How To Keep Your New Chair Healthy and Happy!

February 28, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
February 28, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

How To Keep Your New Chair Healthy and Happy!

So, you’ve got your new massage chair and you want to take good care of it. What should you be doing on a regular basis to keep it functioning at it’s best? Well, not much, believe it or not. Here are some tips to keeping your chair functioning optimally and looking good for years to come:

1. Unlike a car, you do not have to perform regular service, i.e. tune-ups, lube jobs, etc., on your new massage chair. The mechanical side of the chair is all self-sustaining. Everything it needs to run for years is already included in the chasis of the chair. Do not even attempt to go inside of the chair and put grease or any type of lubrication on the gears or motors. Just don’t touch it. Should you require a new part in the guts of the chair and if, per some chance, that new part needs lubrication, let the technician do it or follow the tech support advice to do so. 
2. Cleaning the upholstery is probably the biggest maintenance thing you could do for your chair. What is recommended is using a luke-warm water solution with some mild detergent and a soft cloth to wipe down the exterior of your chair. No doubt you will get some scuffs and smudges on your chair, but cleaning it is not a big deal…very easy to do on all the leather and synthetic leather upholsteries.

The tech guy at Inada, Brandon, says they spray Windex on a soft cloth and wipe down the chairs with that. I would never have guessed Windex, but that’s what works for them. He also recommends staying away from alcohol-based cleaners  or other household cleaners because of the toxic chemicals and abrasives typically found in these types of cleaners. These types of cleaners can cause scratching on the finish or cracking of the material. It might also cause a color fade on the material.

If you have a cleaner that you’re interested in using, i.e. some vinyl cleaner, and aren’t sure of what it will do to your upholstery, try using it on a small section of the chair’s upholstery that is not readily visible and see if it has an adverse affect on the material.

3. For a number of years, we used a simple leather cleaner/conditioner on our leather-upholstered chairs. I did not see any ill effects of using that type of a cleaner on that premium material. 

4. Use a surge protector! I have seen first hand what an electrical storm and power outage can do to a massage chair. We’ve seen a few “blow outs” over the years and have learned to spend a few bucks to get a surge protector. I think we got one at a local store for only $10 or so. A little investment that pays of huge in an electrical storm.

5. If you have kids or grandkids who tend to be rather destructive with electronic gadgets, as many of mine are, I would suggest unplugging the power cord or, if your chair has it, locking up the chair with the included key, so that your delightful offspring don’t get on the chair and summarily destroy it. Kids have a knack for doing things to electronic devices that were never dreamed of by the inventor’s of  that product. If there is a previously unheard of way to destroy a product…a child will find it!

Well, that’s about it for maintaining a healthy and happy chair. If you have any additional suggestions, please feel free to add them in the comment section of this blog post.

Dr. Alan Weidner 

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