Inada Massage Chairs Winning the 2010 Best Consumers Electronics Association

January 12, 2010
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
January 12, 2010
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Inada Massage Chairs Winning the 2010 Best Consumers Electronics Association

Inada has done it again! Winning awards for their innovation and design is nothing new for Inada, the leaders of massage chairs.  The Inada Sogno won the 2009 design award and for 2010 their latest chairs the Inada Cube and The Doctors Choice 3A massage chair have both been awarded The Innovation Honoree award in the categories of Home Appliance and Health and Wellness.

The first chair is the low cost, versatile, portable, mini massage chair, the Inada Cube.  This chair folds up to stow away, be a foot ottoman, or easily transport to another room in the house! This chair is revolutionizing the idea behind what it means to have a massage chair! This chair is saying “Yes you can!” To those out there that may think, “Oh, we can’t have a massage chair, we don’t have enough space!”  Trying this chair is loving this chair!

The second chair combines the sophistication of Inada technology with the comfort and uniqueness of a massage given by a chair that conforms to your body! This chair is designed to cradle the body and fit it like a glove!   It is also designed to put all those back aches and pains to rest.  This chair has air cells that inflate over the upper chest to gently secure the body while the rollers go to town, massaging and mobilizing the back joints and muscle tissues.  Once you try this chair you won’t have to visit that Chiropractor nearly as often!

For more information on the Inada Cube go to and for more info about the brand new Inada Doctor’s Choice Massage chair go to

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