Customer Review of the Doctor’s Choice 3A Massage Chair by Inada

April 30, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner
April 30, 2013
 By Dr. Alan Weidner

Customer Review of the Doctor’s Choice 3A Massage Chair by Inada

The Doctor’s Choice 3A massage chair is an offering from Inada which was meant to be marketed through doctor and therapist offices. It never quite gained ground in that market, I suppose, because doctors and therapists are not necessarily massage chair sales people. Well, it is a very, very good chair and I have many customers who have bought one, as I have this chair in my showroom. One such customer wrote a review of his experience with this chair, but had no where to post it as we don’t have this chair on our site, nor the ability to leave a review for it.

Our customer sent me the review and I am posting it on my blog now for your perusal. Thanks, John, for coming out from Kentucky to visit us and sharing your review of this product with all of our readers.

Inada’s therapy for life

John Gordon, Louisville, KY


1st of all, I am here to tell you to check out the only real massage chair outlet in the USA is Massage Chair Relief (he did not pay me to say this, I mean this!  I searched the internet after only being able to sit on chairs at Costco (Human Touch), Brookstone, and Healthy Back Store.  The most complete place to sit in many brands of massage chairs is Massage Chair Relief in Salt Lake City. I am glad I flew out to SLC and find my chair. Dr. Weidner is so nice and knowledgeable and has fabulous customer service.  Check out:


After trying many chairs over 2 visits, I bought the Doctors’ Choice.  The chair is NOT actively marketed by Inada, for reasons I do not understand.  It is built for chiropractor offices and massage stores.  It was by far the best massage chair for people who have bad low back (L4-L5 in my case) and bad forward head carriage (poor posture). 


There is almost no assembly (free curb side delivery too) with The Doctors’ Choice. 


The Doctors’ Choice has several preset programs, or you can create your own wonderful massage.  It normally begins with the two chest-level pads (shoulder blaster) gradually close in on you. It’s the firm with the grip of a robot. The Doctor’s Choice takes control, you must surrender.  This posture correction functionality draws your shoulders back, and pushes against your spine, forcing you to alternately arch, straighten, and widen.


The spine roller that goes up and down your spine is incredible and is great for your knots in the shoulder and stretching the low back.  Wow!  There are 3 stretch positions, which can stretch along both the vertical and horizontal lines of your body.  In the stretch position, it makes you stop talking.  The Doctor’s Choice, on other hand, feels like something that should be in a world class spa.


Another cool Doctors choice chair has is the massaging gel hand sleeves. This is a very unique feature which fits snugly around your hands and is very soothing, relaxing kneading on the front and back of your hand. It feels wonderful and for anybody that struggles with arthritis or achy hands, you will like this benefit!


My back has improved since buying this machine.  I combine a daily massage or 2 on this with stretching, going to the gym and walking and have improved by 50%! 


This is the most valuable item in my home, but it weighs too much if there was a fire to carry out.  I encourage you to check out


Take care,


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