Massage Chair Industry Update – October 16, 2014

October 21, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
October 21, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Industry Update – October 16, 2014

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – October 16, 2014”

update Alan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ and today is October 16th, 2014, and this is our biweekly massage chair industry update.

[Stock Status]

Alan: As far as stock goes, I believe everything is in pretty good stock. The Inada DreamWave in ‘Crème’ is back-ordered until a little later this month. I believe that Osaki, and Human Touch, and Panasonic, and all the other chairs, Infinity, they’re all in good stock right now. Yeah, I think you’re good to go. Now, as I mentioned before we’re getting close to Christmas now, and we’re getting close to the buying season, and that’s when stock starts to deplete. Even though the companies are prepared for that time of the year, and they stock up for it, there always seems to be a model, or a color, that is gone pretty quick. So, again, if you’re thinking about getting a chair, you know, get it soon, sooner than later if you want it for the Christmas holidays.

[SCREEN TEXT: Titan Massage Chairs]

Alan: Now, I have – oh, you know what, Inada, or Osaki’s come out with a new model, it’s an – OK, here’s the deal, Osaki and Titan chairs are the same company. So, if you’ve seen Osaki on our website, you’re familiar with those chairs, like the Dreamer, the Cyber, the 4000, whatever, that is, those are Osaki chairs, but it’s the same company, Titan chairs, that owns all of those chairs. We’ve never really carried Titan because Titan has always, traditionally been a lower, kind of a lower cost, lower quality chair, that we didn’t carry. The margins are very, very small on them, but they’re coming out with a couple of new models, and they are, they want them to be carried by just certain exclusive dealers, us being one of them – and the 8300, I think it’s called the TI-8300, and I don’t know much about it, I believe it’s zero gravity, it’s got foot rollers, and it’s got an extended roller track down in to the butt – but that’s about all I know. Then, there’s another model coming out, that I’m not supposed to mention at this, just yet, because it’s not here, and they’re not finalized on it, but there’ll be a couple of Titan models, and we’re going to be adding the Titan line on to our website, Titan and Osaki, basically the same company, two different styles of chairs, different grades of chairs. Again, typically the Titan’s a lower cost chair, maybe a little bit lower grade component, but they’re all made in the same factory, and kind of designed and engineered the same. So, keep an eye open for that, the TI-8300, it should be up on our website soon, and then I’ll announce the other one when it comes out, and that should be maybe in another couple of weeks. I know they want to have everything out before the Christmas shopping rush, duh, and so I think we’ll be seeing that model out soon.

[SCREEN TEXT: Osaki OS-3D Pro Intelligent and OS-3D Pro Marquis Clear Out!]

Alan: Oh, and speaking of Osaki, they are clearing out their Marquis and Intelligent models. Now, if you remember, the Osaki OS-3D Pro Intelligent is the chair that looks like a regular recliner, and it has arm massagers that pop up out of the armrests, and then they go back down when you’re done, but you put your arms in there. It has an ottoman that’s a rotating ottoman to massage your feet and calves, but when you only halfway rotate it, so the flat part of the ottoman is facing up, there’s a linen cloth covering the rollers underneath that, and so you can actually massage your calves with this chair. Now, the chair itself is a 3D chair, this is the Intelligent, it’s a 3D chair, so you can adjust the intensity of the rollers. I remember sitting on that chair, I don’t have it in my showroom, but I remember sitting on it when I was at the showroom, in Osaki’s showroom last year, visiting them in Texas, and that chair was a very vigorous chair, and it’s a nice chair, it’s a nice looking chair. It looks like a regular recliner with arm airbags that are hidden in the armrests, completely hidden, like not hidden like you would see on a DreamWave, or a Dreamer, or a Cyber, where there’s the armrest, and then inside the side of the armrest, you’ll see the airbags or air cells, but it’s actually like a pop-up thing, where you put your arms in, when you’re done, you take your arms out, and push them back down in to the armrests, so it’s completely obscured by the armrests.

