When work is a pain: Is your desk harming your health?

September 16, 2016
 By Alyssa
September 16, 2016
 By Alyssa

When work is a pain: Is your desk harming your health?

A majority of us at some point or another will be left to deal with some type of radiating pain withing their body. Well it has now been linked to pain being generated from sitting at a desk. It has been found that people who have jobs in which they are required to sit behind a computer at a desk suffer from back pain more then those that do not.

Key Takeaways:

  • Desk-bound jobs are causing young and otherwise healthy people like Joshi to end up at physiotherapy clinics with back, neck, knee, elbow, wrist or shoulder pain.
  • “Your chair must have comfortable armrests. It should be tilted back 10 degrees to 15 degrees, according to Product Expert reviews. Your knees should be at the level of your hips when you sit. Tall people need deeper chairs,” recommends Dr Gulati.
  • A five-minute break every hour helps too. “Get up and walk for a few minutes, stretching your arms, neck, back and legs,” says Dr Rajesh Malhotra.

““I see about 5-7 cases of young people with neck and back pain every day; a decade ago, I’d see one such case in a month. This is largely linked to inadequate physical activity,” says Dr Yash Gulati, senior consultant, department of orthopedics at New Delhi’s Indraprastha Apollo Hospital.”


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