Understand the relationship between low-back pain and the feet – Chiropractic Economics (press release) (blog)

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Issues with the foot can lead to issues in the lower back over time. During activities like standing, walking, and running, the lumbar spine and pelvis balance on the lower extremities. It’s in the best interest of both doctor and patient to spot a potential lower back problem before it affects the patient’s lifestyle. The use of orthotic support can prevent or treat this lower back pain. Doctors should ask patients about potential foot injuries or pain when treating lower back pain.

Key Takeaways:

  • The lumbar spine and pelvis balance on the lower extremities during standing, walking, and running.
  • The source of these conditions must be determined and treated to prevent further breakdown and chronicity. And that source is often found to be an imbalance condition in one or both of the feet.
  • The feet are the foundation of the body. Statistical evidence shows that, at birth, most people have perfect feet.

“Many foot conditions eventually contribute to health concerns farther up the kinetic chain, especially the generalized condition of “back pain.” Therefore, it’s in the best interest of both you and your patient to spot a potential low-back problem before it is allowed to negatively affect health and lifestyle.”