[SCREEN TEXT: 888-259-5380]

Alan: Anyway, that chair, and the Marquis, which it kind of has a similar look, and styling to the Osaki, the Osaki 7075R, and I don’t know if, I can’t, I think it’s made in the same plant as the 7075R, so it’s a little different manufacturer, but anyway, those two chairs they are clearing out, because for the holidays, they’re going to be bringing in a bunch of Dreamers, and Cybers, and 4000s, which are their most popular selling models, and they want to get, they want to clear space. So, we can sell those chairs for a very, very low – well, when I say very low, I mean, by relative standards to what price breaks are for massage chairs, I mean, on the website, I believe, there’s a $1000 instant savings for the Intelligent, and I think, a $700 instant savings for the Marquis, but we – call me at 888-259-5380, the phone number’s here. Call me, and then I can tell you what kind of prices we can get for those chairs, and it’ll save you quite a bit of money, in addition to the $1000 off, and the $700 off. So, let me know, call now, while these chairs are still in stock, they’re clearing out their inventory. I don’t know if they’re really, I’m not, I don’t think they’re going to actually cancel the lines, they’re just, they’ve got, they’ve bought, I think when they first imported all these chairs, and remember last year, they brought in the Cyber, the Dreamer, the Marquis, the Intelligent, the OS-3000, the OS-2000, all these chairs, and I think they kind of bought equal parts of everything, and you know, not everything sells the same as others. I know the Dreamer and the Cyber and the 4000 are very popular models, and maybe the Intelligent and the Marquis, and the other, the 3000, 2000, aren’t as popular, so they want to clear out the ones in their inventory so they don’t have excess of chairs that they’re not going to be selling. So, if that makes any sense, I hope I’ve made some sense of that, but call me, and I’ll get you some very, very good pricing on those two models, the Marquis and Intelligent, it’ll knock your socks off is what it’ll do. OK, so we talked about that.

[SCREEN TEXT: 2 Used DreamWaves – $7799 Crème & Black w/ Ext. Warranty]

Alan: I’ve got a used – well, I think I sold the ‘Black’ Inada DreamWave chair, I’ve got a ‘Crème’ one coming back, a ‘Crème’ – I sell a lot of DreamWave, DreamWave is like our most popular selling model, and so with increased sales of a chair, we have, you know, more relative returns. So, right now I just happen to have two, well, the ‘Black’ DreamWave, I think that one might be sold, but call if you’re curious to know about it. Both of them are about a month old, both of them, one’s ‘Crème’ and one’s ‘Black,’ both of them are going for $7799, and they both have the extended warranty, the five-year extended warranty, so the retail price on both those chairs is close to $9000. Well, we’re selling them for $7799, and you won’t find the chair, you won’t find the chair for that price, even without the extended warranty, just regular chair without the extended warranty, you won’t find them for that price, and these are one month old, and the warranty’s all intact.

[SCREEN TEXT: Warranties NOT Transferable on Private Massage Chair Sales]

