Jaye Watson – Massage Chair Relief Customer Interview (Video)

February 4, 2016
 By Allison Bricker
February 4, 2016
 By Allison Bricker

Jaye Watson – Massage Chair Relief Customer Interview (Video)

Transcript of Video Titled “Jaye Watson – Massage Chair Relief Customer Interview”

Inada DreamWaveDr. Alan Weidner: Well, hi, Jaye.

Jaye Watson: Well, hey, Alan, how are you, bud?

Alan: Good, we finally get a chance to visit.

Jaye: Oh, absolutely.

Alan: I couldn’t be happier, I appreciate your patience, I know it’s been a real bother. My computer’s been …

Jaye: Oh, no worries, no worries.

Alan: My computer’s been a nightmare, and the software hasn’t worked, and it looks like we finally, finally have things under control, so grateful for your time.

Jaye: Oh, no worries at all, man.

Alan: Now, I’ll just delve right in to the questions with you.

Jaye: Sure.

Alan: Now, you and Dan both have Inada Sognos, the Inada Sogno DreamWave chair?

Jaye: Mm-hmm.

Alan: And I should mention that you and your partner, Dan both, both got the Inada chair, and then of course, you probably have – you both have similar feedback, I’m sure he’s given you feedback that you might want to relay with us – but what I’d like to maybe start off by asking is, kind of, what was your journey? And if you can remember, I mean, you’ve had this chair for over a year now – or you guys have had these chairs for over a year, what – tell me a little bit about the journey of getting to the place where you wanted to get a massage chair, and you knew what you wanted to get.

Jaye: Well, we were looking around at other options, like Brookstone, for example, and you know, we didn’t really think the quality was going to be there with those particular chairs, and I think the issues related to the warranty really wasn’t there either for us. And you know, we heard about the chair, I guess, somewhere online, and we decided, you know, to look in to it, and then when we found you guys, you know, the service was great, you know, all the way up to the point of sale.

Alan: Oh, that’s great, and so how long, would you say, was that period of time, from the time that you first got the notion of getting a chair, and actually buying, well, how long was that period?

Jaye: I would say it was probably about a 30 to 45-day period of taking a look at what at what was out there, and all.

Alan: Yeah, it’s my experience that most people – this is not an impulse buy for most people, it’s something they spend the time researching, and studying, and feeling out, and 30 to 45 days sounds about – probably about normal.

Jaye: Right, exactly, yeah.

Alan: Now, you had, how long have you had the chair now, has it been, was it a year ago April, or I think it’s been maybe a little over a year and a half?

Jaye: Yeah, it’s probably been a little over a year we’ve had the chair, you know, it works great, no complaints, everything’s still doing good with it.

Alan: And that’s for both of the chairs, no issues that you had to call Inada about, or anything like that?

Jaye: Nothing at all, no, and in terms of using it, I know I use mine at least twice a week …

Alan: OK.

Jaye: And Dan, maybe more, but you know, I love the functionality of it, you know, the fact that it uses the air to, you know, blow up the areas, and you know, just a little different than most, and I think, you know, it really works well from what I can tell.

Alan: Yeah, well, it’s got over 100 airbags, I mean, that thing’s loaded with airbags. And it’s not just airbags that squeeze, I mean, the seat moving from side to side is part of the airbags – is done by the airbags, you know, the airbags that massage your thighs, and the top of your shoulders, it’s all airbags – it’s not just simple compression there, it’s a pretty sophisticated chair. Now, the, did you have any complaints, or any physical concerns that inspired you to want to get a chair, like did you have back pain, or neck pain, or anything like that, that you wanted the chair to address?

Jaye: Yeah, actually, I did have some, some back pain, and maybe it’s from lifting, working out, but definitely upper back, you know, had been bothering me, and then, you know, after getting the chair, you know, it’s been great. I just, if I feel some discomfort, I just get in there, and you know, relax, and you know, just try to keep from falling asleep.

Alan: Yeah, well, you know, Sogno means dream, so I mean, that chair is designed, I think, to put you to sleep, by name alone. But, now, I noticed on your Skype image that you had like that you do some dirt biking, and I would assume that doing that is hard on the back. My son does a lot of that stuff, and every time he’s done, he’s sore, and he’s only 23. Have you gotten some aches and pains from doing that?

