Massage Chair Industry – September 18, 2014

September 22, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
September 22, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Massage Chair Industry – September 18, 2014

Transcript of Video Titled “Massage Chair Industry Update – September 18, 2014”

updateAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ and today is our biweekly massage chair industry update for Thursday, September 18th, 2014.

[SCREEN TEXT: Stock Status]

Alan: We’ll get right in to some stock status, there are some things to report. First of all, the Inada DreamWave is back-ordered in the ‘Chocolate,’ or sorry in the ‘Crème’ color, and the YuMe is back-ordered on, the Inada YuMe is back-ordered on the ‘Dark Brown.’ The OS-4000, which has become a real popular seller lately, and I think it’s because it’s such a good bang for the buck at $2695, but that chair is back-ordered on the ‘Charcoal’ color. All the other colors are in stock, and as far as I know, most of the other colors, or most of the other chairs, of all their models, and they have a lot of models, are in stock.

[SCREEN TEXT: Call 888-259-5380 – Special Pricing on OS-Marquis & OS-Intelligent]

Alan: I will also mention that they are trying to stack up, and make room for the Dreamers, and the Cybers, and the 4000s for the Christmas rush, and we are getting close to that time, and it’s amazing how quickly that time has come, but we’re getting close to that time. So, they’re going to be clearing out some of the other inventory, so that we have some special pricing on the Osaki OS-Marquis, and the OS-Intelligent. I can’t give you those prices on here or on our website, but you can call us at 888-259-5380, and I can get those prices to you. So, if you’re interested in those chairs for better prices than would’ve been listed, give me a call. Also, speaking of the Inada DreamWave, you know, as you may or may not know, August 1st was when Inada upgraded the Inada Sogno Dreamwave to the new Inada DreamWave, they took out the word Sogno altogether, but they still had some of the old Sognos in stock for purchase at the old price. Well, those are all gone now, so all the old Sognos are gone, it’s just the Inada DreamWave, so don’t, I still get asked about the Sogno, if there’s any left, but there are none left, FYI. Also, as far as I know, other stock is good for the other companies, I haven’t heard anything about Human Touch, or Panasonic, or Infinite Therapeutics.

[SCREEN TEXT: White Panasonic MA70 Floor Model for Sale – $3999!!]

Alan: I’ve been selling quite of few of those Panasonic MA73s lately, and I don’t have one in my showroom, it’s an upgrade to the MA70, I’ve talked about it a few issues back, of the massage chair industry update. It has, it’s for a bigger body, it has rollers in the feet and rollers in the hands, or in the palms, and a few other features that escape me right now, but the MA73, we’ve sold a few of them lately and I’ve been impressed with the interest that people have. I’ll be selling – oh, and that reminds me – I’ll be selling my floor model, the MA70, for $3999, it’s regularly $6999, I’ve had it for about a year-and-a-half, that chair is a great chair, the MA70’s a great chair, and this is the ‘Ice’ colored one, or the white one, and I have my floor model for sale, so if you’re interested in it, let me know, and I will get that shipped out to you right away.

[SCREEN TEXT: Black Inada DreamWave Two Weeks Old – $7800!!]

Alan: Also, I’ve got, I believe I’ve got a DreamWave coming back from a customer that bought it, sight unseen, and his wife didn’t like it, and so they’re sending it back, and that one will be going for $7800, so about $700 off. So, if you’re interested in either one of those, please let me know. I’m losing, I’m kind of jumping around here, from topic to topic, so the Panasonic MA70, the 73, the DreamWave, the used DreamWave for sale – and by the way, the DreamWave’s not even a month old, I think it’s two or three weeks old is all – the OS-4000 ‘Charcoal’ is out of stock, Sognos are all gone. OK, I think I’ve got it straight on the inventory, yeah, I think we’ve got it straight on the inventory.

[SCREEN TEXT: Review of Osaki OS-4000T on My Blog / Article Library]

Alan: Now, another thing I will mention is that I wrote a review on the OS-4000, I just wrote it last Friday. You can go on to the blog or our article library and take a look at the article. I go in to some detail about my experience on the chair. You know, I’ve been selling this chair for years, and I’ve sold a number of them, but I’ve never had one in my showroom, and I finally got one. Oddly enough, a guy came by, a local fellow came by, and he needed a birthday gift, last Tuesday, he needed it for Thursday, for his wife. She wanted a massage chair, and he was quickly finding that you just don’t go and a buy a massage chair in a store, they ship them because they’re so huge. Well, I ended up selling my floor model for my floor model of the OS-4000, and I’m waiting for a new one to come in, but before I sold it to him, before we delivered it to his house, I sat in it, and we did a good review on it. I haven’t got any videos on it yet, but they’re coming, but take a look at that video, it’s my first review, a pretty in-depth review of the OS-4000, not just of the feature set, but my experience of sitting in it, and some of the observations I made while sitting in it, it’s much better than just a pure literature review.