Alan: Oh, and I should mention that, if you’ve – OK, let’s say you go online and you’re looking for a used chair – it’s important for you to understand that warranties are not transferrable on used chairs except if it’s sold as a return chair through an authorized dealer, or a floor model of an authorized dealer. So, these chairs are returns to me from my customers, that’s why I can roll over the total warranty to you, and you can have full coverage, parts and labor, and in this case, five years parts and labor on the chairs. If you go online, or anywhere else, or if someone tells you that they’ve got a chair they’ll sell to you, and they’ll transfer the warranty for you, warranties cannot be transferred. There was a time a few years back, when some of the companies would transfer warranties of a used chair, but nobody does it anymore, it’s just not done anymore, and I get that because the massage chair companies want to protect themselves in case the chair gets thrashed in delivery, or whatever the case may be, but you do not get warranties. So, that is a real, that’s something you really got to weigh out, like the Japanese chairs are better chairs, Panasonic, Inada, they’re better chairs, so they’re going to last longer, they’re going to have less breakdowns, but they still can have a breakdown, they’re not 0% failure rates, these are, you know, maybe up to 1% failure rates. Depending on the chair you have, maybe one chair starts to have breakdowns in a few years, and you’ve got no coverage, or in one year, or two years, and you’ve got no coverage at all. You’re going to have to pay for those parts, and sometimes the parts can be quite expensive, especially on a Japanese chair, or a Panasonic chair, or an Inada chair, that are more expensive to make. The parts can be quite expensive, and then if you hire labor to install the parts, or whatever, you could be looking at, you know, hundreds, if not close to thousands, maybe more dollars, depending on the part that’s required. So, anyway, buyer beware, if you’re looking for used chairs, especially the Chinese chairs, which have a higher failure rate, and you’re being told that you get a warranty transfer, don’t believe it. If you have any questions, call me, or call the company that originally sold the chair, and ask them if their warranty covers transfer of warranty, and I don’t believe, well, I don’t know of one company that does transfer of warranty, outside of me as a dealer, having a returned chair, or a floor model, that I’m selling with the warranty attached to that.

[SCREEN TEXT: New Luraco iRobotics i6SL]

Alan: OK, oh, and now the Luraco, OK, Luraco, their flagship model has been the Luraco 6S, that chair has now been discontinued, we need to update this on our website, we just found out yesterday it’s been discontinued. It’s upgraded, and I talked about this last time, to the i6SL, and this is a chair that is like the 6S, except – the 6S, which we’ve been familiar with – except it’s, they’ve had a, they’ve utilized some noise reduction technology to reduce the noise of the airbags. They also have an enhanced neck-and-shoulder massager, which is a nice idea, a lot of chairs, believe this or not, a lot of chairs are deficient in good neck massage. Most of them are, well, all of them are great in the mid back, because the mid back curves backward toward the rollers, and so those rollers can really dig in, and most of them have good low back massage, but quite a few do not have exemplary neck massage, and so the fact that Luraco is improving their neck massage, I think is great. Also, the L, I assume stands for leather, of the i6SL, they are having L, or L, they’re having leather on all the touch points of the body, so the neck, the hands, the arms, and the legs, it’s going to be leather material now, rather than linen, or synthetic leather, the rest of the chair will be still synthetic leather, but they’re having leather touch points, and that’s kind of cool. I mean, leather is, leather has a nice feel, it has a unique feel, different from like, vinyl, or – linen, of course, is very soft, but linen, can over time, shred, and you know, fray, and get, you know, what do you call that, when you get, like a ring stuck in it, or something gets stuck, and it kind of pulls it, you know, but leather has a nice feel, it’s a softer feel, it’s a very rich feel, and to have that on these touch points, I think is a great, is a very nice idea. So, that’s the Luraco i6SL, and of course, they also have the Bluetooth options, and they have three different colors. I think it’s the ‘Black,’ the ‘Brown,’ or the ‘Caramel,’ and the, I think, ‘Burgundy,’ or something like that, but they’ve got some very nice colors. It’s a nice looking chair, it’s a big chair, it takes up quite a bit of space, a very nice chair. When people walk in to our showroom, their eyes are often drawn to that chair because of its look, it’s a very stylish, contemporary look, kind of patterned after the Inada DreamWave design, as most chairs are today, it’s a nice, nice chair, and it’s a nice functioning chair. Again, the thing that makes Luraco chairs unique is that their chair bodies, and the motors, and a lot of the hardware components are out of China, it comes from China, but the other half of the chair, like all the electronic components, all the quality control, and the testing, goes on here in the United States, in Dallas, in their, it’s actually in, I think, in Arlington, Texas, where their little, well, it’s not little, it’s a big, where their big headquarters, and testing area, and manufacturing area is. If you’ll watch my video on the YouTube channel, I visited them about a year ago, and I videotaped some of the manufacturing processes of building the electronic boards, the motherboards, and whatnot. It’s amazing, cool stuff, but they’ve got great quality control, and they test every chair before it leaves their warehouse, and they also have great customer support. I mean, they, often times if there’s a problem with the support, and the person you call at their tech support doesn’t know the answer, you will get an engineer on the phone, like one of the engineers that actually designed the motherboards will get on the phone, and talk to you, and help you with the problem. They have been magnificent with their customer support, I love Luraco, and their customer support. You know what, I think that is just about it for now.

