The New Human Touch Novo XT2!

The New Human Touch Novo XT2! - rsz novo brown 57a9154e92e8c

The Human Touch Novo XT massage chair was introduced to the market in December 2016. We received it in our showrooms in January 2017 and it has been a top selling chair ever since. As a matter of fact, at the time of this writing it has been our top selling 3D L-track massage chair. We really like it. The 3D L-track is great, but the chair fits a lot of different bodies just right. It also has space saving feature, BlueTooth technology, over 30 auto programs, a sleek and modern design, and a very versatile remote control that can navigate a lot of features that other chairs typically don’t have, like foot roller speed, length of manual massage coverage, and sub-categories of the auto programs. I really like this chair. It is also a fairly quiet chair for a Chinese-made chair.

Novo XT massage chair - red
Novo XT & XT2 massage chair body

Well, alas, Human Touch has discontinued this model as of July 2018 and is replacing it with the upgraded Novo XT2 massage chair model. I will discuss the changes in this new model. No need to worry, though, the overall massage feel and quality is the same. The changes are what I would consider “non-critical”. Here is what they’ve changed:

  1. The biggest thing is probably the upgraded Altec Lansing speaker system. Massage chairs are notorious for having pretty weak speakers, in terms of sound quality. The Novo XT was no different. Well, Human Touch has added some pretty awesome speakers from a very well-known company to make the sound system really high quality.
  2. The lighter brown color of the Novo XT has been replaced with the darker “Espresso” brown
    Novo XT2 Espresso Color

    color in the Novo XT2. Espresso is a pretty common color amongst most massage chair manufacturers. It is what I like to call “coffee brown” because of it’s dark shade. The Novo XT had a lighter brown, more like a leather brown color. I think the Espresso color is a nice improvement.

  3. The New Human Touch Novo XT2! - NovoXT2 remote 700x465The Advanced Tile Remote Control allows you to easily manage the chair’s full suite of 35 auto programs as well as the myriad of features using a very intuitive interface, featuring a crystal-clear LCD screen. The remote also makes it easy to create a personalized manual massage program with customization. There was a lot of redundancy in the XT when you wanted to change some of the programming and features. This new remote will make it easier and more intuitive to navigate your way through all the options, features, and programs.
  4. The XT2 is priced $500 higher (of course).

I love the Novo XT and will love the XT2. Everything else is the same, i.e. same massage track, same airbags, same low back heat, same foot rollers, same programs, etc.

Dr. Alan Weidner

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