Space Saver – Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair (Video)

Titan TP Pro Alpine

Transcript of Video Titled “Space Saver – Titan TP-Pro Alpine Massage Chair”

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TP-Pro AlpineAlan: Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘‘ and today we’re going to talk about the space-saving feature of the Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair. Now, these extended – these chairs that have the extended roller track, like the Alpine, like the Titan 8400, and the Infinity Iyashi – are built in such a way that the chair back and the seat are one unit, to accommodate the extended roller track, which goes down the back, and under the seat. And so, you cannot recline the chair back, independent of the seat.

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Alan: So, when you recline the chair, the whole chair kind of scoops under as one unit, the seat and the chair back scoops under as one unit, and what that allows you to do is put the chair closer to the wall, and not have to worry about the usual foot and a half distance that you’ll need on a traditional massage chair, to allow for the chair back to recline. So, you’ll see here on the Titan Alpine, you’ve got about three, three and a half inches from the wall, and if you back up a bit, we can see the distance on the Infinity IT-8500, which is a more traditional chair, you’ll see you’re going to need a foot and a half to two feet to accommodate the drop of the – the recline of the chair when it drops back – so it doesn’t hit your wall. And we’ve not lined these things up properly in the past, and that thing can actually put a hole in your wall, because of the hydraulics from the reclining mechanism.

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Alan: So, on the Alpine, we’ve got the space saving feature, where the chair can come right up against the wall. That saves you about – over a foot, maybe up to a foot and a half – of space. So, that is a great feature of these new L-track, extended roller track massage chairs, the Titan Alpine being one of them. I hope you found this video helpful, and informative, especially as you’re trying to size up a chair for a space that you might have in your home, especially if you have limited space, the space saving feature is awesome. Again, I’m Dr. Alan Weidner from ‘’ If you found this video helpful, please feel free to thumbs up ‘Like’ us on YouTube, or share us on your social media platforms, and help us spread the word about massage chairs. Have a great day, and I will see you on the next video. Bye bye.

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