Inada Sogno Dreamwave vs. Panasonic MA70 Questions

June 4, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
June 4, 2012
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Sogno Dreamwave vs. Panasonic MA70 Questions

I get a lot of inquiries from shoppers about the differences between the Inada Sogno Dreamwave and the Panasonic MA70 massage chairs because of the closeness in price. The chairs are actually very different. Here is another question (and, or course, my response) regarding these two popular models…


Hello, We’re considering upgrading our older generation Panasonic Real Pro chair. We see that Panasonic has a new EP-MA70 which we are considering as well as the Inada. I see you have some preliminary reviews comparing the MA70 to the Inada but wondered if you have more insight into how they compare. We like the coverage of the Inada but are worried the massage intensity might not compare to the Panasonic. Also, the controls of the Inada seem a little more rudimentary than the Panasonic (I need to program the unit to avoid areas that are damaged and need light touch whereas other areas need strong touch). Any help you can give in helping decide between the two would be great. Also if you can tell us what each will cost that would be great (including delivery to xxxxxxxx). Thanks, Dave

My Response:

Thanks for your email, Dave, and thanks for asking some great questions. 

 You can read my more in-depth comparison of the Panasonic ma70 and the Inada Sogno Dreamwave chairs here:
(This article was in response to another massage chair shopper’s question regarding the differences between the two.)
To answer your questions more specifically:
1. The default massage intensity of the Panasonic ma70 is greater than that of the Inada Sogno. However, you can adjust the intensity of both, thus increasing the intensity to a level you desire. You can also remove the cervical traction device of the Inada Sogno Dreamwave, which is attached to a pad that goes down to the low back. When you lift that cervical traction device and attached pad up and over the chair back, and then also increase the intensity of the massage with the appropriate button on the remote control, the intensity of the Inada Sogno rollers is one of the strongest we have on a massage chair.

Panasonic MA70

Panasonic massage chairs are typically more aggressive out of the box and the intensity can also be adjusted up from the default. Bottom line? I think it is a wash, especially when you remove Inada’s cervical traction device and attached pad.
2. The Panasonic chairs have a memory capability to remember what program you set for your back. In that way, you can sit down on the chair later and “recall” the massage you had earlier. Inada Sogno does not have that feature at all. When you sit in the Sogno, the chair scans you each time and matches your body type to a database of over 150 body types, until it finds the one most perfectly matched to your body type and shape. If you are accustomed to using the memory capability feature on your current Panasonic chair and want to have that feature again on your new chair, the ma70 is the only model that has that feature of the two we are discussing.
3. The Inada Sogno Dreamwave remote is very easy to use but don’t let that fool you into thinking that it is rudimentary. The Inada massage chairs are, in our opinion, some of the most sophisticated AND easy-to-use chairs in the market. You will certainly not lack for innovation and sophistication when you use the Sogno remote. Both chairs have automatic programs and manual settings. You can focus your massage on key areas with the manual settings of both chairs. This is different from the memory function I discussed in point #2. 
4. One thing that we have learned recently about the Panasonic chairs is that they are now all being manufactured in China. The ma70 was originally manufactured in Japan but production has moved to mainland China in recent months. I have noticed that sales of that model have dropped since this revelation of the change in manufacturing country. I don’t know if that matters to you or not, but you should know especially if you are considering spending that much money on a chinese-made chair. 
You can visit our extensive and one-of-a-kind massage chair comparison chart to learn more about the differences between the two models in greater detail:
Regarding cost, we are offering a showroom special of 5% off for all Father’s Day purchases. Plus, if you forgo the white glove delivery which we offer on all Inada Sogno sales, and set the chair up yourself, you can save $200 more on the Inada Sogno. Free delivery is included on all of our massage chair purchases. 
Well, I hope that answers your questions. Please feel free to email me back or call me on my personal cell phone at 801-651-2026 should you have any more questions or if you need assistance with placing an order. I am always at your disposal.
Dr. Alan Weidner
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