Jaye: Oh, yeah, riding four-wheelers, exactly, yeah, you know, I had a couple minor accidents, you know, mainly whenever I was younger. But, you know, definitely, you know, after all day riding it, it could beat you up pretty good, and you feel like you’ve gotten a workout actually, so …

Alan: Yeah.

Jaye: Yeah.

Alan: Well, I know a lot of people that use these chairs after physical exercise, or after going out on dirt bikes or four-wheelers, it’s something that kind of helps loosen up some of those muscles, and the older we get, the more sore we feel after doing activities like that. I mean, I’m 55, and I play hockey, and it never fails that after a hockey game, at this age, I feel some soreness in the low back, and a little bit in the neck, so a chair is a wonderful, welcomed therapy after, you know, aggressive, you know, playing.

Jaye: Absolutely.

Alan: Now, have you noticed any other, any other benefits from the chair since you’ve got it, so you got it for neck pain, or for back pain, maybe some neck pain, help you sleep a little bit, have you noticed any other therapeutic benefits from the chair like, ‘Wow, you know, I noticed this since I’ve had the chair,’ anything that comes to mind?

Jaye: Well, pretty much, you know, the feature obviously, the leg massage that it does on there, the foot massage part, you know, that’s, that’s kind of a nice feature, and then just going back to the DreamWave part of it. You know, I don’t know of any other chairs at all for that type of functionality, that I’ve …

Alan: Yeah.

Jaye: That I’ve used, and using that particular setting, you know, it’s really nice.

Alan: Yeah, yeah, it really is, right.

Jaye: It feels to me like, on the spine, it just really, you know, makes it feel better. Actually, after getting out of it, I feel like I’ve just had an adjustment at the chiropractor, using that setting, so it’s wonderful.

Alan: Have you – now, when I was a chiropractor, I noticed that when people got chairs, I didn’t see them as often after – have you found that to be the case with the chair, you don’t need the chiropractor or the massage therapist quite as often?

Jaye: Well, absolutely, there’s not as much dysfunction, instead of going, maybe, two to three times a week, I’m only going once a week now.

Alan: OK, well, that’s good to hear. I didn’t, and for all – and for any chiropractors or massage therapists that are watching this video, I didn’t say that to try to make you feel like we’re stealing business from you, but I did notice when I was a practicing – when I was practicing that some customers that bought chairs, or some patients that bought chairs, did not come back as often, so that’s part of the benefit of these chairs. Is there, is there anything about the chair that you didn’t like, like was there anything that when you got the chair, you kind of thought ‘Oh, I wish that was different,’ or ‘That could have been different,’ or have you been happy with it?

Jaye: Well, yeah, nothing really that stands out to me, you know, I’ve been perfectly happy with it, you know, and the quality obviously is there for the price. At first, you know, there was a concern about the price, but you know, the, just the, to see that I’ve been using this thing a year, over a year now, and at least, you know, a couple, two to three times a week. I mean, it’s, you know, amazing that, really that nothing’s actually happened to it yet.

Alan: Right, well, that’s good, good to hear it, and good to find – I’m glad to hear that you’re using it as regularly as you do – we tell everybody that this is not like a treadmill …

Jaye: Mm-hmm.

Alan: Where you’ll use it, use it for a while at first, and then you’ll never use it again. My experience with the customers is that they will typically use this thing forever, and it’s not something that gathers dust. It sounds like you’re the same way.

Jaye: Yeah, absolutely, and just to add – even the chiropractor that I see recommended that we get one, so that was a – you know, a very good recommendation for me.

Alan: Good. Now, have you, have you found that other people, when they see the chair, are drawn to it, do you have a lot of people, when they come to your home, or your business, they go ‘Holy crap, I want to sit on that thing,’ or …

Jaye: Oh, absolutely.

Alan: Well, what’s the response from other people when they see your chair?

Jaye: Oh, they’re blown away, you know, obviously when you tell them the price, they get kind of blown away, but when they sit in it, you know, you can see the quality’s there, like during the holidays, we have a lot of people over at our home, and you know, I have people sit in it, and try it, and they just love it, you know. I’ve had people fall asleep in it, so it’s wonderful.

Alan: Well, I better send you some cards so you can hand them out when these people come over …

Jaye: Absolutely, that should help …

Alan: Get them off your chair. Now, what do you think was the biggest, the biggest determining factor for getting the chair, I mean, we’ve talked about quality, we’ve talked about your aches and pains, is there one, single thing that drew you to the Inada Sogno more than anything else?