[SCREEN TEXT: Black Iyashi Now Available!]

Alan: Also, the ‘Black’ Iyashi’s in stock. I mentioned this before, but the ‘Black’ Iyashi – now, when I say ‘Black’ Iyashi, I mean black interior, the outside is still the white plastic – we have the ‘Cherry,’ or the ‘Berry Red,’ and the ‘Caramel Brown’ interior, and they had a ‘Black’ interior a year ago, they had it for the Christmas season, but then they discontinued it right after Christmas. Well, that palette color’s back, and it’s in stock, and it’s available for the rest, it’s not a temporary thing, the ‘Black’ Iyashi, interior Iyashi ‘Black’ color is in stock.

[SCREEN TEXT: Visiting Infinite Therapeutics in New Hampshire]

Alan: Oh, and that reminds me, I’m actually going out, not this next week, but the week after, on the 29th, I’ll be flying out to Boston, and driving to New Hampshire to visit with the Infinite Therapeutics people. I’m really looking forward to it, on a number of fronts, because I’ve never been to Boston before, I’ve never been out east before. I’m a western guy, western Canada, western US, I haven’t really ventured too far out of the western part of North America, but I’m going to Boston. I’m excited about that, but I’m also excited about going to Infinite Therapeutics, and meeting – you know, I’ve interviewed Jim Coppins, who’s their VP a couple of times, and you can see the interviews on my YouTube channel – but I’ll get to meet him in person, Michael Garceau, the president, I’ll get to meet him, and of course, Michael Malone, who’s the national sales rep, or the national sales manager, I’ll be meeting with him. I’ve talked to these guys all the time on the phone, but I’ve never actually met them in person, so I’m looking forward that, I’m looking forward to see what they’ve got cooking there at their, they’ve got a showroom. Their warehouse is in Oregon, so I’m not going to see the warehouse on this trip, but I will be able their, they’ve got a storeroom and a store there, and we can chitchat about that, and I’m also curious too hear what they’ve got coming down the pipe. It’s been over a year, about a year and-a-half since I’ve talked to Jim last, on our interview, on one of our interviews, so I’d like to get caught up and see what they might have percolating, you know, right now. I know that most of these companies are very discreet about what they’ve got coming out until they actually show up, but I’ll see if what I can pry out of them, and see if they’ve got anything cooking. One of the things I’d like to know is if they’re going to have a ‘Black’ Iyashi exterior, that would be pretty cool, a ‘Black’ Iyashi exterior, or another color. Anyway, that so I’ll, oh, and the other reason I’m looking forward to go is I’m going to be going to a Boston Red Sox game. Now, I’m not a big baseball fan, I’m from Canada, baseball’s not huge up there, it’s more hockey, and I’m a crazy avid hockey fan, but I would say that being able to go to the Red Sox, Fenway Park, pretty exciting, and I like the Boston Red Sox. I’ve got some dear friends who are huge Red Sox fans, and I’ve kind of caught on to that, and I’m looking forward to go. So, we’ll see them play, I’m not exactly sure who they’re playing, but I’ll be going that night, and I’m really looking forward to that. My daughter and her husband and my grandkids went to Boston earlier this year, in May, and my daughter loved it. She said she’d move there in a heartbeat if Dave could get a job there, and yeah, they just love it. I trust my daughter’s judgment, in spite of the fact that she’s my daughter, I do trust her judgment, it’s far better than mine, but I’m looking forward to go out there, and see what all the hubbub’s all about.

