Massage Away Your Holiday Stress

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With holiday season now in full swing, you’re probably feeling a mixture of two very different emotions. Excitement at the prospect of seeing the family members you normally speak to only through the phone, and stress at the prospect of finishing all of your shopping and work projects before the big end of year holiday break. And as the New Year draws closer, it’s a good bet that stress is slowly draining away the excitement and joy you feel at on wrapping presents, catching up with your cousins and enjoying some delicious home cooking.

If holiday stress is really taking a toll on you, this Hollywood life piece has some useful tips on how to destress during the holidays. One suggestion is to spend 25 minutes or so with a massage therapist or massage chair. While it may seem counterintuitive to thinking about a luxury for yourself during the holiday season, getting stress fighting massage is more medicinal than indulgent. By relaxing all those muscles that of grown tense as you’ve tried to make last-minute travel arrangements answer increasingly frantic work emails, you’ll find yourself feeling calmer, more energized and less focused on ultimately minor problems that are keeping you from spending time with your loved ones.

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