstairs in our bedroom. Assembly took me about 30 minutes it really is that easy. I have a friend who will probably now be ordering one from you since he tried it out the other day and stayed in it about an hour. He tried every program. He is 6’5″ about 300lbs and he said the chair was extremely comfortable. Thanks so much to spending the time to speak to me about all the chair options and a great buying experience. You have a customer for life!!!

  41. Alex Dziuba (verified owner)

    This transaction was as smooth as butter. The Doc said trust me everything will go well when I had doubts about such a large purchase on the internet. Well, everything did go well and my trust was not misplaced. The chair itself is marvelous and my daughter in law who is a chiropractor had nothing but good things to say about it. Trust the Doc and enjoy the chair.

  42. Tony (verified owner)

    I am a software engineer and I spend a lot of time in front of a computer. I’ve been suffering from a wide variety of health problems from lower back pain to tension migraines related to stress. Hence visits to my chiropractor and my massage therapist was almost a regiment for me for stress relief. One night working late I came across Dr. Weidner’s site. I searched Dr. Weidner on youtube and saw his morning tv debut and all sorts of various instructions on the Inada Sogno. I knew I had to talk to him. He was very informative and courteous over the phone. He even gave me a location where I could visit the store and try out the chair. It was 60 miles away!!!!! I decided to make the trip and try out the chair before making THE purchase. The minute I sat down, I didn’t want to get up. The cost of buying the chair was actually six months’ worth the money I spend on my chiropractor and massage therapist. It was a no brainer. Now I spend 2 hours a day everyday on my Inada Sogno. The first day was the most painful. I was carrying around so much stress within my body. Now I sleep better, back pain is gone, started to get relief from tension migraines, and right after a massage somehow my digestive system works better too. Thank you Dr. Weidner.

  43. Dean (verified owner)

    First let me say this is a fantastic massage chair. I have suffered from chronic lower back pain for about 3 years now and it’s been progressively getting worse over time. With physical therapy and daily massages in my Inada Sogno I am very close to being pain free. Instead of feeling worse over time I’m getting better each day. It’s truly an amazing experience to feel young again. This chair is expensive no doubt but back surgery is more expensive and very invasive to the body. This is the natural way to feel so much better without going under the knife. As others have said the remote is a little dated and more pre-programmed massages would be great (how about an app and allow users to create, share, and rate custom massages). Other than that I can’t say enough about the chair. I often dose off while getting a massage especially dream wave. It’s so relaxing and makes the stress of the day go away. The ordering process was painless and I do suggest you call and talk to Alan before ordering. The chair arrived in about 1.5 weeks. I chose white glove delivery as the chair was going up stairs. This was a great decision as the chair is quite large and heavy. The guys that delivered were super nice but didn’t have a clue how to put the chair together. I got out my iPad and we watched the install video on youtube and things went well from there. Alan answered all my questions and was very helpful through this process. I would highly recommend ordering from Alan. He has the best prices around and he’s very knowledgeable and honest.

  44. Craig (verified owner)

    Bought the sogno at ces and it arrived this week. After just one week of use a latent trigger that my therapist couldn’t release is now gone. At ces i tried Inada, Panasonic and Fujita. The Fujita was not in the same class as the Inada or Panasonic and appears to be the manufacturer for several Chinese brands. The Fujita tried to mimic some of the inada motions but did a poor jobof it. Even witha show price below 3k, I couldn’t justify buying the Fujita. Panasonic Ma70 seemed like a good chair but I didn’t like the way the hand air bags felt. It also weighs a lot less than the Inada. I really liked the heated rollers and the Ma70 control panel. The ottoman also allowed massaging the knees which was a plus for the Ma70. Overall I decided there was no perfect chair and the build quality of the Inada was what won me over. As a techie sort I really wish the Inada remote was more up to date. They say you can do over 1000 combinations in manual mode but the reality is you will probably rely on the 8 auto programs. Overall quite happy with the purchase and quality of a massage using 100air bags.

  45. David Sjogren (verified owner)

    I give you permission to publish this testimonial/review and my name on your website. I purchased the Sogno Dreamwave Massage chair from Massage Chair Relief quite a few months ago, and waited to write my review to be sure everything was still great (and it is). I HIGHLY recommend that no matter what chair you decide to purchase, that you purchase it through Massage Chair Relief. I do not live near any Massage Chair Relief stores so I based my decision on the chair on reviews that I read, and I based my decision on where to get it on customer service reviews. As far as customer service goes, Massage Chair Relief is fantastic. I was informed every step of the way about the status of my chair. I had questions which were answered quickly and thoroughly (I called Dr. Weidner a couple of times and I believe I emailed him a few times). Massage Chair Relief had the Dreamwave at the most affordable price, a terrific 5-year warranty, and the “white glove” service was free. The chair is constantly in use. Between my wife and myself, the chair is used 2-6 times per day, and when it is not in use, we keep it covered with a large comforter so that our cat can lay on it (we have to actually move the cat so we can use it because he is on it all the time). I truly believe this chair is more comfortable than our couch. I use the pre-programmed settings the most (I like Night the best), and my wife loves the “foot/calf squishing” feature (although we both love all the features). The only things that I think could make the chair better would be if the chair had roller balls that moved at the bottom of the feet, and if it had a more updated remote. But we are very happy with our purchase, and we are EXTREMELY satisfied with the company (and I do not say that often). We were informed several times about keeping the boxes on the off-chance that the chair needed to be returned. And I am happy to say that I am going to be throwing out the boxes this weekend. THANK YOU DR. WEIDNER!