Jaye: Well, just the reviews that are out there, you know, were really good on that particular chair, as opposed to others, you know. The price point, you know, obviously was a concern, but most all the reviews that we got on it was really good, so we – and we definitely wanted to get something, for the amount of time we were going to use the chairs – that was going to be robust, and could handle, you know, that type of usage.

Alan: And you felt that – and based on what you thought you were going to get with the chair – you’ve felt that it’s matched your expectations?

Jaye: Oh, yeah, actually, I would go on to say that it’s exceeded my expectations there.

Alan: OK.

Jaye: You know, because honestly as much as we do use it, I would just assume that I would’ve had already ordered some part for it, and just the fact that I didn’t, I think it’s really put together quite well.

Alan: Good. Yeah, it is a quality chair, there’s no doubt about it, and the Japanese just have, they have a way of making things …

Jaye: My concern was all the areas where you’ve got air constantly blowing up, kind of like the balloons, that there may have been some issues related to that, but no issues at all, whatsoever, so far.

Alan: Good, great news. Now, when you were looking for a chair, obviously you bought it from us, what, was there, were there any, was there any things about our business that was attractive to you, like what was it about Massage-Chair-Relief that made you want to get the chair from us as opposed to any other retailer?

Jaye: Well, I think working directly with you, you know, you seemed to be very knowledgeable with the chairs that were out there. Other people, you know, there was really no good, quality service, and you seemed to know quite a lot about the chair, and that was obviously one that you did recommend as well too, and after doing all the reviews on it, you know, that’s the one that we decided to go with.

Alan: Well, I’m glad you went with us, I really appreciate it. You’ve been great customers, and I’m very happy to hear that you haven’t had many problems with it, you know, sometimes, you know, there’s a problem, and it’s electronics, I mean, there’s things that go bad, there’s so many movable parts, and electronic components. So, I’m glad to hear everything’s working well for you, that’s fantastic.

Jaye: Right, and another thing I’ll just add to that too …

Alan: Yeah?

Jaye: Is that, you know, if you’re a businessman like I am, you know, this can be a tax deduction as well too, so you know, look at it in that manner also.

Alan: Yeah, I agree, that’s a good point, and of course, you’ll always want to consult with an accountant, or somebody like that, before you make any call like that, but yeah, you’re absolutely right, a lot of people do do that. Anything else you can think of that you’d like to say that maybe I haven’t touched on, or anything else that you’ve thought about that I haven’t questioned you about?

Jaye: Oh, well, no, I think that probably sums it up there again. You know, as I said, it’s a great chair, you know, a good quality chair. It’s exceeded our expectations, you know, as much as we use it, and I’ve had no problems thus far with it, so – and in addition to that, I was kind of relieved at how easy the assembly was also, so you know, I was expecting to – to probably have to call someone to come out there and do it, because I’m not the most mechanically inclined person. But anyway, it just was very easy, the instructions for, to put it together so, you know, got it together quickly.

Alan: Well, and bringing up that point, I might mention here that we do include white glove delivery with the Inada chair, with the DreamWave, or Sogno chair, but some people, to save a little extra money on the cost, you can set it up yourself, and we will pass the savings that I would’ve paid to Inada for the white glove service, I, we pass that on to the consumer. So, I just thought I’d mention that because someone listening to this might think ‘Well, I thought they get the delivery and setup included,’ and it does, but if you want to save a couple hundred bucks, set it up yourself, and that’s a good way to save some money on it. Well, if there’s nothing else then Jaye, I guess that’s about it. All this hassle over the last 3, 4 weeks to get you to, to finally get an interview with you, because of these, you know, this software, and computer issues, it took us, what, 10 minutes …

Jaye: Well, exactly, I mean …

Alan: And now we’re done.

Jaye: Yeah, absolutely …

Alan: Well …

Jaye: Anytime, just let me know, definitely I’m very happy, and I’ll be referring more clients.

Alan: Well, I sure appreciate your willingness to help out, Jaye, thanks a lot, and it’s good to visit with you, say hi to Dan for me, and I’m sure we’ll talk again.

Jaye: OK, thanks Alan, have a good evening.

Alan: Take care, see you. Bye bye.

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