Mail Bag – Inada Sogno Timer; Compact Chair; Intense Massage

July 10, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
July 10, 2014
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Mail Bag – Inada Sogno Timer; Compact Chair; Intense Massage

emailEmail Question #1

Hi there. Is there any way to get around the built-in 15 minute timer on the Inada Sogno?

My Response #1

Thanks for your email. The sessions can last from 15-20 minutes in length depending on the body scan findings, but other than that you can’t adjust the session timer. The good thing with the Sogno, though, is when the program stops the chair will not come back up to the parked position but stay where you had it reclined. You just need to push the program button again and it will start up with you in the very same position.

ZeroG 4.0

ZeroG 4.0

Email Question #2

Hi. I’m looking for a massage chair to replace an older Panasonic Shiatsu model (about 15 years old) I love the hard shiatsu massage. Other things would be a plus. I tried a Human touch Zero 4 at a local dealer and found it to be really soft–hardly felt the massage at all. Anyway, wondered if you could recommend a chair(s). The most compact one possible would be good, as I’m in small one-bedroom apt. Thanks, Barry

My Response #2

Hi, Barry
Thanks for your email. You must really love an intense massage because most folks find the ZeroG 4.0 too intense. So, that gives me a good frame of reference.

A couple of chairs I might recommend, for roller intensity, would be the Infinity IT-8500, the Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber, the Panasonic MA70. I would have to say for “compactness” the Panasonic would be the best choice. They haven’t succumbed yet to the new chair body styling, pioneered by the Inada Sogno. It doesn’t have the same space-saving feature as the ZeroG, but the overall size of the chair is considerably less.

Infinity Iyashi

Infinity Iyashi

Email Question #3

Hi Doc We are wanting to replace a Panasonic EP1000. It has been an excellent chair but it has a broken left roller and won’t tap anymore. A slow death 🙁 We want to replace it and are in Gainesville, Florida. (Go Gators!) You are the best I have found on the internet for making such a large investment decision. Don’t know which between the Osaki, Infinitiy, Luraco or ?. These three seem to have most features we are looking for. I have had surgery on L4-5 for spinal stenosis in 2011, cervical fusion C3-4,4-5,6-7 2006 and have an arthritic spine. I also have intermittent sciatic pain. I like the Iyashi because of the L track with butt massage however I understand it doesn’t have 3D or adjustable rollers. I like a VERY DEEP massage. Also, is it going to be produced with a black shell? My husband, Joe, has a very stressful job. I am a massage therapist but I haven’t the wherewithal to give him the daily massage work that he needs. I would appreciate your thoughts. We would like to combine a visit to your showroom with a grand canyon tour. Thanks. Jeff

My Response #3

Hi, Jeff
Thank you so much for your email. I apologize for taking so long to get back to you, but my weekend was filled with family stuff and I finally have time to focus on email writing! The Iyashi would be a great choice for your lower back and sciatica issues, however it is a little weak on the neck. That might be a good thing considering your fusions. I would consider the Iyashi a pretty deep massage in the low back and buttocks, but the deepest massage for the spine as a whole would probably come from the Infinity IT-8500. Great bang for the buck, too. Tne neck massage on that model is second to none. Both the Infinity chairs do NOT have adjustable roller intensity, but are quite vigorous by default.

The newer Osaki models, i.e. OS-3D Pro Dreamer and Cyber, have the 3D roller technology which allows you to increase the intensity. These are good choices, particularly the Dreamer since it caters to a more diverse user heights. They both have decent neck, mid back, and lower back massages but nothing in the seat, ala the Iyashi. By the way, the Iyashi will not be coming out with a black exterior as of the time of the writing of this email.

The Luraco iRobotics 6S is a good chair but not as deep a massage as the IT-8500 or the Dreamer at full roller deployment.


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