  46. David (verified owner)

    We had been to another store that sold massage chairs and came away still confused and unsure of which chair to purchase. After finding Dr. Weidner’s website and speaking directly with him, we were able to make an informed and positive selection. We had tried the Inada Sogno at the other store but did not realize all its features. Dr. Weidner answered all our questions, both in the initial conversation and the many other conversations that we had later, and were confident in our choice. We chose to buy online from Dr. Weidner not only because of his great pricing but also because we felt that Dr. Weidner was very knowledgable of his product and would provide support after the purchase, should we need it. The chair arrived with some damage to the outer boxes ( we fault the delivery company for this) but since it was so well packaged there was no damage what so ever to the chair or its components. The chair was very simple to put together. (Hint: a tiny bit of liquid soap spread around the air fittings will help the air tubing to slide onto the fittings). I believe we tried almost every program and combinations of programs the first night we had it. We are very well pleased with our chair and give Dr. Weidner the highest rating. We look forward to enjoying our chair for many years. Thank you Dr. Weidner!!!

  47. David Picozzi (verified owner)

    After trying several of the top massage chairs in the industry, I decided to get the Inada Sogno Dreamweaver. It gave the most relaxing, deep, human-like massage; the others were too mechanical and too rough/unrefined; they made me feel like I was actually getting beat up. I decided to make the purchase with Dr. Weidner because of his comprehensive knowledge, detailed online videos, competitive pricing, willingness to return phone calls timely, and trust-ability — all of which are a rarity nowadays. He showed true customer service and willingness to answer all my questions instead of just trying to make a sale. The massage quality of the Inada Sogno Dreamweaver is excellent. The built in programs do what they claim and with ease. The ‘sleep’ program is perfect just before going to bed, and the ‘morning’ program makes me feel rejuvenated when starting my day. The ‘full body massage’ program uses all of the chair’s features and feels incredible after a long day. While it’s definitely the best massage I’ve experienced from a massage chair, there are a few areas of improvement that Inada should consider: – The remote isn’t backlight so it can’t be read in darkness; I like getting a massage before going to bed with the lights off. – The chair does not automatically recline or upright itself via a single button press; instead, the ‘recline’ button needs to be held down to position the chair appropriately. – There’s no memory function to remember my favorite customized routines; it must be set each time. – While the ‘recline’ position goes completely horizontal, it would be a nice option to have a zero-gravity position as well. That said, its main purpose of providing an excellent massage is extremely well executed and far outweighs any of the above ‘cons’.

  48. Lee Brister (verified owner)

    I saw the Inada Sogno chair at a local store and was given a DEMO but the entire time was a sales pitch. I went online and found Dr. Weidner’s web site. I watched his videos and learned much more than I did from the local DEMO. As the price was the same and also included the White Glove installation, I ordered from Dr Weidner. The chair came within a week. I had reason to call the company and Dr. Weidner did indeed answser the phone and instantly answered my questions. The chair has been just what I was looking for. My former chair was rough and too harsh for my wife to use. Now my wife uses the new Sogno Dreamwave as much as I do. I only wish that all online retail experiences could be as good as this.

  49. Stan from Nashville (verified owner)

    We purchased the chair as a Christmas gift to each other. We knew this was going to be a significant investment, so it was great to have found Dr. Weidner’s website. The research we were able to complete thru this website was the deciding factor. Dr. Weidner’s commitment to customer services is second to none. He promptly answered all our questions while maintaining a non-pressure attitude. When we did make the decision to purchase, Dr. Weidner made it very easy and followed thru on all his commitments. As for the chair, we love it. We use it every night and sometimes in the mornings. I would definitely recommend this chair for anyone serious about purchasing a high quality chair. Furthermore, I would highly recommend purchasing from Dr. Weidner.

  50. Vincent (verified owner)

    Overall a good chair. For people with small frames like myself, I feel that I have to reach out in a not so comfortable position to put arms in arm rests. Not that great at shoulder/neck as expected (comparing to yumi). Build quality appears solid though.

  51. Jim King (verified owner)

    I’ve had massage chairs for years; this is BY FAR the best. I have some sleep “issues”, and I can assure you that the “Dreamwaves” function on this chair is better medicine for insomnia than anything that can be prescribed! The chair in general is (in today’s lexicon) “amazing”, but the Dreamwaves function is, literally, unbelievably good.

