Massage Chair Relief and Make A Wish

January 13, 2009
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
January 13, 2009
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Relief and Make A Wish

When we began selling massage chairs locally, through our clinic and then through our showroom, I approached the Make A Wish Foundation of Utah to see if we could adopt a Make A Wish child and raise money for him/her through our massage chair sales. They loved the idea and found us a little girl for whom we could raise money. Her name is Hannah and her wish was to swim with the dolphins.

We decided to give $50 for every massage chair we sold valued at over $3000 and $25 for every chair sold valued at under $3000 to the Make  A Wish Foundation in the name of Hannah.  We ended up raising a total of $1250 and helped Hannah get her wish of swimming with the dolphins.

With the permission of Hannah's family and the Make A Wish Foundation of Utah, I have included some words from Hannahs parents, describing her experience, below:

Hannah, who is now 16, had a wonderful time on her wish.  Although she is unable to express feelings regarding her trip, her family knew that for her, it was a splendid experience.   Hannah loves animals and is responsive to them, so a wish to swim with the dolphins was perfect for her.  After Hannah and her family returned from their trip, they came to A Wishing Place to raise a star in our rainbow constellation in the ceiling.  Each wish kid gets to participate in this star raising ceremony once their wish has been granted.  Her father explained all about their trip and how they had an amazing experience, especially encountering very thoughtful and giving people along the way. When they arrived they found out that that their time to swim with the dolphins was at a bad time for Hannah. They expressed their concerns to those in charge and the employees found someone who was willing to switch places with them so they could go at a better time for Hannah. Someone else donated the use of their cabana so Hannah would have a nice place to relax on the beach. They really had a great time, but mostly, they were overwhelmed by the generosity shown by others during the whole experience.  Hannah swimming with dolphins


Isn't that wonderful? You can see her with her dad in the picture with the dolphin she swam with. I would like to thank Hannah for allowing us the opportunity to assist in this life blessing, the Make A Wish Foundation for creating such amazing miracles like this in the lives of terminally ill children, and I would especially like to thank you, our clients, who purchased a chair from our showroom last was your contribution that made it possible for Massage Chair Relief to give $1250 to Hannah's wish.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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