Spinal cord stimulation relieves back pain without opioids – Medical Xpress

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Spinal cord stimulation is a newer way to relieve back pain. It involves no strong medication. This is good because so many are addictive. Not everyone is a candidate for this kind of thing but a doctor will be able to decide if you are. It’s definitely a good idea to think about it if you’re suffering.

Key Takeaways:

  • Doctors treating back pain patients are exploring new approaches to help some patients avoid opioid drugs.
  • he highly addictive prescription painkillers have fueled a tragic epidemic of abuse and overdose deaths.
  • Washington University Pain Center is exploring an opioid-free treatment that stimulates the spinal cord with pulses of electricity that can mask pain.

“Opioids can help some patients temporarily, and physical therapy also helps, but the new-generation stimulators fill an important niche, helping people return to normal activity without pain or the side effects that can result from opioids.”