  52. Mary Ann Rogal from the Texas Hill Country (verified owner)

    I made the decision to purchase a new massage chair and I began researching them on the internet. I came across Dr. Weidner’s site and was very happy with all the information and reviews that he provided. When I called Dr. Weidner to place my order, Dr. Weidner ACTUALLY answered the phone!!! He was with me from the beginning to the end of the process. If you are wondering how I like my chair ….I have yet to “cut the cord” or ME out of it!!! All kidding aside, the chair Is a DREAM and relaxes my body from the top of my head to the tips of my toes! Thank you Dr. Weidner for all your help…I have ONLY great things to say about the quality of both product and service!!!!

  53. Stephen (verified owner)

    Thank you Dr. Weidner. This chair is fantastic and its been a pleasure speaking to you on the phone. My buying experience: I had been scouting this chair for awhile on but due to the diffrence in pricing for each of the colors, I didn’t pull the trigger (Amazon wanted $1000 more for the color I wanted). I went on google searching for a better deal and came across this website. I looked through all the reviews and felt confident about the Dreamwave as my choice. I read in some of the reviews that Dr. Weidner is not just the face of the site but that he actually answers your questions on the phone, so I called to see if this was legit as I was a little skeptical. I called on a Sunday and sure enough, there he was. He was very friendly and I never, for a second, felt I was being pressured to make the purchase. He answered all the questions I had and his knowledge of the chair was very insightful. What I really like about this site is that the pricing is very competitive (best I found anywhere) and that there is uniform pricing for all the different colors. Once I made the order online which was very simple, Dr Weidner followed up and provided me all the tracking information. From purchase to delivery, all it took was one week. In terms of purchasing a big ticket item, this was my best experience ever. No stress and no hassle. Even the freight company that delivered the chair was great. The chair: Not much more for me to say that hasn’t already been said. By the time you’re seeing this, I’m sure you’ve probably read the 20 or so reviews above this one. The one thing I would add is that this chair has greatly enhanced the quality of life for my family. They’ve been afflicted with pain from repetitive work stress and joint pain from old age and in just the past 3 days since we received the chair, I’ve noticed a remarkable difference in them. For the last few years they’ve complained about aches and pains daily, but after a session in the chair, they are happy as a clam and walk with more bounce in their step. The arm and hand massage feature has greatly reduced the joint swelling in my mother’s hands and as I’m writing this, I can hear her snoring in the chair in the other room. This chair has really changed the mood of the house. Mentally, everyone is happier now because they’re pain free. Final thoughts: This chair does cost more than other chairs but I hesitate to call it expensive because it’s worth every dollar. My family tested several of the other brands and even their top models that cost about the same as the Dreamwave did not live up to the experience they had in the Dreamwave. Just for me not having to listen to them complain about pain anymore has made it worth it.

  54. Tom (verified owner)

    Dr. Weidner, I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful experience purchasing and now owning the Inada Sogno chair. Your informative videos and thorough website answered my every question as if I was standing in your store and talking with you – I feel like I know you. Prior to this purchase, I wouldn’t even imagine buying a product in this price range over the internet but I had every confidence after reviewing your site and watching the videos. The whole process was absolutely painless, and now, so too are my back and shoulders. Oh, and the chair was delivered early and expertly set up. I must be dreaming. Now if I could only get some time in the chair. As you warned, my family, friends and neighbors are always in it. They can’t believe the quality of the chair and the message. Thank you and congratulations on a fine operation and wonderful product. Tom

  55. Dennis Renfro (verified owner)

    In my experience with the INADA SOGNO DreamWave chair, I can honestly and happily give it FIVE STARS. I have owned and used this chair since December. Before reviewing it, I wanted to know that I could be confident with the results that the chair provided over time. I am so happy, that I now rate the SOGNO right up there with TV as one of the BEST inventions ever conceived! Not only has it improved my overall health, but it has also greatly helped with my arthritis and muscular pain. This chair is NOT a cure for arthritis, it doesn’t claim to be. But with everyday use, the SOGNO will more than likely help many sufferers to at least feel a little better, and do so without excessive pain medication.I personally use the chair twice daily, varying the programs. It is also quite easy to use the customized settings to design a specific sequence for individual needs. After some trial and error, you can find the customized settings that are best. The remote is wired, and handy to use. I like the larger lighted display and program buttons. My medical doctor and I are both pleased with SOGNO’s results. This chair is very high-quality, apparently made of top components, and made to last. I have the FIVE YEAR in home warranty on mine. Also, the free in-home delivery and set-up is a great blessing. This is a heavy piece, built like a tank. If one had to put it together on their own, the assembly procedure and instructions are quite straightforward. I am glad, however, that a knowledgeable installer brought it to me. I also cannot thank Dr. Weidner enough for his help and information about massage chairs before my actual purchase. I researched all local and on-line resources before buying, and found his site to offer the best of everything: PRICE, SUPPORT, INFORMATION, and ADVICE.I give SONGO and Dr. Weidner BOTH five big stars! And please be sure to watch his great short video demonstartions on line so that you can really understand the fantastic features of this product.