[SCREEN TEXT: Change of Warranty for Omega Montage Pro Model]

Alan: OK, now another thing – OK, we covered the inventory, ‘Black’ Iyashi, OK, we’re good there – one last thing is that the Omega Montage Pro, that chair, now Omega’s not a real big, big player in the massage chair industry, but they’ve got some nice chairs, and that Omega Pro’s a nice chair. When it first came out, they offered a five-year, parts-and-labor warranty, which was unique, we’d never seen that before in any chair, and they had it, which meant that they would take care of your chair, in your home, for five years. Well, I had a customer call me, or email me, about getting about an Omega Pro, and he wanted to confirm with me that the warranty was a five-year, parts-and-labor warranty. So, you know, I’ll typically say ‘Yeah, it is,’ you know, because I’ve not been notified of anything different, but I thought, you know, sometimes you hear that little voice inside you that’s whispering and saying ‘You better check that.’ So, I went on to their website, and I checked it, and sure enough, they’ve changed it, it’s five year parts, but only one of those five years is parts and labor. So, they’ve dropped their warranty back down to something a little bit more typical of the Chinese chairs, and I don’t know why that is, if it’s because they’ve had a lot of breakdowns, or because it was too expensive to have that kind of warranty, I don’t know, but the warranty’s dropped back down to a one-year warranty, parts and labor, with five years of parts. I also might mention that I read in the fine print that you have to send in the warranty card within 90 days, for that warranty to be, you know, activated, so and not all companies are like that, most of them, you know, if you buy them, and they’ve got your name and your address, you are registered, and that’s all they need, but it sounds like Omega wants you to send in the warranty card. So, if you get an Omega chair, whether it’s the Pro, or the Elite, or the Aries, or whatever, please be sure to send in your warranty card, so that you’re not left out hanging, if something happens to that, happens down the road, to your chair. Invariably, you know, I hate to say it, but there is a chance that things could happen to any chair, or any piece of electronics. So, anyway, be aware of that. You know, I think that is about it for our massage chair industry update this week. As far as I know, there’s not any new models coming out. I will check with Infinite Therapeutics when I’m there, I haven’t heard anything new from Human Touch lately, or Inada, or Panasonic, most of them have come out with a new model this year already. I’m still doing interviews with customers, please feel free to go to our YouTube channel and see our customer interviews. I’ve had this perfect storm of problems with my computer. First of all, the computer went bad, then the software I use to record the Skype interviews would not, was treated as a virus on my computer, and would continually get kicked out, and then I got a new laptop, and that new laptop broke down, and then I had to bring it back and get it repaired, it took two weeks for that, and oh my goodness, it was just a pain in the royal rumpus. I finally got it back, and now I’ve got everything installed, and I’m doing another interview this afternoon, but I’ve got another one I’ll be posting tomorrow. Anyway, I love the customer interviews, they’re fantastic, I love talking to my customers, and I love it when people come to the showroom. We just had Sam come here from Pensacola yesterday, he spent two days with us, and we had a wonderful visit, talking about massage chairs, and experiencing all the chairs. I’ve got another fellow coming in from Seattle on Saturday, and someone from Cincinnati on Monday. It’s wonderful having these people, and making these friendships, and building these relationships with people, I love it, and being able to talk with these interviews on Skype, is fantastic, because this is another way for me to develop and enhance these relationships that I cherish so much.

[SCREEN TEXT: A Portion of Every Massage Chair Sale is Donated to Make-A-Wish!]

Alan: Also, I want you to know that we’re well over $9000 now on our Make-A-Wish fundraiser for this year. We will be bumping up the goal to $10,000 at the end of November, for the next year, and I’m excited about that. Maybe I’ll change that to January 1st, just because it’s so much easier, fiscal year of January to December, as our goal year. So, maybe we’ll just go right on through to December 31st, and then January 1st, we’ll change our goal to $10,000 for 2015. I’m so excited because we’ll be able to help two or three more kids realize their dreams and their wishes, and they are just precious, I just love, I love being involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, I just love it. I love kids, I got six of them myself, I got grandkids, and I’m sure I’m going to have, by the time all my kids are married, I’m going to have a butt load of grandkids by the time I’m 80 or 90, and they’re going to run me ragged, and keep me young, I don’t know which, I hear both, but anyway, that’s neither here nor there. Please, and in case you didn’t know, in case you’re new to these broadcasts, every time you, any time you purchase a chair from us, a portion of that sale will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and if you don’t buy a chair from us, and you still want to donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, you can do that, you can just do it through our website. You don’t have to buy a chair to donate, even though we’d love it if you did buy a chair, because we will do the donation for you. Anyway, that’s about it for this week. If you have any questions, or comments, or concerns, or things you’ve heard that you want to get clarified, or information that I probably, may not know, and you want to enlighten me about it, feel free to call me, get on our blog and make a comment, chat with me online, I’m always available to you, email me, whatever. I always try to make myself available to you, and if I don’t get to you right away, I will get to you very soon after your call, or your inquiry. Well, that’s it for this week’s massage chair industry update. I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘,’ and we will see you again in two weeks.

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