[SCREEN TEXT: Cleaning Your Massage Chair]

Alan: I might just mention one more thing. Cleaning, a lot of people ask me about cleaning chairs, and there’s not, OK, first of all, there’s very little maintenance on a massage chair. Sometimes a massage chair needs some greasing, from time to time, but we rarely see that, but one thing a chair does require is cleaning. So, the synthetic leather, synthetic leathers are very easy to clean, just use a mild, soapy, detergent water, or mild, soapy, or – I’m getting my words mixed up – water, with a mild, soapy detergent in the water, and you can just use that, and a cloth, to wipe down the chair, that will also work on the linen. So, if you’ve got linen touch points, like we were just talking about, on the neck, or on the hands, or the arms, or the feet, you can use this, you know, a rag, a clean rag, with mild, soapy water, and warm, you know, warm water, and clean it down. Leather, you can even use a leather, if you have a leather chair – and there’s not many chairs that have leather, there’s the HT-9500, the IT-9800, and of course, the Inada DreamWave ‘Black’ leather option – and you can just use a leather treatment cream, or spray, or something like that, if you want to treat that leather, but other than that, it’s pretty easy to clean these babies. You might want to get a vacuum cleaner out, and vacuum, clean the calf wells, and the foot wells because you know, stuff off the feet get in there, and then if you can extend the ottoman, and get in there with a vacuum cleaner, you can clean that up, but it’s very easy to clean your massage chair. We wipe ours down once a week, just to make sure that they’re clean, and all the dust is off of them. Clean the linen, clean the linen the same way that you do the Naugahyde, or the leather, very easy to clean. Well, I think that is just about it for this week. I hope this video, you know, you found it helpful in some way. We, if you have any questions at all, I just want you to know that we’re always available to you, you can call, you can go online and chat with me, or us, you can go on email, we can chitchat on the YouTube channel, or on our blog, or on Facebook, there’s many ways that you can contact us, and particularly, you can contact me. I’m always available to chitchat with, and talk about, if you’re having a question about a chair, or you’re not sure which one to buy, or whatever, I’m always available, and we want to make sure that you are aware of that, so that you never have to feel like – and this, and by the way, I might add, that this applies after the sale, as well as before – I’m always available to talk to, so if you ever have a question about your chair, or about buying a chair, or you’re worried about something about your new chair, you can always call me. I’m always here, and I’ll always return your call, and not, maybe not that moment, but I will definitely get back to you within a very short period of time if you call, and if I can’t get to you right away. We’re very grateful for you, and for spending time to watch this video, I hope you found it helpful, please feel free to ‘Like’ us on Facebook, and share us on Facebook, ‘Like’ us on the YouTube channel, give us a thumbs up. Of course, spread the word through your, whatever, various social media, Google Plus, and LinkedIn, and Twitter, we just appreciate you helping us spread the word about massage chairs because we feel that this is really something very important. It’s a home therapy that people love, and never grow tired of, and it can help with so many musculoskeletal issues that you might be going to chiropractors, like I was, or therapists, or massage therapists. This is a way for you to take care yourself, in your own home, without having to leave, and endure the hassles of traveling, and traffic, and shelling out additional money. Once you have your chair, it’s like your own in-house massage therapist, it’s magnificent. Anyway, again, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and we will see you again in two weeks on our next massage chair industry update. Bye bye.

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