  56. Laurie Ellsworth (verified owner)

    I have to say first of all, I LOVE my Inada Dreamwave!!! After sitting in a Brookstone massage chair last mothers day, I decided to look into massage chair reviews and specs. Since then I have done extensive research to find a chair that was both reliable (& backed with a good waranty), had good customer support (Brookstones chairs failed 1 & 2 hardcore), and gave a fabulous massage for my hard earned & saved $. It had come to a point where I thought I knew what I wanted, but my husband wanted me to sit in a few of the top chairs to compare them and get a feel for how they worked ON ME (and him ;)! I found the massage.chair.relief website and noted from other reviews that they had a showroom. I geared up for a possible ‘massage chair trip’, crossed my fingers that the showroom was in the surrounding states, and was THRILLED when I called Dr. Weidner and found his ‘one of a kind showroom’ was in SLC, UT (within 1/2 hr drive of my home!!) Both on the phone and in the showroom Dr Weidner proved himself to be extremely helpful, knowledgable about the chairs and companies that made them, and to have a very no pressure-wanting to help us get what WE wanted-approach. In the showroom he allowed my husband and I sit in as many chairs as we wanted to sit in, for as long as we wanted, and try out all the controls and settings so we could get an optimum feel for what each chair could do. He gave us plenty of alone time also, to talk about the chairs, and didn’t try to upsell us (that was our own choice and the chairs doing 😉 It was an awesome date night to the showroom that I can’t stop telling my family and friends about. Before going in to the showroom I had considered getting an OSAKI 3000 or 6000 (as those chairs were more in my price range.) I had read reviews that OSAKI chairs gave a more ‘intense’ massage, which is what I thought I wanted, however upon trial I found that the massage was both more intense and less precise than I wanted. Having grown up in a home with massage (from an experienced masseur) as a weekly and often daily routine I would say that my sense of what ‘ a good massage is’ is fairly refined. This chair is it! Although I would love to be able to modify the massage (other than intensity) for the arms, legs, and seat more (i.e. seperate the foot massage from the calf massage) I am very happy with my chair and use it both in the morning as a wake-up and to work out any nighttime kinks,as well as in the evening to ralax sore muscles from long days of caring for 2 active children and working on home remodeling/renovation projects and tiring home maintainance tasks. Thankyou to Dr. Weidner, Inada, and a kind husband for making it possible to have such a wonderful massage experience whenever I want it!

  57. Marc Steenbarger (verified owner)

    Here’s a review of the Inada Sogno. I bought the chair from Alan. I was one of the earliest owners of this chair. Here are the reasons this chair carries the price tag it does: 1) Durability. I am a 300 pound guy. This chair has no defined weight limit. It is built like a tank. After 3 plus years there are no squeaks. I use the chair everyday for 30 minutes. 2) The chair can be mild or wild. With air only settings, the massage can be mild for those who prefer a gentler approach. The rollers can be adjusted to be firm or less firm with a “3D” button on the remote, that brings the rollers closer to your body. 3) The head pillow has a gentle occipital massage and light traction. This is relaxing. 4) The “Dreamwave” setting moves your torso in a figure 8, releasing tension. You can fall asleep on this setting. I liken it to being gently rocked back and forth. While that is happening, your legs and feet are being compressed by air bags. 5) The bottom of the feet are massaged with an air bladder and reflexology inlay in the bottom of the foot well. I suffer from flat feet. Using rigid orthotics make the bottom of my feet tired and sore. This sole massage relieves them greatly. 6) Unlike many Chinese chairs, the Sogno can rock out full bore or be a relaxation chair. All settings can be achieved manually, except Dreamwave. 7) The stretch program is a nice easy stretch for your back and hamstrings. Very gentle, and nice after exercising. Here’s the bottom line. The Sogno is far more refined than other massage chairs. Its massage action is smooth. It is not noisy. It doesn’t beat you to smithereens in order to achieve its purpose. It is great for family use, due to its versatility. Marc

  58. Jack Pearce (verified owner)

    OK, so I wanted a while before providing feedback because I wanted to be sure that the chair was everything it appeared to be at first and that the Doc’s support was for real. After 6 weeks they are. Nothing needed for support and the Inada Songo DreamWave is nothing short of amazing! Friends are fighting for time in it! Others feel slighted that they have not had a turn in it. The key to anyone wanting a firm massage is the manual controls. Guys..that’s the key. Ladies…hit the presets and skip the messing around with settings. As far as service is concerned, you could not find an easier place to deal with and with folks that really care.

  59. G. Seidman (verified owner)

    The chair is a great supplement to my chiropractic treatments. It’s fantastic to have massage treatment available whenever I want. My posture, ease of movement, physical confidence and overall sense of well being have all improved with the use of this chair. I’m very happy with my experience with Inada as well as with Dr. Weidner and his company.

  60. Andrew Sussman (verified owner)

    First, let me start by commenting on Dr. Weidner and his company. Not only did he personally take my call late at night to answer all of the questions I had, he has continually follow-up to make sure everything went okay. Delivered promptly and the delivery group was great. They took it downstairs, unpacked it, took away the (not insignificant) packing materials, and setup the chair. When they left, you would not know they were there, other than for the head-turning chair that was now in my family room. As for the chair, as I expected, the only complaint I had was that I waited this long. We all immediately took turns in the chair and were amazed at how “unlike a massage chair” this seemed. The experience in the chair is remarkable. The programming of the combination of rollers/airbags/thumping/heat/vibration/etc. If you close your eyes, you can actually get lost in the massage. I have to admit to having fallen asleep with the “night” program. I guess it did it’s job…. Very pleased with the chair, but more so, with this retailer. Would definitely do business with them again.

  61. Paul, New York (verified owner)

    This review should help people that are big in size and weight and are on the fence to jump off and make the purchase! I am 5 ft 11″ 315 LB 40 year old man, who suffers from an incurable medical condition that bombards me with chronic pain. I had an issue trying to sit on the chair without breaking and crushing the hip air bags, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to use this wonderful therapeutic relaxing healing machine…but after trying over and over I gave up on it and was going to return it…then I decided NOT to give up and try again…success!!! I was able to negotiate safely and properly a way to get into the chair without crushing the hip air bags…once in…everything was perfect! First off, Inada should rename it’s proprietary “Dreamwave” to “Goodnight Irene”, because this feature will make you want to sleep in no time. It rocks and sways your seat, hips and hip and leg muscles that you just got to try, like floating on a wave and being stretched and held in a gods arms. Every pre-set massage program is amazing as the chair reads your Shiatsu points and length and width of your spine…the stretch program is one of my favorites….awwww heck their all my favorite. On the bottom of the easy to use remote is the “manual” commands, so you can designate a certain part of the body only to concentrate on. The heat controls are a nice touch and the ottoman will make your feet and calves feel like a million bucks, there’s also a metal plate with half moon balls on it that push up and massage the bottom of your feet…wonderful!! You can use the strength of the air bags and rollers with the default settings out of the box, or you can adjust the strength and pressure with the remote if you find it too hard for you…but remember, if you have tight unused muscles, or knots everywhere, this machine will take care of it, but if you feel that it hurts it’s because your not used to massages and manipulation of blood and muscles…truly remarkable machine…give it time…you will want to put this machine in your will…lol. At 315 lbs, while in the chair the motor spoke to me…it said…”Paul, relax I’m an Inada, if you can fit you can sit, now relax and enjoy the massage, I can hold your weight with no problem”. You will find it hard to believe that there isn’t human hands inside this machine!, stress and pain melts away. Price, yeah I know it’s expensive, however it’s WORTH EVERY CENT!!!!!! This is no Chinese inferior made product, this is no cheap mall outlet chair with a cheesy 90 day to a measly 1 yr warranty. This isn’t a chair manufactured by some fly by night company who doesn’t back up their product 0. Now, for Dr. Weidner, a patient and super informative expert on massage chairs will guide you with a no pressure experience, although I just received my chair, I know if there’s anything I need or any questions he will be there before and after the sale. The very same goes for InadaUSA, nice folks. So, if your big like me or not, you simply CANNOT purchase a better massage chair, and you cannot get an upper echelon manufactured massage chair for under $4K, this price point for this chair fits the bill for it’s therapeutic capability and excellence in manufacturing…folks…there is a HUGE and noticeable difference in the make and performance of this beautifully designed machine. I purchased mine in Dark Brown….WARNING….not in the right light it looks pure black…even my delivery guys thought it was black…it’s a TRUE dark brown and it’s a stunning addition to anybody’s home. The reason I wanted to rush and hurry up my review for this chair is so that anybody that is considering it to NOT wait till Feb 1st, this chair increases in price $800, be a smart and savvy consumer and make this call to Dr. Weidner and staff!!!! I hope this helped people that are overweight and or hesitant, and I hope this helped out people who need to know this chair’s almost infinite capabilities…but…you need to sit in it first. Of course I can’t explain every feature and nook and cranny unless your in the mood to read a short novel…lol!! Thank you for reading my review on the Inada Dreamwave Plus massage chair. P.S. I am 310 lbs currently, been dieting for 2 weeks…just weighed myself while writing this…-5 pounds…I’ll take it. I forgot, when you get off the chair you will notice improved circulation, better breathing, well being, happiness, alive, more energy, and the body’s natural pain blockers in full affect!! Awesome!

  62. Robert Day (verified owner)

    Alan, I purchased my Inada Sogno almost 2 months ago from you and absolutely LOVE it. My wife also loves the chair. We use it every day to relieve stress and rejuvenate tired muscles. We couldn’t be happier with this purchase, and it’s worth every penny we spent! After I ordered the chair, I needed help to sort out the delivery details, and I was able to reach you right away by phone. I really appreciated your quick follow up with the delivery company, and that you got back to me the next day with a solution and confirmation of the delivery plan. Also, you contacted me before and after delivery by email with helpful information and great communication. This type of extrordinary service was such a pleasant experience, I will certainly come back to you in the future. Kindest regards, Robert Day

  63. OAK LasVegas (verified owner)

    I take almost 3 year to study, try and read all the review to get one massage chair. I really impress all the process which start from my very first email follow by call to Dr. Weidner. He taking care and answer all the questions very fast and clear. I received my massage Chair within a week after I confirmed and placed order direct with Dr. Weidner. Until delivery date, white glove team are very professional for unbox and installation. It take only 25 minutes from start to ready-to-use. I really enjoy my first massage chair. It has everything function that our family love, neck, shoulder, arm and leg massage especially the dream wave technology on the hip part. I try all preset program except youth within a week and I love it so much. I am totally high recommend this massage chair and Dr. Weidner store. OAK NV

  64. Jay Lazar (verified owner)

    Thank you for bringing me into the wonderful and brilliant world of massage chair heaven. With your graceful assistance and excellent customer service, I arrived to a place like no other. The Inada Sogno Dreamwave chair is perfect addition to our healthy well being and adds a new dimension to our life. We really appreciate all of your recommendations and help guiding us through the process of the kind of chair that’s right for us. Happy new year!

  65. Robin Poer (verified owner)

    What a class act, from point of inquiry to delivery and beyond delivery from Dr. Weidner and staff. Our Inada Sogno chair came a full week earlier than anticipated, even though it was shipped half way across the country.. The videos we watched prior to delivery, all done by Dr. Weidner and his helpers and available at this site, really got us prepared for the arrival of the chair and helped us decide where to put it. When I initially called, Dr. Weidner himself answered the phone and answered all my questions. I have been visiting this chair for 3 years, periodically, at a local franchise store and was going to buy there. However, I never make large purchases without checking the business out with the Better Business Bureau. The two local franchises of this national organization both, to my surprise, were rated “F”, with numerous reports unresolved. Since this is the only store where this chair is available in our area, I started searching on line. Not only was rated A by the Better Business Bureau, their pricing was also much more competitive and there was a 90 day money back guarantee. We have had our chair now for a couple of weeks and could not be happier. I use it at least once a day and it is therapeutic and relaxing. With the lack of sales tax and competitive pricing, I ended up paying over 20% less than I would have at the local franchise. I heartily recommend and, specifically, the Inada Sogno chair, which has the most advanced features on the market.

  66. Kristen Loftus (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE my new chair. I usually get a deep tissue massage, so I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be strong enough, but the high setting is perfect! We have 4 children ages 12-18, and everyone uses it almost every day. I am not one to relax, but I start and end every day in the chair and my husband thinks its great. I splurged on the leather and I’m so glad I did. It looks great next to our leather furniture in our living room. If you have the money, spend it… you will never regret it!!! The customer service was amazing. I was up at midnight working in my office and called to leave a message, but Dr. Weidner answered and told me all about the chair. He was so friendly and helpful. Everyone who has visited our home in the last month has also enjoyed a massage. It was not difficult to put together, and i’m glad I got the 5 year warranty because I will want it fixed right away if it gets worn out from over use:) I also love al! l of the options. You can choose a full body massage or pick individual ones. My daughter really likes the youth option which makes the chair perfect for her small size. Thanks for an amazing chair.. I will always be greatful.

  67. Joseph Brodecki (verified owner)

    Dear Dr. Weidner,

    Thanks so much for your guidance and advice with the Inada Sogno I purchased from you. The chair arrived on the date you said it would and is everything you promised.

    Not only did you beat every other price quoted to me, but your knowledge about the chair and your clear, concise explanations are truly comforting. Your access and availability, literally 24/7 are particularly helpful.

    I especially appreciate your easy to understand Internet video demonstrations of how best to use this wonderful chair.

    Thanks again

    J. Brodecki
    Washington, DC

  68. Wojciech Mazur (verified owner)

    I received my inada sogno dreamwave massage chairs 2 weeks ago. I was very impressed with quality of service I received prior to delivery as well as by professional who installed it. Main reason for my purchase was insomnia and stress management. It provides incredible relaxation before bedtime and energizes me in the morning even if I did not sleep well. It works great before and/or after workout or intense yoga class. Only problem: I have to beat my kids to it first!

  69. Norman Chou (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the Inada Sogno Massage Chair from Dr. Alan Weidner. The service was excellent, the chair is very nice, and it was definitely the best deal on the internet if you call up and talk to Dr. Alan himself. He throws in a few extras. If you are serious about this chair, it is definitely worth the call. He is just a great professional to deal with in every aspect because he will explain all your options personally and work with you. The chair is fantastic and it puts me to sleep every time. Definitely worth the investment because of the work I do. Nothing like sitting in a $7K chair that takes the stress away for a little bit. I think about how much time I spend sitting down each day in bad chairs, this is the one chair I look forward to sitting in because helps with my blood circulation and it is very relaxing. It’s pricey but it’s worth every penny for me. – Norman Chou California

  70. Scott and Mary Jo (verified owner)

    Dr. Weidner and the Massage Chair Relief Staff, My wife and I have been very interested in massage chairs and tried many over the years. Some were good at what they offered but none were quite right. We had the opportunity to try the Inada Dream Wave recently and were very impressed with the experience. The Dream Wave was a soothing massage that began to lull me asleep. After completing the ‘Full Body’ and ‘Quick’ Dreamwave massages, we left believing that the DreamWave was the best massage chair experience we have had. To be certain we visited several vendors and tried other massage chairs. Some were good, but none performed the range of options with the quality and performance of the DreamWave. Although expensive, anything less would have been a disappointing compromise after experiencing the DreamWave. I shopped several vendors and determined a reasonable price. I also went to the Inada website and watched an informative video created by Dr. Weidner of Massage Chair Relief. I called Massage-Chair Relief on a Sunday and Dr. Weidner answered the call. He was very proffessional and graciously led me through the purchase process. Dr. Weidner offered free ‘White-Glove’ delivery, a free comprehensive five year in home warranty and a price that beat all other competitors by a comfortable margin. Soon after ordering we received a confirmation email. Over the following days Dr. Weidner sent follow-up emails to keep us informed as to what to expect regarding the deliver process. We also received a package with several nice gifts from the company. The process took 14 days from start until setup and enjoyment of the Dreamwave in our home. We highly recommend Dr. Weidner, Massage Chair Relief and the Dreamwave. All are best in class and should be contacted last if your are serious about purchasing an Inada Dreamwave. Many Thanks to you and the staff! Scott and Mary Jo

  71. A. Lundin (verified owner)

    Hello Alan,

    I just wanted to thank you for the amazing service and send you promised photos of the chair. I apologize I couldn’t do it earlier – I had an unplanned trip to NY, which lasted over two weeks.

    We received our Inada chair very fast: it was delivered before Christmas, and my husband recreated “white glove service” himself It took him almost 2 hours to assemble it, but he was very thorough.

    The massage is unbelievable. The chair has only one flaw – almost every time we use it in a zero gravity position, we fall asleep 🙂 It doesn’t matter what time it is and what kind of massage setting we’re using – the end result is the same. I guess, there is a reason why it was called Sogno .

    The new color we ordered is very pretty. Please see 3 photos posted here
    I used a flash on these photos, but in the evening, without any bright artificial lights, this color looks like a dark chocolate (almost espresso color) – also beautiful.

    Alan, thank you very much, we really enjoy this purchase

  72. Rajan Patel (verified owner)

    Thank you for offering the Inada “Sogno” the most expensive Massage chair at a lower price than any other reseller !!

    This Massage chair is amazing and the ordering process. The Video’s you have posted on “You Tube” about the operations and functions of the chair made it a no brainer.

    The Local Reseller wanted over $1000 more than your price. The White Glove delivery was flawless.

    Thank you!
    R Patel

  73. Alan Finkelstein (verified owner)

    I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Weidner for the incredible help in picking our massage chair. He went way beyond the norm to help my wife and I. He picked us up at the airport and took us to the showroom. He then proceeded to stay late and demonstrate all of the massage chairs. We love our Inada Sono massage chair and believe it is the best on the market. We had the chair delived several weeks ago and have not stopped using the chair. Dr. Weidner is wonderful to deal with and could not be anymore helpful then he was. He is a true gentleman. I give our permission to use this email as a testimonial to the wonderful treatment we received.

  74. Barrett & Roxanne Flowers (verified owner)

    Hi Alan! Just wanted to let you know that we got our chair- the Inada Sogno Deamwave PLUS, and it’s great. I can’t pronounce the name, but I don’t have to- the chair speaks for itself! My back and neck problems are already feeling better and so is the rest of me. It’s doing what I purchased it for, and I can’t ask for more than that. Thanks for offering such a great product! (Our vfriends also thank you!) -Barrett & Roxanne

  75. Jim Schilkoski (verified owner)

    I have the Sogno Dream Wave Plus and I love the chair. I have needed massages on a regular basis. I no longer need them as this chair replaces them and is even better. I continue to find new ways to hit trigger points and the massages are truly amazing! I would absolutely recommending to anyone to make this investment.

  76. John R. Scott (verified owner)

    The Inada Sogno PLUS is a dream chair.

    I was surprise when it arrived a week early, A very pleasant surprise Sogno starts my day and ends my day.
    The morning and night programs are super relaxing. The Dream Weaver setting will Rock you to sleep.

    After two weeks my back is less tight and my neck is feeling great.

    I suffer for hypertension and have notice a 10 to 15 point drop after using the chair .

    I highly recommend this Sogno and Dr. Weidner at

    John R Scott
    age 55
    Tech Support Engineer

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The Inada DreamWave is jam packed with so many awesome features. This chair is unique in the fact that almost all of the features you are going to read about are proprietary, meaning that Inada created, and owns the rights to, the specific mechanism so you will not find this on any other chair!

The massage starts by offering awwwwwwe-inspiring DreamWave technology. This technology utilizes the rollers to do a figure eight pattern that mimics massage therapists movements during a shiatsu session. This enables the chair to massage over 1200 square inches of your body. This is the largest coverage offered from ANY massage chair.

For those of you who have been looking for a chair that will really get in and work the tops of the shoulders and neck, you have found it! This chair has a special unit that comes around and not only penetrates deep into those nagging pains in the neck but also gives gentle neck tractionas well!

As we move down the body we come to the arms and forearms massage. This chair delivers a gentle, undulating massage all the way down to your fingertips with its 20 air cells that are designed to inflate and deflate at a precisioned pace. There is nothing quite like getting your arms and hands rubbed at the end of the day to re-energize them! The airbags in the forearms now provide 360 degree coverage!

This wonderful chair also offers airbags that inflate around the hip and thigh to knead these large muscles. It also works on the IT band and provides some hip movement.

It has a stretch program that not only takes you into extension and flexion but also gives a slight rotational pull in the shoulders, mid-back and hip. Anyone who has a tight back will appreciate the stretch that this offers after your muscles have been nicely loosened up.

This chair also keeps the family in mind. There is no reason why your children should not be able to benefit from having a massage chair in your home. Inada recognizes that as well…so they have patented a setting in this chair that specializes for young people 14 and up. It’s a gentler session for their developing bodies.

As well as the stretch program and youth program this beautiful recliner offers eight other auto-programs including a morning and night program! But before you start your program you will be scanned by the DreamWave Classic’s optical sensors. These are designed to find your shiatsu points which are unique to each individual, so the chair is “learning” YOUR body. After it has finished the scan it will provide you with your own totally personalized massage chair session!

The designer of this dynamic chair recliner is the world-renowned designer Toshiyuki Kita. His work has earned him a permanent place in The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, and Pinakothek der Modarne in Munich. He has taken the functionality, style and grace of massage and incorporated it into a state-of-the-art massage chair experience!

The Broadest Massage Coverage Available

More massage coverage (over 1,200 square inches) than any other massage chair in the world — let the DreamWave Classic cradle your whole body in soothing, quiet relief, shiatsu relief.

Proprietary DreamWave Technoloy

A gentle, undulating figure-8 motion that mimics how a massage therapists balances the body during a shiatsu massage session.

Proprietary Shoulder Massage Unit

A proprietary neck and should massage unit — deeply massages the tops of the shoulders and back of the neck and (most remarkably) delivers gentle neck traction!

Proprietary Full Arm Shiatsu

With the full arm air shiatsu feature, 20 air cells massage each arm in a rhythmic, soothing, and carefully choreographed sequence of movements that are designed to revitalize your entire arm from your fingertips to your shoulders!

Proprietary Hip and Thigh Massage

Deep and soothing pressure to relieve tightness of these large muscles—also delivers a great massage of the “I.T.” band (IlioTibial).

Proprietary and Most Capable and Complete Stretch Function You’ll Find

Offers extension and flexion and gentle rotational stretching of the shoulders, mid-back and hips.

Proprietary Youth Session

A more gentle massage session specially designed for younger users (14+) allows people of all generations to enjoy the healing benefits of the DreamWave.

Optical Shiatsu Point Sensor

Shiatsu points, which differ between people, are automatically detected by the optical sensors. Before you start a massage program, position the chair for comfort, then relax. When you choose your program, DreamWave Classic will begin with a scan of your back that will compare your profile to 106 stored profiles. The massage chair will than match your profile to the nearest stored profile and provide you with a totally customized massage.

Healthcare Programs

DreamWave Classic offers sixteen pre-programmed massage sequences including revolutionary “Morning” and “Nighttime” programs perfected by the Japanese engineers. In addition to pre-programmed massage sessions, DreamWave Classic manual programs allow you to assemble hundreds of possible massage combinations and make precise, personalized adjustments of the massage.

World-class Furniture Aesthetics

Rounding out amazing massage capabilities of the DreamWave Classic, you will also find the uncompromising design of Toshiyuki Kita. His world-renown furniture designs have earned his work a place in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)in New York, the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Pinakothek der Modarne in Munich. The DreamWave Classic redefines the massage chair by blending ancient eastern therapy with modern visual appeal.

The DreamWave Classic also includes the following:

  1. DreamWave seat massage
  2. Heated seat and back
  3. True 3-D back massage
  4. Multiple color options
  5. Consecutive program capability providing up to 30 minute massage sessions
  6. Auto-recline and Auto restore of the chair back and ottoman
  7. 360 degree forearm airbag coverage
  8. Backlit remote control when turned on
  9. Extra bicep padding
  10. Air pump sound insulation provides one of the quietest chairs on the market
  11. Manual mode instant start-up (without initial body scan)
  12. Deep shiatsu sole inserts for deep foot acupressure
  13. Smart phone pocket
  14. Synthetic upholstery with premium leather upgrade